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Sips Panel houses

Thanks to their superior construction and thermal features SIPS houses are becoming more and more popular worldwide. More than 95% of new homes in Canada, 70% in Scandinavian countries and over 60% in the UK are built employing this simple but very effective technology.

Our SIPS houses are distinguished by being extremely lightweight, solid (up to 7 times stronger than timber-frame houses) and insulated  ‒ 220mm thick wall or roof panels (U-Value: 0.155 m2·K/W) meet the strictest U-values requirements established by UK Building regulations.


Thanks to their superior construction and thermal features SIPS houses are becoming more and more popular worldwide. More than 95% of new homes in Canada, 70% in Scandinavian countries and ove... Read more

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The most sought after house construction
We make our panel houses by employing SIPS (Structural insulated panel system) technology. Each panel is made with an insulation foam core which is sandwiched between two OSB sheets. These panels, together with the wooden construction, create a very robust building structure which remains absolutely unchanged more than 50 years since they were first built in Europe back in 1960. As a result, and based on such experience, more and more people choose SIPS houses instead of brick ones or timber framed. Over 60% of newly built houses in the UK are erected using SIPS, with the figure being 95% in Canada and more than 70% in Scandinavian countries.

The warmest construction on the market
Only the 220mm thick wall or roof structure of a SIPS house has a U-Value of 0.155 m2K/W. Moreover, SIPS technology eliminates the possibility of any insulation gaps in the construction. Both these features make SIPS houses the best insulated building on the market. As a result, you will have a surprisingly warm house in winter and a cool one in summer; meanwhile it will reduce both cooling and heating expenses significantly.


Very solid and stable
According to tests carried out by scientists, SIPS houses are up to 7 times more solid and stable than timber-framed ones and up to 2 times more solid than brick houses. This makes a SIPS house a very robust structure and one you can truly count on. Moreover, another positive effect of such stability is that SIPS houses have no such feature as “settling-down”, which also disables any possible insulation gaps (as mentioned above) and prolongs the life of any interior or exterior trim you apply.

Easy and fast construction process
Another feature of SIPS houses is that their panels are very light – the largest one weighs up to 60kg. Thanks to this, it takes only a few days to erect a mid-size house and from a few weeks to complete the internal and external trim (depending on the trim type) and no heavy equipment (such as cranes or big truck access) is required to do the job. Finally, there is no emission of construction waste during the construction process of a SIPS house. This saves you from any unwanted dust or refuse.


Humidity and mould prevention

Unlike brick or timber-framed alternatives SIPS houses do not absorb moisture, thereby preventing the growth of fungi or mould. The most important thing is that it benefits your wellbeing.

Allergy friendly
Your health is the most important thing here, therefore all our SIPS houses are made using allergy free materials. As a consequence, SIPS constructions are often built in restricted pollution areas (hospitals, schools etc.).

Fire protection
In order to protect our SIPS houses from fire, we apply a special fire-resistant treatment on every-single panel. As a result, our SIPS houses are 7 times more resistant to fire than any other wooden houses.

Optional trim
All our SIPS houses come with a natural wooden internal and external trim as standard, nevertheless we are happy to offer you any alternative trim you want. Just contact us!

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