Tips for owners of wooden garages and carports

Wooden garages like other wooden buildings require some special knowledge and maintenance every owner should know. Here you will get acknowledged with all the different features and benefits of wooden garages, how you can take care of them and how to avoid damage from pests and environment, how to keep them beautiful, durable and long lasting. If you are a new owner of wooden garage and have no idea where to start, you'll be able to find many useful tips of maintenance, interior and exterior ideas and other needed information.

  • Two-Car Wooden Garage Shelters Both Of Your Vehicles

    Built to last The two-car wood garage is built with dense timber. This makes for a log cabin that is protected against rotting and moulding. This garage features heavy duty doors supported by galvanized steel, they are impact resistant and do not easily wear from frequent use. The roof is reinforced in order to resist sagging. The windows are double glazed, providing better insulation and noise reduction. Your wooden garage can be easily kept at cool temperatures in the summer and warm temperatures in the winter. Multifunctional log cabin When used as a garage, this log cabin is spacious enough to fit two cars very easily, with each one having its own door. Once inside, there is enough room to manoeuvre without worrying about bumping into the other car. You can easily open the doors to ge... (More)
  • Classic Wooden Carport Made with Conifer Wood

    High Quality Log Cabin This log cabin comes in a classic design which makes it a very elegant sight. Made with all natural conifer timber, it has a rustic yet sophisticated look. This carport will add value to your home without being costly. The Nordic pine or Scandinavian spruce used makes this wooden carport very resistant to decay. With proper care and adequate treatment, your wooden garage will remain in excellent condition for a very long time. It is very weather resistant and will stay in great shape from one season to another. Have Us Install it for You In addition to making the parts for your wooden carport, we offer the option to have us install it for you as well. Indeed, we have highly skilled professionals who can complete the installation of your log cabin along with any adde... (More)
  • Tips You Need to Know Wishing to Protect Your Wooden Garage from Damage in Winter

    Wood is arguably the best element when it comes to constructing a structure. Whether it is a residential log cabin or a wooden garage, the quality and the durability of such structures is high. Wood has several properties that make it a preferred choice for building homes, hospitals and even wooden garages. But just like any other building, wood too is vulnerable to the climatic conditions that affect its strength and structural cohesion. Winter is a season that can be extremely harsh and can easily damage wood. Hence, it is important to protect your wooden garage from getting damaged during winter. Choosing the Right Quality Wood This is the first and the most important step in ensuring that your wooden garage remains strong and face the harsh weather in winter. Selecting timber that is ... (More)
  • How to Prepare Your Wooden Garage for Rainy Autumn

    Living in a log cabin gives you a unique and unmatched experience. To enhance the beauty of your wooden abode further, you can plan a beautiful garden around it. Also, instead of a garage built from traditional material such as concrete or cement, constructing a wooden garage will add immensely to the beautification of your wooden cabin. A wooden garage, just like your wooden cabin has a long and durable life. Wood is the most robust and resilient naturally occurring material. Autumn is the time of the year when the pleasant climate starts turning into a more extreme winter, and the temperatures start falling rapidly. It is also the time when there are sporadic but heavy rains that can cause severe damages to your log cabin, the surrounding garden as well as your wooden garage. Hence, it ... (More)
  • Some Interesting Ideas How to Use Your Wooden Carport

    A wooden residential cabin is incomplete without few external elements that add to its beauty. A beautiful garden and a well-designed wooden carport significantly add to the attractiveness of a wooden cabin. A carport is not just a parking spot for the cars of the residents of the cabin; it is an essential element of the entire setup made from natural elements such as wood. Being creative with the wooden carport makes the whole structure look unique and magnificent. Building a Carport with Sloping Roof Instead of using a flat roof structure for your wooden carport, you may instead choose to build a carport with a sloping roof. Even under the sloping roof, there are several options that you can consider depending upon the size of your carport. A sloping roof, as compared to a flat roof giv... (More)
  • More Space to Your Home - Wooden Garages

    Your home is your castle as they say. It is the place where you eat, get your much needed rest, entertain guests and hang out in your non-working hours. To say it is the center of your life would be a huge understatement. Most people make their homes livable but there is one thing that they often lack; that is a large amount of storage space for your things that tend to accumulate over time. Redesigning your home to add storage space is an expensive option that can often not even be done due to structure and yard limitations. A good way to get that extra space you need in your home is to build a new wooden garage. Here are some advantages that building a wooden garage gives you besides just providing added storage.    1  They Are Economical They are a type of building that is both econ... (More)
  • 7 Tips to Ensure A Long Life for Your Wooden Garage

    Log cabins look beautiful and unique due to the wooden construct and to enhance their looks further, building a wooden garage accentuates the beauty of a log cabin even further. However, just like the rest of the cabin, wooden garage also requires appropriate maintenance in order to ensure a long life for it. Wooden garages, even under the worse of conditions can last up to 10 years. However, if maintained appropriately, their life can be increased by another 10 to 15 years thereby making them last for even 20 to 25 years. By following few tips, you can ensure long life for your wooden garage:    1.  Initial and timely treatment of the wood Wooden garages can last much longer if they are appropriately treated at the time of their installation and also periodically. For this purpose, us... (More)
  • How to Choose a Perfect Site for Wooden Carport

    Wooden building is a representation of style and elegance and they are symbol of a natural lifestyle. The wooden carport if not constructed properly can hamper the unique style and beauty of your wooden carport. It is also important to determine the material that should be used to construct a wooden carport. The most appropriate material for a carport to make it look compatible with your log cabin is wood. A good quality timber can give the right look and style to your wooden carport and helps contribute positively to the beauty of your cabin. While constructing your carport, it is important to understand the perfect location for it. Carports are not garages. They do not have four walls and are not completely covered and yet they provide safety to your car from natural elements such as s... (More)
  • How to Stain Your Wooden Garage

    There are few things that look as good when they are properly maintained as a wooden garage or any other type of building made out of wood. The keyword here is the words ‘properly maintained’. Wood is susceptible to having such things as dirt, mold and mildew collect on it just like any other type of building material.  It needs to be periodically sprayed off and every few years it needs a nice coat of stain put on it to protect the wood and enhance its natural looks. Here is how to go about staining a wood building such as a wooden garage. Gather the Tools You should have available when you do the job such things as a good pressure washer, some fine grit sandpaper for wood, TSP substitute, cloths for cleanup, several short and long handled stain brushes, a stain sprayer (optional),... (More)
  • Tips on How to Decide Where to Build Your Wooden Garage

    Before you start to make a plan for the wooden garage construction, you need to decide the right place for it in your home, from where it can be reached easily. This can be the most important thing in the making of the garage, because if the location is not right, then you might face difficulties parking your car or storage of things. As garages are not just limited to park the cars and motorcycles, you have to be sure in the way they are constructed so that you utilize the space in a right manner. Before you decide the right place for the wooden garage door, you need to take the shape and size of the garage into consideration. If you have more open space at the back of your house, then the garage can be easily planned at that area so that you will also have the right connectivity from th... (More)

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