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Wooden windows & doors

Even better resistance to moisture.
As a rule solid timber windows and doors tend to expand or contract due to moisture impact which can cause difficulties when opening and closing them. We manufacture our windows and doors by employing finger-joint technology. The main advantage of this is that windows become moisture resistant and their dimensions fluctuate by only 1%.

Free double glazing for most of the buildings
All the structures with 44mm and thicker walls come with 14mm double-glazed windows and doors as standard. For those products with 34mm or less walls we offer double glazing at half the price offered in the market.

Secure door locks & long-lasting hinges.
High quality window and door locks ensure optimum safety while the Scandinavian hinges withstand up to 100,000 openings. We manufacture log cabins for you as attentively as if we produced them for ourselves, that's why we choose the separate components (locks and hinges) only from high quality producers. Guaranteed!

A quality glass only.
We use 4mm glass for all our windows and doors. It is very important for us that the cabin you buy from us looks both solid and refined, that's why we strictly avoid using any cheap looking alternative material.

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