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  • How to Prepare Your Garden Cabin for the Winter Period

    Timber is a natural material which is sensitive to atmospheric changes. The autumn and winter periods can be the most harmful for any garden cabin wooden construction. The influence of rain, snow, frost and strong sun all affect timber and can damage its structure, shape and exterior look. Melting snow and ice can get into the interior structure of timber. The water freezes again quickly (sometimes within 24 hours), which contributes to the widening of the cracks inside and outside of the timber. This process constantly repeats during the whole period of winter thereby negatively affecting all aspects of the timber and also providing good conditions for mould and rot to emerge. How to Protect Your Garden Cabin? It all starts from the proper preparation of the base of the wood. First of al... (More)
  • 8 Tips for Instaling A Bathroom in A Residential Log Cabin

    Image source: A bathroom is a space which needs to be kept clean and tidy. The question often arises as to how to combine so many elements such as a toilet, a bath, a sink, curtains and a carpet in a neat and interesting way in your residential log cabin. Below are some tips on how to do exactly that. 1. Every Object Has Its Place The location of every object in the bathroom needs to be carefully chosen. To achieve harmony within the bathroom interior it’s a very good idea to divide the bathroom into functional zones. You can do this yourself, just take a sheet of paper and lay out the main bathroom objects on it, don’t forget the small accessories as they are just as important. The next step is to choose appropriate lighting, floor covering and interior colours. 2. What ... (More)
  • Log Cabin Furnitures: A Bed Made of Pallets

    We spend about a third of our life sleeping and this is why a bed has always formed an integral part of our interior. So, it’s obvious that a bed should be both comfortable and nice enough to wake up in when the morning comes. So, what should you do when you want to have a stylish bed but you don’t want to spend a lot of money? Well, here we have an interesting idea of how to make a stylish bed from wooden pallets (which is suitable for log cabin). Source: To Make A Bed from Wooden Pallets You'll Need the Following:    *  2 EURO pallets 120 x 80 x 145 cm    *  6 trolley wheels (12cm diameter wheels are ideal)    *  2 joint panels (to join the pallets)    *  screws    *  a mattress (an old mattress will work just as well) How to Make A Bed:    1 ... (More)
  • Does Your Wooden Home Interior Make You Tired?

    Image source: Most of us come back home looking to find an oasis of peace and relaxation after a hard working day. However, often we find chaos at home and the problem is not actually with the things placed out of order but rather the design of  wooden home interior. Here we provide you with some tips on how to make your interior peaceful enough not to make you tired. An Uncluttered Interior - Not Necessarily A Modern One In order to turn your interior into relaxation zone, it is important not to overcrowd it with completely different styles and things which has it looking like the proverbial Persian carpet. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that the only way to achieve this is to slavishly adhere to a modern minimalistic style like many of us tend to think. There ar... (More)
  • Lighting Your Log Home in the Darker Months of the Year

    Image source: With the sometimes gloomy autumn/winter season approaching, many of us think about how to create a cosy and light atmosphere in the  log home. Of course it’s not possible to replicate sunlight with artificial light, but it is possible and even necessary to arrange your home lighting in a way that you live through the more ‘gloomier’ times of the year in a much more comfortable way. Even if they don't like big shopping centres, most people would agree that these places become more attractive in autumn/winter evening time. And the reason for it is probably the fact that there is a lot of light inside your house, apartment or log cabin while it is so dark outside. It is known that Northern countries pay a lot of attention to light therapy, however, the positi... (More)
  • How to Take Care of A Wooden Hot Tub in Your Garden

    Image source: The best time to enjoy a wooden hot tub is in winter while the best time to take care of it is in summer. It is important to take care of it as its main constituent is wood. Water Impact A wooden hot tub is constantly under the impact of water; water is constantly poured into it or poured out of it and due to this a hot tub is either wet or dry. When a tub is dry it tends to contract, while when wet it expands. If a tub stands empty for a long time (after having water in it), it becomes dry and the gaps between the boards get wider which can lead to the issue of leakage. One of the solutions to avoid this could be to keep water in the tub all the time; however, this can prompt the growing of fungi and mould. Still, it is worth taking care of a wooden hot tub as it... (More)
  • 8 Myths About Log House Floor Heating

    Though floor heating is becoming more and more popular in a log house, but there are still some myths which present floor heating as an expensive way of heating and even harmful to people and their pets' health. Here are 8 myths about floor heating: Source:    1  Floor Heating is Expensive In fact, floor heating is the cheapest heating system out of all the heating systems that are currently available. If the floor heating system is installed correctly in a log house and is regulated by thermostats, the room temperature can be reduced by 1-5 degrees, hence reducing heating costs. However, it is very important that the floor heating system is made in a professional manner, otherwise you won't save much.    2  Harmful to People’s Health There is no evidence that flo... (More)
  • 9 Reasons Why Wooden House Should Be Treated with Antiseptics

    Image source: Wood is a natural product and the rotting of wood is a biochemical process which leads to a reduction in wood mass and volume. Wood also changes colour as its mechanical features weaken, resulting in gradual wood deterioration. This process can be stopped when a healthy tree is cut down and turned into building timber. That's why timber as a building material needs to be protected from the weather elements to prevent your residnetial log cabin from deteriorating. Here are 9 reasons why it is necessary to treat the wood with wood antiseptics.    1  Wood Antiseptics Prevent the Wood from Rotting Wood is a material of biological origin, and is used for multiple purposes such as fuel, building material, as a raw material, and food for certain microorganisms. That's w... (More)
  • Original Ideas of Outside Stairs for Garden Cabin

    Image source: Garden stairs are a good solution when you need to connect 2 zones of different height. Garden stairs made in a creative way add a decorative touch to your garden. It not only adds to the aesthetics of your garden cabin surroundings, it’s also very practical. Not Just for Slopes Image source: A completely flat landscape is a rare thing to come across and usually areas with a slight or significant incline are quite frequent in one's garden. Sometimes a couple of garden stairs are enough to make a comfortable transition from a lower zone to a higher zone, while sometimes you may need more stairs; for example, when the house and the garden are situated on different levels. Stairs of garden cabin can also be constructed on a completely flat surfa... (More)
  • 5 Ideas on How to Arrange Your Living Room in A Log Cabin

    Image source: Do you ever find yourself scratching your head over the question of how to arrange furniture in order to make the log cabin room look proportional and nice? Often it turns out that what we thought would look nice in our room doesn’t come out as expected. There are a couple of rules which will help to prevent negative emotions and also save time and money. 1. Create A Functional Space for Communication The best position to place the seating furniture is in a U-shape, an L-shaped area does not have the same functionality. A U-shaped arrangement would often consist of a sofa and two armchairs or chairs. This layout allows every person to see and hear each another well. Whereas, furniture arranged in an L-shape complicates the conversation because people are force... (More)

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