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  • How To Grow Patisson And How It Can Be Fermented

    It doesn’t take much for patisson to grow and it is quite easy to create the ideal conditions for its growth. All you need is a lot of sunlight and well-draining soil in your garden. And the good thing about patisson is that both the summer and winter varieties call for the same requirements and you thus don’t need to change much when alternating between the two. You can also create the right conditions indoors where you plant patisson in a wooden shed or other suitable space. As long as the location you choose has adequate access to sunlight for at least six hours or more each day and the pH is in the right range, your plants are sure to thrive in no time. Here is how to grow patisson and how it can be fermented: Site Selection It is all about ensuring that the conditions in play are... (More)
  • Hay Bale Gardening: An Alternative To Growing In Soil

    In the past, gardeners relied on the use of vegetable gardens to grow their vegetables and while this method worked it proved to be unfeasible for people who did not have adequate space to house such uses. Many people thus had to do away with the notion of gardening or had to plant the little they could. Many years later, a solution to this problem has come in the form of hay bale gardening which is a boon to people with limited space, such as those in urban dwellings. Many people are not quite sure how this gardening works and the best way to describe it would be a situation where you plant your seeds and plants in straw bales, rather than in the soil which has been the conventional way of doing things. The good thing about hay bale gardening is that it allows you to grow flowers, herbs,... (More)
  • How To Grow Soybean

    Soybeans have earned themselves quite an excellent reputation over the years, owing to how nutrient-rich they are. Not only are they high in fiber, protein, and calcium, but they also boast of high levels of iron, magnesium and other minerals and vitamins. For this reason, gardeners favor them as one of the best edible legumes to have in the backyard. And that’s not all. These plants are also useful in many a scenario as you can use them for milk, tofu, flour, and other products which makes them great for commercial farming. If you wish to derive the health benefits of soybeans, you can easily do so by planting a few in your outdoors or wooden shed. The great thing about them is that they grow quite quickly if they have adequate access to water, sunlight and nutrient-rich and well-draini... (More)
  • How To Grow And Take Care Of Sweet Potatoes

    People who are new to gardening are often advised to take up sweet potato farming. Not only is this venture less tasking when it comes to maintenance practices, but farmers can also enjoy bountiful harvests once the plants mature. The steps required are pretty simple to follow, and it all begins with the making of slips. These plants do well in sunny climates where they have adequate access to water. You can thus plan your propagation around the sunny seasons, or you could grow them indoors where you can easily regulate the conditions. Let’s get into how to grow and take care of sweet potatoes: Slips Unlike other plants where the best form of propagation is through the use of seeds, with sweet potatoes, the planting begins with slips which are small sprouts attained from existing plants... (More)
  • How To Grow Oregano And Where You Can Use It

    Oregano is a medicinal herb that belongs to the mint family. For a long time, people have relied on it as a way to impart flavor in foods as well as for medicine. Studies show that it boasts of numerous health benefits which continue to make it popular. The naming of this herb is owed to two Greek words: oros and ganos. Together, they refer to joy. Oregano grows to a height of about half a meter, and it produces purple leaves that range from two to three centimeters in length. The leaves have various chemicals ranging from pinene to thymol which give it its distinct scent. Additionally, they have antioxidant as well as anti-bacterial properties. If you need information on how to grow oregano and where you can use it, here goes: Uses This Mediterranean herb comes in handy in cooking as wel... (More)
  • How To Plant Asparagus

    The presence of asparagus in the market indicates the start of spring. This vegetable is among the first you will see as winter comes to an end and its green, tender, and nutritious stalks make it an ideal garden veggie. The good thing about it is that you can start it from seeds or crowns, depending on how fast you wish to see results. If you go about it the right way, you should enjoy fresh spears every spring for up to twenty-five years. How amazing is that? If you need details on how to plant asparagus, you have come to the right place. Here are the steps as to how to proceed: Preparation You need to start by figuring out the climatic conditions in your region as asparagus will thrive in certain areas. Suppose you have cold winters, the plant will do well. Where your summers tend to b... (More)
  • Builder Eric: Gaps in the log cabin

    Log cabins can be installed at any time of the year. We are still busy in Autumn and Spring as well as Winter. Then it comes to the summer and the hottest months of the year like July and August. This is when we might see the occasional customer comes back to us about their cabin. Now our cabins are made from wood. We purposefully aim to choose timber from the heart of the length of tree. This is better quality and less prone to shrinkage and indeed it does not shrink much in length.  However, it can shrink in height from the installation to the summer. You might ask where these gaps are coming from and why are there complaints coming from customers? Well it is an easy question to answer. What you do with your log cabin during installation can truly affect the way it performs later. You ... (More)
  • How To Grow Chamomile In Early Spring

    Chamomile boasts of pretty flowers which you can dry and use to make relaxing herbal teas that have medicinal properties. Additionally, you can use the dried flowers to make infused oils. The good thing about this herb is that you can quickly reap its benefits as it is easy to plant. You can opt to have it in your outdoors or indoors. Most of the work involved is the aftercare, where you need to protect the plant from the elements. What happens if you want to enjoy this plant in spring and the warm months after that? Well, knowing how to grow chamomile in early spring hinges on making use of your wooden shed. Here’s how to go about this: Indoor Planting Starting this herb indoors allows you to plant it during any season, as you can alter the conditions in which it grows. In this case, t... (More)
  • How to Grow Artichokes

    Did you know that artichokes are thistles? This discovery comes as a surprise to many people. However, that is not to say that they are not tasty. These plants do best in mild climates such as those present in the Mediterranean, and they have a hard time surviving in cold weather. Thus, you will find that in some places growth takes place annually while in others, their growth is perennial. The good thing about having a wooden shed is that you can regulate the temperatures to make the conditions suitable for the healthy growth of artichokes. The one thing that farmers have to do, regardless of the climate, is frequent fertilization of these plants as they require many nutrients to thrive. They also require lots of water during germination and aftercare. What else do you need to grow these... (More)
  • Builder Eric's: Mold And Condensation Problems With Log Cabins

    So What About Mold? If there is one thing to tell you about mold, it is that it loves moisture. Exposure to natural elements can cause moisture problems that can in turn lead to mold. If moisture is present due to a leak or it seeps into a surface like wood, mold can grow easily. Mold can therefore become present in log cabins for this reason. So What About Condensation? Log cabins are created from a natural product, in the wood and timbers used. Depending on the treatment that has been used on the wood, these timbers can naturally increase and decrease in size throughout the seasons. This is also dependent on the climate; as the climate around it changes, the moisture in the cabin changes. Think about when you are at home on a cold day. The outside is cold, but you have built up the warm... (More)

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