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Probably many of us think about purchasing a cosy log cabin, wooden garage or timber carport to be put in the garden, however, the winter rains and winds do not make now seem the right time to buy.  Just the thought of the assembly process under the rain puts a person off and mostly we postpone the purchase until spring arrives. But, there’s no need to worry! You can purchase a log cabin at a lower price now by placing a 20% deposit and take delivery of it in spring. Meanwhile, the cabin will be kept in our warehouse safe and intact, and the delivery to you will be arranged once you’re ready to take it. It is also worth knowing that all the prices of our cabins have been lowered by approximately 20% now and will increase again at the end of winter. So, do not miss this great chance to purchase a high quality log cabin at a lower price and have it delivered later in spring.

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