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Bespoke Projects: Drawing service FREE OF CHARGE!
Bespoke Projects: Drawing service FREE OF CHARGE!

Novoferm Up-And-Over Garage Doors


One of the best value garage doors available on today’s market is the Novoferm Up-And-Over Garage Door. There are several great features to consider when deciding on which garage door to purchase.

  • The Novoferm Up-And-Over Garage Door comes with a ten year guarantee (Made in Germany).
  • The components of this garage door are designed from galvanized steel and the door leaves are coated with electrostatic powder coating based upon polyester. 
  • Up-And-Over Garage Doors open/close smoothly and are whisper quiet during operation due to the plastic abrasive strips and plastic track rollers in the stable block frame.
  • These garage doors are floor independent, meaning they are dust and corrosion resistant, with solid bolts and locking devices that are not attainable from the outside. This prevents unauthorized and criminal access.
  • Novoferm Garage Doors are created with VivoPort security technology. This safety feature stops the door in its tracks when it comes into contact with any obstacle, whether it is human, animal, or object.
  • This Up-And-Over Garage Door is designed with a stable multiple spring assembly. It may be opened with the soft touch of a button or can be easily opened manually with near effortlessness. The springs cannot slide. If a spring should snap, the remaining springs automatically secure the door preventing damage and/or injury from falling.
  • Special lever arm bearings provide additional smoothness for easy manual or electronic operation.

Every Novoferm Up-And-Over Garage Door is constructed with several safety features to protect family members, pets, and possessions from severe bodily injury and/or damage. Each door is also thoroughly tested for safety and security. The components and systems have been flawlessly coordinated to each other and have been certified by independent institutions in accordance with the latest safety regulations. Nevertheless, it is still prudent to observe and uphold safety precautions to prevent damage and/or injury.

From now on all our wooden garages are available with Novoferm metal Up & Over garage doors (Optional).