What Style To Choose In The Garden House?

Garden cabins are beautiful, regardless of their style. They are warm spaces that feel inviting, both inside and outside. For some people, the rustic design is the main feature. It is a style that has been in place since time immemorial, and one that continues to delight the eyes. Others choose to go modern when decorating their spaces. Modern looks retain the welcoming nature of these spaces while enabling them to look fresh. Whichever style you choose, the space will feel comfortable if you get the elements right.

Rustic Style

Some people refer to this style as classic, traditional, vintage, or farmhouse. All these names refer to a style with a long history, reaching back many centuries. It dates back to the days of the early settlers who designed their farmhouses with simplistic décor. The elements in these spaces are simple, and they borrow a lot from nature. For log cabins, this style would be an excellent choice as it creates a flow between the inside and the outside. The furnishings in this style are practical, and they borrow heavily from Mother Nature. The essence of this style is to create a laid-back atmosphere to which you can retreat.

In this style, you will find the following elements:

Wood accents

A rustic setup is not complete without natural wood accents, which enhances the oneness with nature. A log cabin is basically wood stacked in various designs to create a cosy living space. And with wood accents adorning the walls, floors, and beams, the space feels continuous. You can opt to have accent panelling as well as wooden countertops to enhance this oneness. The use of wood dates back to the early days when wood was an abundant resource.

Porcelain Sink

How about an apron sink? One of the features of rustic styles in the classic sink, which in most cases, is of porcelain. Do dishes as they would have in the olden days. However, this does not mean that you cannot incorporate modern appliances in your design. All you have to do is position them in a way that does not take away from the focus in the room.

Vintage Furnishings

When getting furniture for your space, opt for old pieces. It is best if the pieces have some form of wear and tear as this adds to their appeal. Old items fit this style with ease. You can shop for old pieces of furniture in yard sales or other such places. As for the lighting, you want to get something vintage and homely.

For the fabrics, go for traditional looks as this will complete the look. Floral patterns will do in most cases, and you can add some slipcovers to aid in complementing them.

Anyone walking into your space should feel a smooth transition between the outside and the inside. Also, they should feel like they have embarked on a journey back to the old ages. Like they have walked into their grandfather’s cabin in the woods and a feeling of nostalgia will hit them.

The Modern Style

The rustic look, though timeless, is not for everyone. It could be that you appreciate the relaxed nature of the space but want a modern touch. You want to enjoy comfort while not giving up on sophisticated designs. In this case, you can choose a modern style. It will also allow for a smooth transition from the outside to the inside if you keep it minimalistic.

A modern style will have glossy accents coupled with neutral colours, and it allows you a lot of room for experimenting. Instead of going with a wooden countertop, you can try other designs such as granite and marble tops. With lighting, you can choose statement lighting or go minimalist. If you are one for variety, then this route would be the best option for you. Here is how you can get this right:


As much as you will opt for modern furniture, it should be such that it creates a warm space. Guests in your home should feel like they are walking into their homes, owing to the cosiness of the space. The same goes for the accessories, which should add to the warmth. The pieces should tell a story and should be items that you can use regularly.

Mixing and matching the furniture and accessories is an excellent way to integrate the new with the old. Not only will this ensure the space feels comfortable, but it will also add to the style of the house. The same goes for the elements. As much as you want to have stainless steel adorning your appliances, you can add some wood to help with the balance.

Using natural materials allows you to retain the beauty of a rustic space while achieving a modern look. This means you can use natural stone, cotton, and other such materials in your home.

For the lighting, choose modern methods, though you can always use some vintage options. And for the sink, go for stainless steel as opposed to the apron sink that would be characteristic of a rustic home.


You want the room to feel fresh, bright, and airy. As such, the colour scheme should help you achieve this. Going with bright colours is not a good idea as it creates the feeling of too much taking place. Neutral colours are best, with examples being grey, cream, and beige. These shades blend in with the environment, and they enable you to enjoy that feeling of oneness.

When choosing patterns, you will want to keep it simple as you do not want them interrupting the flow. However, you are free to play about with the textures until you get a good fit.

A point to note with a modern style is that too much creates a cluttered room. And where this happens, people feel uncomfortable as the clutter affects their senses. Thus, aim to use as little as possible to achieve the most you can.

Depending on what style you like best, you can now decide on what would be fitting for your garden house. All the best!

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