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  • Log Cabin Treatment

    We all know that wood is natural and very sensitive material. It is easily attacked by various pests and affected by environmental factors. Rodents and other insects not only assemble the structure of the wood, but also spoils its texture. Most of pests leave holes in the boards and the log cabin collapse in time. When talking about the impact of weather, the biggest damage is done by direct sunlight and moisture excess. One factor spoils the appearance of the exterior, causes cracks and fades the natural color of the timber. Humidity is the second factor responsible for mold, fungi and rot. They can soak deeply into the wood and soften it. Then all the constructions will certainly collapse in a short time period. Why because special maintenance is necessary. A well maintained wooden s... (More)
  • Wooden House Outdoor Fireplace: How to Make (Part 2)

    Image source: A Projection of A Wooden House Outdoor Fireplace A fireplace is usually a unique thing which should match the place it is constructed in. That’s why, before coming up with the final design, the size and construction of the fireplace, it is very important to study the environment the fireplace will be placed in. The fireplace should blend harmonically with the environment. It is not advisable to make a fireplace unproportional and too big with regards to the wooden house or shed placed next to it. You’d also need more firewood for a big fireplace, so let’s not underestimate a cost-effectiveness of a small fireplace. The most convenient fireplaces with regards to the size are 3"3' X 1"3'. A chimney should be at least 5' X 10', to ensure a good pull. If the... (More)
  • Garden Cabin Terrace Ideas: Make an Outdoor Fireplace by Yourself (Part 1)

    Image source: An outdoor fireplace in a garden cabin terrace is a place you can arrange the parties and prepare some food in as well. It is a place which gives you some warmth to enjoy in the colder evenings. Besides its practical side, a fireplace has also a decorative function which is even more important sometimes . So, it is very important to match the fireplace design with the garden cabin and garden environment. Image source: The materials usually used for the construction of the fireplaces are stones, bricks, concrete blocks or wood (the same as used for a garden cabin construction). As a rule, several materials are combined: special bricks are used to make a chimney while the exterior part of the fireplace is decorated by stones. So, every fireplace ma... (More)
  • How to Make A Qualitative Terrace for A Garden Cabin

    Image source: A terrace is a part of the house or garden cabin which connects it to the yard or the garden. It is not only a practical part but also a decorative element of your exterior, which is often associated with some pleasant moments and rest. The terrace can also be installed further from the house, it depends upon the needs one has. The terrace near the garden cabin can be installed either by specialists or you could lay it by yourself. “DOING IT YOURSELF” is becoming more and more popular. People get involved in doing things by themselves not only in order to save some money, but also to seek some item originality and ‘hands’ warmth. “DOING IT YOURSELF” is also a way to have a rest, release your creativity, spend some pleasant moments with your friends o... (More)
  • Sauna in A Log Home: Its Time to Sweat!

    Image source: There is always a wish to run out from the city into the nature. Sometimes we want to stay here for a few hours, and spend some day here during the warm period. It is always better to have a temporary shelter or maybe a place you can call home. Owning a log home brings many other plans in your "to do" list. The first work is usually to take care of both building interior and exterior, than garden management comes with the turn - the creation of cozy and beautiful log home surroundings. These works took a lot of time, but then you start to think about things which give you more rest. Swinging, sitting on a terrace, vegetables (and alike) are only warm season activities. When the weather becomes cold, people always look for things that could warm up them such a... (More)
  • Insulated Log Cabins: Warming Your Living Space

    Today’s global warming challenges added to increasing heating costs make a better insulation system a must-have for every building (you can view already insulated log cabins here) However, what type of insulation and which materials shall you choose? If you are not getting the insulation done by a specialist, it would be better to use insulators in roll than those in bulk. As for the choice of the material, ecological and sanitarians considerations might help you to choose between synthetic insulators or minerals. Source: Nevertheless, keep in mind that any insulation of log cabin has two main features: thermal bridges and water permeability. Thermal bridges – those sensitive zones, particularly at the junctions, where the heat mainly goes out- represent any “... (More)
  • Garden Log Cabin Terrace: Adjustable PVC Pedestals

    Image source: When you already have a garden log cabin you may think about building a terrace. This annex extends the area of the house and is closely associated with exterior beauty, relaxation. There is some information you should know before building a terrace:    *  At first, do not place it on the north side. The best place is the east or the west side of the house, if you wish more sun here.    *  The second thing - wood. It is better to choose harder wood boards such as impregnated pine, heat-treated softwood boards, larch, wood composite, tropical wood and alike.    *  The third is preparation of boards surface. Use only those materials, that do not leave the layer. It is better to chose impregnate which soaks deeply into the wood. However, the main and mos... (More)
  • Residential Log Cabin Roofing: The Advantages of Felt Roof Shingles

    When a residential log cabin already has its foundation and walls - roofing becomes one of the most important parts of the building. The main question is what roofing material to choose? It's well known to us, that log cabin is environmentally friendly, so the roof should not be separated from the nature too. However, there are a lot of various manufacturers suggesting their goods. But at first you need to find out all the information about them: pluses and minuses, to make the right decision. In this article we will talk about felt roof shingles. Image source: Felt Roof Shingles These words have been probably heard even by people who have never been involved in any log house building process. It is not a surprise, since it is probably one of the most popular roof covering, ... (More)
  • A Video About General Assembly of a Log Cabin: Step by Step

    Having a log cabin becomes one best reason to run out from the city. To maintain a garden, growing vegetables or just have a rest are one of the main activities here. Whatever you are going to do here - you need an appropriate building, maybe such as shed (for garden equipment), gazebo or log cabin (wishing to stay for a while). When talking about  log cabin - there are few ways of building: the first one is that you hire some qualified specialists and other - build it by yourself. The main work that has to be done while waiting for incoming building is to prepare the foundation considering to the size of the construction. And here, you're wishing building arrives! Have your cabin delivered, unpacked the package and seen a pile of timber boards, windows and doors? Naturally, a questions ... (More)
  • Assembly Tips for Log Cabin Featured in "The English Garden"

    In this article we'd like to tell you how easy it is to assemble a garden cabin by yourselves as well as to provide you some tips regarding installation process. As the weather gets warmer, many of us start searching for new ideas of how to rearrange their garden or yard space in a versatile style and to add some decorative touch to its environment. For some people it’s enough to place a handcraft in the corner of their garden while other are trying to come up with ideas of how to create some additional space for outdoor activities: to erect an outdoor office or a studio workshop, a guest house or a cozy gazebo, a garage or a carport, which would blend harmonically into garden or backyard environment. Image source: Image source: Assembly process: as easy a... (More)

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