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 Get the best felt for your roof!
Thanks to its longevity and cost effectiveness, Firestone EPDM roofing has been a dominant player in the market of flat roof roofing for more than 30 years. This membrane is made from extremely solid rubber (caoutchouc) and offers a wide variety of installation possibilities. Many customers have appraised it and as a result up until today a Firestone EPDM membrane roof felt has been fixed onto more than 100,000,000 square metres of commercial, individual and industrial buildings roofs.  This makes Firestone EPDM roof membrane a leading product in the flat roofing market.

Extremely durable & long lasting.
ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates bear witness to the superior quality of the Firestone EPDM roofing system and the facts show that this felt will last for more than 50 years in normal western European weather conditions.
The roofing membrane retains its unique features in all weather and temperature conditions.  Moreover, laboratory pressure tests have shown that the EPDM membrane can withstand pressure of up to 35 kg/cm2 without causing any defect in the membrane. This means that at normal conditions this roof felt is basically undamageable.

Saves you and the environment.
The Firestone EPDM membrane has achieved the CE Marking, which proves that it meets current European requirements for health, consumer and environment protection. This means, no toxic materials are released during or after the installation has taken place, plus the EPDM membrane is fire resistant as it does not possess any plasticizers.

Maintenance free.
Thanks to its longevity and durability, Firestone EPDM felt comes with 50 years life expectancy and in most cases it requires absolutely no maintenance or at least very little maintenance. The mentioned feature makes Firestone EPDM rubber covering a very universal and exploitation friendly felt indeed.

Quick and easy installation.
Even at temperatures of below -40°C the EPDM membrane remains very flexible. This feature allows installation to take place all year round. It is also important to emphasise that the Firestone EPDM membrane distinguishes itself in its flexibility and light weight and thanks to its flexibility it can be lengthened up to 300% of its original size and it adapts to any building movements or temperature variation. Moreover,Firestone EPDM felt  does not require any additional knowledge or experience. No electric devices or other special equipment, no nails or screws. All you need is special glue (included in the felt’s price).  As a result, Firestone EPDM felt is very easy to install.

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