Some Tips on How to Create A Perfect Wooden Garage Interior to Simplify Your Life

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Are you considering getting a wooden garage installed in your home but you don’t know what type of garage interior can best help you meet your requirements? Or how the interior of a perfect wooden garage should be? Then don’t worry, here we provide a list of some really important characteristics or aspects of a perfect wooden garage interior to help you plan and build better.

Firstly, keep in mind that wooden garages are not just a place where you park your vehicle to protect it from dirt, dust and burglars. A garage is a lot more than that. A wooden garage is a part of the house and must be considered as an extended part of the house. Thus, it is obvious that one must have an appropriate garage interior design in order to make your garage look pleasant and an important place in your abode. Usually, people start browsing the internet without obtaining the details and facts.

You will definitely be confused looking at the numerous styles and designs. Therefore, it is important that you first have your requirements listed. Sit with your family and come up with the answers to questions like:

- How many and what types of cars or vehicles do you plan to keep in the garage?

- How much space will you need?

- Will you be using the garage just to park your vehicles or for a number of other purposes as well?

- How much time will you be spending in your garage?

- How much are you ready to spend?

Not everybody understands this but there are some garage designs meant for storing longer vehicles. These designs are generally deeper as compared to the normal garages and can also be used for keeping boats or trailers. Also, in terms of garage ideas for 2 or more cars, the garage needs to be accommodated with two smaller doors or with a single large door overhead. Thus, knowing your purposes and requirements will help you get the garage that can best suffice your needs and assist you in getting the most from your investment.

A lot of people when considering getting a wooden garage plan to use their garage just to keep the vehicles in, but eventually they end up using it for several purposes. In such instances it is better that you purchase a garage that gives you enough space to use it for other purposes as well. The interior of the wooden garage should be spacious, making movement easier and trouble free. When the vehicles are not at home during the daytime, you can use your garage as a child’s playroom or as a workshop.  Some other basic fundamentals that the interior of your wooden garage design should include are as follows:

Lighting: When planning the lighting of your wooden garage, remember one simple thing ‒ more is better. Usually people only have one lamp fitted in their garage. Avoid such type of lighting. A properly illuminated garage will not only help you access your vehicles at any time of the day, but will mean you can use the garage for other purposes. So, place lighting tactically to avoid dark spots. You will definitely thank yourself for your decision when you urgently need the tools kept inside the garage at midnight. Incorporating fluorescent fixtures in a wooden garage is highly recommended. They help keep down the heat on hot days as well as consume less electricity.

Electrics: Extension cords lying on the roof, or open wires here and there on the ceiling are a big no-no when considering electrical fittings for your wooden garage. Always remember your car is expensive and so is your life. Electricity and petrol or gas can be a deadly combination. Spread electrical outlets evenly all through the garage. A few on the ceiling can be a great idea, or you can get connections fitted through the walls.

Insulation: Make sure that the atmosphere inside the wooden garage is always cosy and comfortable. Even the most gorgeous garage designs are of no value if they are too cold or hot to be in. Proper insulation will not only increase your productivity but you will feel comfortable while carrying out your tasks in the garage, whatever that may be.

Ventilation: Proper ventilation is extremely important in all types of structures, and windows are paramount. A perfect wooden garage interior should have functional windows. They are great for ventilation as well as a wonderful light source. Also consider an exhaust fan, as this will help you get rid of fumes and the smell of petrol or gas.

Flooring: Except if you love drab grey colour, most concrete floors need changes. Your garage designs should have a coated floor as this will not only improve the look but spills can be wiped off easily. Sealing the concrete with a clear sealer should be considered if you want a reasonable flooring solution.

Storage: A huge variety of storage options are available today. But still a huge number of people spend their weekends each spring, cleaning their garages and uncluttering them. Research the available storage options and include them in your garage designs. You can also use the roof space or overhead storage to utilise the available space more efficiently.

Comfort and entertainment: A perfect wooden garage interior should be comfortable as well as providing space for entertainment purposes. A cosy couch and decent stereo and speakers are important. Or if the available budget is not a problem then a big screen with surround sound would be a great addition to your wooden garage.

Safety: Make sure that there is a fire extinguisher or a smoke detector installed. This will present you with peace of mind and you can be assured of your loved ones and your vehicles’ safety.

In short, we could say that the perfect wooden garage interior is not only functional but it should also be eye-catching and comfortable.

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