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The Cases When Building Permits for Residential Log Cabins are Necessary

Residential log cabin buildings are lucrative investments but you cannot build them just anywhere. One of the most important things to consider when planning for a log homes investment is knowing and understanding the log cabin planning permission in your area. It is easy to purchase a plot of land and build your dream log home but make sure that you are building in compliance with the rules and regulations or else you just might end up violating the law with all your investments gone to waste.


When Do You Need Building Permits for Residential Log Cabin

Building regulations and planning laws are important especially when constructing your log home. There are relevant and essential rules and regulations to adhere to before you even start the construction. Learn the basics of these permissions so that you can avoid being liable for some remedial actions and hefty penalties. Non-compliance with the rules could even involve sanctions like the demolition of your log cabin and you wouldn’t want that even with the slightest of possibilities.

Are you in the know about your location’s building permits and regulations? It is highly recommended that you contact and discuss your concerns with a local relevant agency before you shell out a single pound for any log cabin work.

Does your project need planning permission?

The general rule of thumb is that the larger the log cabin home and the closer its proximity to a boundary, the higher the chances that you are going to need planning permission. However, there are also instances when you can just go ahead with your project and log home construction without getting any building permits and that it would be totally legal.


You DON’T need a planning permission if…

   *  The proposed design of the log cabin is within the definition of a “permitted development.”

   *  The log home is incidental to the main dwelling house’s enjoyment and recreational purposes.

What are Permitted Development Rights

The Permitted Development Rights refer to the rights of the homeowner to extend and improve their property without the requirement to apply for building or planning permission. The order officially covers the area that surrounds the house and the right of the owner to build outbuildings as long as they meet certain criteria. The right benefits homeowners who are planning to build a residential log cabin such as a games or media room, workplace, and other liveable space for recreation.

The Permitted Development Rights, however, is not suitable if you want to have a residential log cabin which is going to function as sleeping accommodation or annex of your main house.

How Do Building Permits Work

Planning authorities are the ones in charge of the residential log cabin building and planning permit and they decide based on individual cases. In cases when you are planning to build a log house near a border with a height of 4 metres, the chances are you wouldn’t get the permission you need.


There are several factors that will influence the result of your application such as the outcome of the construction to your neighbour. Complaints from neighbours and any adverse effects to the people around you will not promise you any permits at all.

You would need planning permission if the proposed residential log cabin could restrict your neighbour’s view, require a wider and newer road access, and if you want to build the log home from scratch. Building and planning permission is also necessary if the log house you are building will be used as a primary residence or rented out to be used as one. In some cases when the land you purchase already has planning permission and building regulations approval attachment, then you are good to go.

Processing your Planning and Building Permission

The first thing you need to do in order to process your planning permission is to use the Planning Portal or contact the local planning department. Consult the local planning officer in your area and discuss your intended investment in a residential log cabin. You can find salient information about the permission and building approval requirements you need in your meeting with the authority. They will tell you if they find any difficulties with your plan and provide suggestions in order to make your proposed build most likely to be approved.

Planning your Log Cabin Project

In most cases, an architect can help you plan and draw your plans for you. You can also find kits and blueprints online with free or premium and paid features. Make sure you have a clear vision of your log cabin project and consider some rules and regulations in order to have a hassle-free approval and granting of your planning permission.


Do the Paperwork

Fill the appropriate forms before sending your site plan along with a copy of the drawings and the required fee. Determine your fee through using fee checker websites or resources which you could easily find on the internet. The official cost of your application can be calculated using these online tools.

Public Consultation

Upon submission of your application and before the decision whether to grant you permission or otherwise, a public announcement will be made. Your neighbours will also receive a letter and a notice will be posted by your wooden house or it will be announced in the local newspaper. The planning register will also receive your application for the purpose of a public inspection. Other authorities that will be consulted by the planning department include highway engineers, the local town hall or parish, and several other professionals such as the environmental health officer among many others.

The decision day is usually within 8 weeks upon your application submission, given that there are no delays during the process.


Building a residential log cabin is a great investment but there are important requirements to comply with. Make sure that you play by the book and never divert from the legalities because getting penalized and sanctioned due to your neglect of building and planning permission is much costlier than a cabin construction.

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