These Pots And Planters Will Spruce Up Your House Patio In Seconds

Residential cabins are beautiful on their own but you can add a touch of style to these spaces, more so in the patio area. You can do this by incorporating pots and planters in these spaces. You can get these from the store, where there are sure to be tons of options. While this is a feasible option, you will probably end up with something similar to that of your neighbor. A good idea would be to repurpose the materials around you. Here, you would hit two birds with one stone. One, you would add to the beauty of your space. And two, you would create something unique and one in line with environmental conservation. Here are some exciting ideas on this issue:

Chair Planter

Do you have old chairs lying around? Rather than take them apart and use the wood for other things, you can use them as planters. Create a hole in the seating area and place a pot in the space provided. The sides of the chair will provide support to the pot. And when the plants or flowers mature, they should make for quite a sight. Painting the chair in a bright color can liven up the area. Or you could go for a neutral hue that would match the appearance of your cabin. Another idea would be to have multiple color options in the plants to create a rainbow-like appearance.

Log Container

Residential log cabins mainly feature wood construction, and this makes them at one with nature. You could add more to this ambiance by having a log planter. All you need is a log in which you can make a channel. Use the trench to hold potting soil, which will support the growth of your chosen plants. Make sure that you leave space at the ends, which the log should cover. In this way, the plants will remain enclosed, creating a beautiful appearance. Note that log containers can roll over, and you should thus have some stones around them to keep them in place.

Cinder-Block Containers

Are you going for a modern look? These containers could be the best option available to you. They provide a simplistic yet striking look and would work great for any space. You can choose to have them standing alone, or you could stack them. If you want the latter option, you can create somewhat of a raised bed.

Colander Planter

Colanders are not conventional planters, but they have tons of benefits. For one, they have a unique appearance and they add to the eye-catchy aspect of your space. Two, they have holes that provide ventilation to plants, aiding in their growth. These holes also allow water to drain from the plants, preventing root rot. The placing options for these planters are versatile. You can have them on the floor, on raised surfaces, or hanging.

Metal Tool Box Planter

Likely, you do not have an old metal box lying around, waiting for you to repurpose it. Where this is the case, worry not, you can get one from a yard sale or from looking at antique stores. You don’t need an enormous container to do this and can make do with something small. When creating the setup, you could make it stand out by including a tool in the box. Also, where a box has a hinged lid, it is more likely to pop out. You can plant tons of flowers and plants in this box, including succulents.

Laundry Basket Planter

Laundry baskets are not only useful for placing dirty clothes, they also work as planters. If you find any cracks, you can seal them with packing tape or other such material. From here, cover the container with burlap until it is well-wrapped. You can customize the planter as you see best by adding a few touches to beautify the setup.

Chandelier Planter

How many uses of a chandelier come to your mind? Well, you can now add planter to the list. Look for an old chandelier that can hold the plants you have in mind. It will not matter if it has wiring or not, as this will not affect the planting process. Turn it over such that the arms face up and get rid of any wiring and globes. Clean it thoroughly in preparation for the planting process and glue it onto a saucer. You can now paint the chandelier in a color which appeals to you before adding potting soil and flowers.

Pitcher Planter

Are you looking for something simple yet something that can add some charm to your space? This planter would fit the bill. All you need is to source for a large pitcher that can hold a ton of plants. Proceed to add rocks at the bottom for drainage, followed by potting soil. This works best for annuals, and having a mixture of these would help.

Metal Watering Can Planter

Once again, you will be heading to the antique store to get a metal watering can. That is unless you have one somewhere in the house. Alternatively, you could pop by some yard sales and see what is on offer. When creating these, have some drainage holes at the bottom to prevent the occurrence of root rot.

Basket Container

These containers work best for flowers as they look quite appealing. They look like gift baskets lying on the patio awaiting your guests. You can use tons of baskets for this. Whether they are decorative or laundry baskets, they will work for this. When planting flowers go for layering as this makes them appear to be neat.

Desk Garden Container

This setup looks like plants are crawling out of your desk and making their way into your space. It is quite captivating and creates a conversation piece. You can use an old desk and chair for this, which you can paint to match the look of the space. Fill the drawers with potting soil and pull them out in a descending manner. Climbing flowers work best for this design.

For pots and planters, it is rewarding to think outside the box as you spruce up your space. Dare to be different.

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