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Assembly Information

Watch a general installation video:

1. Starting installation with...

Before you begin, we recommended that you familiarise yourself with the installation process. This will save you a lot of time in the long run! The parts list is very detailed and provides information on how the log cabin should be assembled. The instruction manual explains the different stages of assembly using easy to understand terms. Each item is marked on the list of parts with its name and quantity. You can also see these items’ general appearance and size in the attached drawing. Each item has a letter "code" (on the drawing and the list; not on the actual item). Do not place the parts directly on a wet or dirty surface because it may stain the wood and will be difficult to clean later. Please ensure you have all the necessary tools before beginning the installation process.

2. Foundation.

Please find all the information about the foundation options here.

3. Read installation instructions.

After your log cabin has been delivered the haulier will give you a list of parts for your product. This will include installation instructions: please be sure to read this document carefully before starting the installation process.

4. Installing windows and doors.

Windows and doors should not be screwed directly in to wooden boards. These can only be mounted in combination with their frames.

5. The roof construction.

First, the roof beams must be installed into the whole structure only in tandem with the other parts (not separately). Please, do not cut or try to adjust them. Second, the roof boards should be nailed to the rafters. Attach the roof boards to all beams to ensure they are properly fixed into place. We recommend you nail them into place in at least THREE different locations for each roof board (top, middle and bottom). The roof beams should not be put into place too tightly: it is necessary to leave a little room for expansion and/or contraction of the wood.

6. Laying the roof covering.

Lay the shingles according to the guide. The first row of shingles should be laid a little more than 2cm from the edge. It is recommended to seal the edge of the roof top with quality sealant.

7. Treatment.

Coat the inside and outside with a good quality preservative or paint. Do not wait more than 7 days to complete this treatment. For the interior we suggest you use a transparent and odourless preservative. Apply a few coats on the window frames and doors to ensure they are properly treated. Treat all the boards of the roof, particularly at the ends. Repeat this process annually. Read more about maintenance here.

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