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Log cabin Kits

All our log cabins are sold as Do-It-Yourself kits.

You receive a complete kit of all the parts that you will need to build your log cabin, which includes heavy duty pressure treated floor bearers, interlocking wall timbers, tongue & groove roof and floor boards, massive roof joists, assembled roof vaults, wind boards, single or double-glazed windows and doors and quality door locks. Each log cabin comes with assembly instructions included. All parts are numbered, so you will identify every one very easy.

We know that bad quality parts turn the log cabin assembly process into a nightmare. 20 years of wooden structure manufacturing experience and very strict factory quality requirements enables us to be meticulous in the making of each part. Therefore, all boards are made precisely so that the installation process of your summerhouse, gazebo or wooden garage goes smoothly.

No matter how good the log cabin parts are, the joy of receiving your beautiful log cabin will be tempered if even a single part is broken during the delivery or assembly processes. To avoid this we go to the trouble of adding a few spare parts in each package to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

All products are delivered in compact solid packages by a vehicles equipped with cranes, so we will deliver and unload your cabin at the place which is most convenient for you.

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  • Vitrage  en verre
    Glazed Windows
  • Double vitrage pour toutes les constructions à partir de 44mm Double glazed windows
    for 44mm+ thick walls
  • Toute la structure, plancher et toiture comprise est en Pin Nordique naturel 100% certified natural Nordic
    pine/ Scandinavian spruce timber
  • Quincaillerie incluse Hardware included
  • Construction sur mesure possible Custom made
    products available