Residential log cabin furniture: a design suitable for you

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Residential log cabins offer the unique opportunity to customise them based on your requirements. You can experiment with virtually every aspect of your residential log cabin. Right from the design and construction to the internal and external décor, residential log cabins can be customised and personalised.

Since these cabins are built according to specifications, you can choose to make changes in the design, structure, style and the layout of these wooden homes. The same is true while opting for the various elements of your house. Furniture is one of the most important parts of any home and when it comes to residential log cabins, you can experiment with some of the ideas based on your budget and personal preferences.

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Wooden furniture types and designs

Wood undoubtedly is the best element for the furniture for a log house and is the perfect choice to be used as the primary material for your furniture design. Wooden furniture items are more attractive than the metal furniture, have an excellent aesthetic appeal and are more comfortable.

Furniture made of high-quality wood have a long life which means that you don’t have to replace them anytime soon. Wood has several natural properties such as sound absorption, natural insulation and several other healing properties and wooden furniture items also have these benefits. It makes your residential log cabin look more beautiful and cosy. There are several wood types that you can try.

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Plain and smooth wood types give the furniture a more modern look. If you are looking for a traditionally inclined look for your furniture, prefer rustic wooden furniture items. However, ensure that the wood type you choose should be compatible with the internal walls of your residential log cabin and shouldn’t be too contrasting.

Based on the available space inside your house, get your wooden furniture designed according to the specifications. It will enable you to make a good use of the available space inside your home. Your couch, beds, dining chairs and table frame will look perfect if they are crafted out of the wood.

Wooden Sofa

A sofa set made of rustic wood gives a nice look to the interiors of a residential log cabin. It’s the perfect choice for your living room. Given the size of the room, you may either choose a big size sofa with a large wooden frame or a more minimalistic design for a smaller room.

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Such sofas with comfy cushions on them make them look lavish and create a sense of style and comfort. Rustic frames for sofa is an excellent option if you want a traditional theme for your residential log cabin. A smooth finish and a small sofa frame are right choices for a more modern looking décor.

Wooden Beds

The luxurious looking rustic wooden beds are perfect for your bedroom. Just like any other furniture, the design and shape of your bed should be selected according to the space available in your room. If you have a decent budget, you can buy a handmade cedar log bed. It is expensive but also stylish. Contrarily, if your budget is limited, you can opt for a simple wooden bed.

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Dining table set

A wooden dining table set gives a residential log cabin an exquisite look. The chairs are sturdy and long lasting. A wooden table frame is robust and stylish. For the table top, you may either choose wood or glass. Similar to other furniture items, if your residential log cabin has a traditional appearance, prefer rustic wood for your dining table set.



The side table and the centre table in your living room are among the first things that are most easily noticed. Hence, using the right design and style for them is crucial. A table with wooden frame and either a wooden or glass table top is a perfect option for your living room. You can also place smaller wooden side tables in your bedroom. For these tables, a wooden top would be a better option than glass.

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Garden Furniture

One of the best things that a residential log cabin has is a beautiful garden surrounding it. Just like the furniture in your home, you can also consider few decent furniture design for your garden. A wood garden bench crafted from a single wooden log will look perfect in your garden. It will give an entirely natural look and would also be very comfortable. You can cut another smaller log to make a table out of it to be placed in front of your log bench.

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Metal is another suitable element for the furniture for any type of house. However, for a residential log cabin, it is better to keep the wood as the primary element and use metal furniture sporadically. Furniture made of metals such as bronze and brass would give a traditional feel to your residential log cabin.

These would be compatible with rustic wood items. You can opt for few furniture items such as chairs with metal frames to go along with other furniture objects in your house. Wrought iron furniture items are also good options.

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Glass makes for a perfect companion for wood. It enhances the beauty of the wood further. A glass top for your living room’s centre or side table, as well as the dining table, is an excellent alternative to wooden table tops. Due to its transparency, glass table tops look splendid and subtly blend with wood. Glass also gives a classy and graceful look.

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For a residential log cabin, there are several furniture design styles and patterns that you can select. Depending on the shape of your house, available space, the size of the rooms and your budget, you need to decide what you feel would look the best. A residential log cabin, due to the ability to customise it, gives you the option to personalise it according to what you like and want. Accordingly, choose your furniture design.

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