Information for owners of residential cabins

Before you think about owning a log house there is some information you should know. The features of wood, the construction of log houses, benefits and disadvantages, maintenance, renovation, pest control and log home quality assurance are only a few factors that you should know. All information and useful tips provided here, will answer most questions that owners of log houses have. Now everything you need can be found on our website.

  • Useful and Effective Tips for Painting A Wooden House

    Painting houses may look like an easy job, more so when you see people doing it in videos. It seems like all you have to do is grab a brush, dip it in paint and get to work. Well, you could do this, but without the necessary preparations, the work would look sloppy. While you can treat wooden buildings like conventional homes, you get better results when you focus on the material in use. Wood differs from other materials, and you must account for this in your preparations. Below, you will find tips essential to painting a wooden house. Wood Preparation Here is the thing. While paint will give the house a new look, it will not do much for some imperfections in the wood. An example would be where the wood has some cracks, holes, or other such physical weaknesses. In this case, the house wou... (More)
  • Tips for Building an Eco-Friendly Sauna At Home

    It is no secret that living in residential cabins does wonders for your soul and the environment. It thus follows that when building a sauna, you would make considerations for the environment. In so doing, you would come up with an eco-friendly structure designed to protect the environment and add to the aesthetic value of your home. This guide will show you what aspects you should keep in mind when following through on this commendable step. The Materials When working with wood you need to be careful what you choose, or else you will end up with a structure that will not hold up for long. Luckily, there are numerous options on the market. Your selection process should focus heavily on the moisture resistance of the wood. The last thing you want is a material that will soak up the water a... (More)
  • Inspiring Tips To Spruce Up Your Garden House Front Porch

    The porch is a relaxing space in the home. It is where you sit and watch the sun go down as you take in the orange that takes over the sky at sunset. It is where you first meet your guests as you invite them in for a cup of tea. This is the spot where you stand as you wave goodbye to your loved ones. You spend a lot of time there, and you have probably noticed that it needs some work. It could be that the paint is peeling off. Maybe the look is now old, and you need something fresh to match with the interior décor. Porches in residential log cabins are easy to work on, as most efforts will fall in line with nature. And the good thing is that the work will not cost you much, and it can work for any home. Here’s how: Drapes This idea might seem a bit off. After all, the porch should be i... (More)
  • 8 Mistakes People Make When Renovating A Bathroom

    Homes are important spaces. Whether you are working from home or dashing in at the end of a long workday, this space should make you feel calm. You want to feel comfortable and happy in your home, and to do this you may need to make many changes. From buying portraits to remodelling the kitchen, there is a lot you can do to achieve that perfect finish. With log homes, you want the bathroom to feel as welcoming as the wood on your porch. The only way to do this is to renovate the space and make it look and feel the way you desire. Isn’t that so? But wait, before you decide on a design and start working on achieving it, there is something you should know. Many people have been down this road, and they have scary stories to tell. You can avoid being part of the statistics by learning from ... (More)
  • 8 Home Sauna Ideas and Tips From Designers

    Saunas came into being about twenty centuries ago and since then they have been a popular addition to homes. You will find them in wooden homes as well as traditional homes, serving one purpose: relaxation. When these spaces first came into being they were seen as a means to stay warm in the cold months. They also served as bathing spaces. As time went by, people discovered that using saunas had healing benefits for the mind and the body. For you to get the most out of the sauna here are some tips you need to keep in mind. Pre-Made Versus Homemade How would you like a sauna installed in your home? Some people want saunas to come to them already assembled. In this case, you can use the sauna immediately after it arrives at your doorstep. Others prefer to get a kit that they can assemble a... (More)
  • 10 Tips For Creating A Comfortable Bathroom

    What does your bathroom say about you? You may not know this but a bathroom accounts for a significant percentage of your home’s design? All the rooms could be top-notch but if the bathroom is not comfortable, inviting and elegant, you lose a lot of marks. So how then can you ensure that you are winning on all fronts? Well, here are some ideas that work in log homes and traditional houses alike: 1. Choose A Presentable Layout With layouts, it is all about space. You could find that your bathroom is too small to accommodate an extensive plan. All you need to do is work with what you have. For a family bathroom, you need a bath and a shower to add to the variety. You could also separate the bathroom from the water closet to add to the privacy of the room. Where you do not have much space,... (More)
  • 4 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Cold Weather

    Residential log cabins require maintenance practices, more so as the colder weather approaches. Not caring for them leaves them vulnerable to the weather conditions. And this, in turn, threatens their longevity. You would spend much more time and money in restoring a home than protecting it. It is thus best to work on your home as from fall in preparation for the cold months. And here are ways in which you can achieve this: Check Your HVAC System Most HVAC systems will last you anything between twelve and fifteen years. The period of service will depend on how well you care for the system while it is in use. It also depends on the quality of the system as some have better builds than others. If you have a high-quality system and you adhere to the care guidelines, it could last two decades... (More)
  • 6 Ways To Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

    Global warming, climate change, you have heard it over and over again. And each time you watch a documentary on the environment, you feel the urge to do something. Maybe you are planting trees in the neighbourhood or taking part in walks to raise awareness. Perhaps you want to do something but cannot seem to find enough time to do so. Well, the thing is most people want to act now, but their schedules keep them from having a positive impact the environment. If you want to make a change, you can do so by making some amends to your home. And yes, this also applies to log homes. Here is what people are doing to help the environment from the comfort of their homes: 1. Buy Eco-Friendly Furniture When buying furnishings for homes, most people lean towards the best price they can find on the mar... (More)
  • How To Choose The Best Stone Countertop In The Kitchen

    The kitchen is the heart of the home and this is something most people have come to accept. From breakfast to brunch to lunch to evening snacks through to dinner, it is a busy space. And when you have an island kitchen this is a place to converge, chat, share and interact with your loved ones. This space has memories and tons of stories tied to it. And it thus holds that it should look as unique as it feels. One way to enhance the look of kitchens in wooden houses is through the use of countertops. While wooden countertops are often great for use in wooden houses, there are tons of stone options that could catch your eye. When choosing a countertop, the large variety of choices on offer can be unsettling. There are tons of materials available in varying colours. And when you are not worki... (More)
  • DIY A Faux Fireplace In Your Wooden House Bedroom

    What is the thing that everyone feels about residential log cabins other than their oneness with nature? They are cosy and in a good way. Walking into one feels like home, more so on those cold winter months. And having a fireplace in sight adds to their beauty. It brings everything together while ensuring that the natural flow does not come to a stop. Fireplaces are not only for the lounge but also for the bedroom. They add an aspect of comfort, and you can envision watching embers from flames lighting up your room. While having a fireplace in the bedroom may not be practical, you can create the illusion of one in a few simple steps. It will add to the cosiness of the space and will help you work on your DIY skills. And with the way the world is heading, these skills will be a must-have ... (More)

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