How Wood Affects Human Body

Wooden cabins offer a healthy lifestyle away from all the hectic and hazardous lifestyles of large cities. The primary element used in such cabins is wood that is a naturally occurring material and is far better than any other element used to build residential structures.

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Wood provides natural insulation from extreme weather conditions. If you are seeking to live a healthy and happy lifestyle, insulated log cabins are indeed the best option. These cabins enable you to live a natural and healthy life that is not possible when you live in concrete structures in cities.

Improved Physical Health

Physical health benefits are the biggest advantages of living in log homes. Such cabins give a protection from extreme and fluctuating weather conditions outside the cabin. It keeps the human body temperatures at a stable level without many variations.

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Wood has several proven health benefits; it is due to the health advantages of the wood that it is used for constructing the interiors of hospitals and also old age homes. Living in a house built from wood also helps in preventing various heart-related ailments or respiratory problems.

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Wood is a natural element, and the human body is evolved to live in tandem with the elements of nature. Wood is more suited to the human body than any other material. Humans are biological beings, and anything natural is far better than artificially built materials.

   *  Wood has immense physical health benefits

   *  The body temperature of the people living in the wooden homes remain stable and is not affected by the fluctuations in the external conditions

   *  Wood being a naturally occurring element is more suited to human body than any other artificial material

   *  Living in a wooden cabin prevents various physical ailments

   *  It also prevents respiratory problems

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Improved Mental Health

Mental health has equal importance as physical health. Both physical and mental health affect each other and the human body. Hypertension leads to blood pressure and subsequently heart related problems. Anxiety results in respiratory issues.

Insulated log cabins create an environment that is natural and peaceful. The calm and tranquil internal and external environment of residential log cabins have a profoundly positive effect on the mind. The mental health conditions of those living in these cabins. These factors improve the health conditions of the human body and keep it physically and mentally fit.

   *  The natural ambience provided by residential log cabins has a very positive effect on the mental health

  *  Ailments such as hypertension, anxiety, depression and heart-related illnesses are reduced considerably

   *  Wood also creates an environment of serenity and calmness

   *  It results in improved physical health that further improves physical health

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Natural Insulation

Insulated log cabins keep the internal temperature at a pleasing level. Wood has natural insulating properties and hence those living in insulated log cabins are protected from the severities of the external weather conditions.

Even if it is freezing outside, the internal temperature remains at a comfortable level. These insulating properties of wood make an insulated log cabin a far better option than traditional concrete structures. In concrete structures, the transfer of heat between the external weather and the internal atmosphere is quick and uninterrupted.

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Any changes in the external climatic conditions have an almost immediate effect on the climate inside the structures. The heat loss from the internal parts of the house is direct. Contrarily, insulated log cabins prevent such influences of the external environment over the internal climate of the structure.

The loss of heat from the interiors of insulated log cabins is little and, therefore, the weather inside the cabin remains pleasant for a longer time. A stable temperature positively affects the human body by keeping its temperature at a stable level.

   *  Wood is a natural insulator

  *  The transfer of heat between the interiors of a wooden cabin and the external environment is minimum

   *  It keeps the internal climatic conditions cosy and comfortable

   *  The transfer of heat in concrete structures is rapid and unrestricted

   *  Wooden cabins prevent the loss of heat from within the cabin

   *  It keeps the temperature of human body stable

Energy Efficient and Low Pollution

Insulated log cabins avoid any loss of heat from the internal parts of the house. Likewise, if the external climate is too hot, the heat from the outside does not get transferred to the inside. Hence, whether the external environment is either cold or warm, the interiors of the insulated log cabins remain at a comfortable level. It means there is significantly low requirements of weather control equipment. In winters, as the interiors of wooden cabins remain warm, there is a significantly low need for heating apparatus or even the fireplace.

As there is a lesser need for such equipment, it results in saving energy. Insulated log cabins are more energy efficient than the houses made using any other material. Since energy efficiency results in lesser emissions, the adverse effect of the weather controlling equipment on the health of the people is reduced to a great extent. It also results in lower pollution.

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The negative impact of pollution on the human body is well-known. By enabling people to live in a pollution-free environment and breathe clean air, insulated log cabins immensely improve health conditions of their residents.

   *  Due to insulating properties of wood, the internal temperatures remain at a cosy level

   *  It reduces the need for temperature control equipment such as air conditioners or heaters

  *  The need to burn wood in the fireplace to keep the room warm is also significantly reduced

   *  Insulated log cabins are 25 to 30 percent more energy efficient than concrete structures.

   *  Higher energy efficiency results in lesser emission and less pollution

   *  Low pollution levels positively affect the health of the residents of the cabin

Insulated log cabins are the best way to live a healthy life. Wood has various health-related benefits because of which its use is steadily increasing. The natural lifestyle offered by log house  contribute to improving the physical and mental health of the human body resulting in increased lifespan and fewer health issues.

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