The Prices of Wooden Structures: How Much are Mobile Homes?

How much are mobile homes? Standard and luxury mobile homes are in demand nowadays. There are various types of wooden structures that are mobile in features, all with their corresponding prices. Before knowing the exact cost of today’s mobile homes, it is important to know what factors determine the pricing of contemporary wooden structures with mobile design. Knowledge about these structures and their costs will help you make an informed decision in the long run.


How Much are Mobile Homes?

Mobile homes come in varied sizes and shapes. There are other factors that influence the final pricing of the mobile wooden structure you want to invest in, including the materials, construction, and other specifications. It is imperative to consider your available budget before you decide on what particular mobile home is ideal for you. The key points of a quality mobile home will help you know if you are making a good investment or otherwise.

Here are some of the key points of high-quality modern mobile homes:

Thickness and Insulation

You may need to increase your price range if you want 100% good quality mobile homes. The pricing of wooden structures depends on the thickness and insulation as one of the features. The standard specification of top of the line mobile homes is the wall thickness and insulation value. Conventional new build mobile houses which are suitable for occupation have insulated and thick floors, walls, and roofing system.


Bespoke Designs

How much are mobile homes? If you want a mobile wooden structure that is designed to your preferences and needs, then you would have to expect a more expensive unit. Bespoke designs have unique floor plans along with the interior and exterior styling. Customized mobile homes are good investments because you can also choose from a massive selection of materials, finish, and features.

Onsite Assembly and Assistance

If you hire contractors or purchase your mobile home from a trusted supplier, you can also get a wide range of assistance to facilitate your purchase and the assembly of your unit. Specialists for onsite setup of your mobile home are also available especially for hard to access sites where the unit will be installed and assembled. There will also be people who will help in delivering the mobile home unit that is fully finished to avoid any hassles and delays.

Mobile Home Prices

It is important to remember that different mobile home suppliers have their respective pricing, depending on the unit that is also offered. How much are mobile homes? The average price range on the market for wooden mobile structures is between £110,000 and £160,000. The best way to get a more comprehensive list of the wooden structure pricing is to research the different mobile home suppliers available in your area. Shop and compare prices before you make the final decision and invest in the mobile wooden home of your dreams.


For full-size mobile homes, the usual pricing starts at £130,000 with fully finished design and delivery included. Luxury mobile houses that have bespoke designs or specifications range between £150,000 and £160,000 for those with the highest standard and finished features. Single units with bespoke services have much lower pricing but it is still important that you make an initial inquiry to the supplier before making any final decision.

What is Included in the Price?

In most cases, the pricing of the mobile home would not include the ground works and services. The ones included are the overall cost of the unit, delivery, engineering, erection of the structure and full delivery, roof tiles, fitted bespoke doors and windows, exterior cladding, and fully insulated features to comply with building regulations.

Other things included in the cost are the plumbing and electrics, skim, plasterboard, and decoration, fully fitted kitchen, bathrooms, internal carpentry, doors, skirting, and flooring. The decking is an optional feature, thus if you have extra budget to spare, you can opt for this mobile home design. Those not included in the initial cost are the site clearance, groundwork services, white goods, furniture, and other accessories.


More Factors that Determine Mobile Home Cost

There are specifications of a mobile wooden structure which determine how much mobile homes cost. Check out the following specifications that could make your mobile home either cost-effective or expensive:

Design and Engineering

This refers to the design consultation, elevation drawings, and the creation of unique floor plans for your mobile home. It may also include groundwork setting of the diagram, along with determining the drain locations and service and site location map.

Structural Roof Types

The structural roof construction is a major influence on the overall cost of the mobile home. For instance, there are various types of roof structures to choose from, including a gable pitched roof, mono-pitch roof, flat roof, and truss roof, among many others. Different roof constructions have their internal and external features with corresponding prices.


Window and Door Materials

Energy efficient doors and windows are the most in demand in today’s mobile houses. The initial cost of door and window materials with energy efficient features is higher but these features help you save in the long run. Some of the available materials include double-glazed windows and doors with UPVC effects. Others have wooden frames from high-quality wood species such as redwood and oak.


One of the most important features of a mobile home is the insulation from ground up. Choose a mobile house that is well-insulated and liveable no matter what the season may be. Thick and insulated walls, floors, and roofs are essential in order to have a better quality of living and a more comfortable and convenient lifestyle living in your mobile house. Insulation would also determine the overall cost of your mobile wooden structure.

How much are mobile homes? This is an important question that you need to answer before you make that sizeable investment. Wooden structures with mobile features are lucrative ventures but make sure you know how much the ideal price is to go for.

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