Residential Cabin Interior with Different Carpet Designs

The term “Residential Cabins” evokes an image of a simple and yet luxurious and comfortable home with superior living conditions as compared to a regular house. These cabins feature unique elements that make living in them cosy and relaxing. Apart from the comfort factor, these houses are a delight to watch! With their stunning designs and graceful ambience, residential cabins are highly attractive and beautiful.


Numerous little elements individually as well as collectively play a crucial role in making these cabins the excellent looking homes, and the type of carpets used for them is an important part of the interior décor of these marvellous abodes.

Carpets not only cover the floors to protect them, but they also play a vital role in decorating the house as well as improving the insulation of the cabin. In places where the temperatures can dip to the freezing levels, a good quality carpet can help improve the insulation of the floor significantly thereby keeping the room warm in a more natural way. In this article, we have discussed some of the carpet designs that you can consider for your residential cabin.

Traditional Beige Carpets

One of the main reasons that residential cabins look attractive is the fact that they resemble traditional living. Hence, traditional beige carpets are perfect companions for these homes. For your cabin, you may explore from a large variety of beige carpets. These are available at affordable price ranges and based on the designs and colours of the interiors of your home; you may select the most suitable carpets.


Rugged Carpets

For those looking for a combination of tradition and modernity, a rugged carpet is an excellent option. The texture of such carpets suit the interiors of a traditional residential cabin whereas the designs on them represent modernity.

These carpets are available in a much larger range of colours as compared to the traditional beige carpets and depending on the colours you like or the ones that match the interiors of your home; you can select the most appropriate rugged carpet. The modern rugged carpets are made of fine quality material and are pretty soft. They are also easy to wash and last a long time.

For your drawing room, you may opt for light coloured rugged carpet. It will suit the interiors of your residential cabin. For the bedroom, an oceanic blue coloured carpet will look fantastic as it will give a soothing feel to the room.


Carpets with Natural Textures

Since a residential cabin is a representation of natural living, it is a wise idea to select carpets with natural textures on them. These carpets can be either multi-coloured or monochromatic and have natural designs and patterns such as those of leaves and flowers woven into them.

Matching these carpets with the interior decoration of your room will further enhance the beauty of your log house. Carpets with natural textures are suitable for the living room area where you will have your visitors. Carpets with such exquisite designs will make an excellent impression on your guests.


Washable Fibre Carpets

Although all the carpets can be cleaned, they require considerable time and efforts for cleaning them. If you have little kids or pets at home who can leave stains on your carpets, opt for carpets with easily washable fibres. Since these carpets can be washed at home, it is easy to clean them regularly without having to wait for a long time to get that expensive wash for your carpet. You can also have multiple carpets so that you can replace the ones being removed. This way you can give your home a fresh look frequently.

Loop Pile

Loop pile carpets are the most basic type of carpets. In fact, it is the first design of an uncut carpet. These are loops of fabrics that give the carpets a textured look. The loops can be either high or low or evenly surfaced. These loops make the carpets soft and also provide them with a distinctive design and style. Even in the loop pile carpet range, several options are available to you. These can be single or multi-coloured loops and the fibre could be nylon, olefin or other types of fibres.


Patterned Loop Pile Carpets

Patterned loop pile is another variation of loop pile. In this kind of carpet, the carpets have different types of loops that are stitched in a pattern, thereby giving the carpet a designer look. These loops can be of different sizes or different colours and they are placed in a sequence to form a design or pattern on the carpet.

Cut Pile Carpets

Cut Pile carpets are among the most common types of carpets. These are made by cutting the loops of fibres. The cut pile carpet range has a variety of types that include Saxony, Textured Saxony, Cable and Frieze.

Cut-Pile Carpets-residential-cabin

Saxony carpets are plain and even carpets that have traditionally been used. These carpets do not have specific designs except for the plain rows of fibre that are evenly cut. These carpets retain the footprints and other impressions and tend to have a shorter life as compared to other types of carpets.

Textured Saxony Carpet is a variation of Saxony. It is also cut from loops but unlike Saxony carpets, Textured Saxony does not have an even surface. The loops are cut and curled into various directions giving these carpets a textured look. These carpets are more resilient than the Saxony carpets.

Cable is another type of cut pile carpets. These carpets are cut from thick yarn and have a rich and luxurious look. Such carpets are also pretty relaxing to those walking barefoot on it and are more durable than the other types of cut pile carpets. Frieze is similar to the Textured Saxony but the cuts are more curled and twisted.

A carpet is an essential décor item for a residential cabin which adds to its style and beauty. It subtly enhances the attractiveness of your home and make it more comfortable and cosy.

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