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Bespoke Projects: Drawing service FREE OF CHARGE!
Bespoke Projects: Drawing service FREE OF CHARGE!

Introducing our mobile homes


The major advantage of mobile homes is that they are planning and building regulation friendly compared to other buildings. With this in mind, we have launched a new production line of wooden mobile homes in our factory. This new line employs the latest machinery which enables us to make all the parts with even greater precision, raising our superior quality standards to an even higher level. We’re sure that everybody who appreciates quality will love it.

All of our mobile homes come as fully insulated structures, in which you can choose the insulation level. In addition, quality PVC windows and doors are available.

All our mobile homes comply with the Caravan sites act 1968, thus allowing you to avoid many of the problems related to planning and building regulations. Please contact us with any queries you may have and we will create your very own special mobile home and provide you with all the necessary information.

Please read more about our mobile homes here.