Outdoor vs. Indoor Home Sauna - Which One to Choose

Using saunas has proven to be beneficial for both mental and physical health. Thus, having one in your home would go a long way to improving your well-being. When it comes to garden rooms, having an outdoor sauna feels like a great idea. But how do you choose between being out in nature and installing a sauna in your home? Here are some of the things you should consider:

Outdoor Saunas

Garden rooms are visually appealing as they add to the feeling of being out in nature. Large windows that pour light into the interior and floorboards all around you; what could be more at one with nature than that? Then add a sauna, and you can enhance your outdoor experience like never before. Should you add a sauna, though? Well, there are benefits to this.


For one, you can relax outside in nature, taking in all that Mother Nature has to offer you. From your sauna, you could watch as the birds perched on flowers, take in nectar in harmony with the bees. You could close your eyes and listen to the sound of the wind as it gently whooshes against the garden room and sink into another realm where everything is bright and beautiful.

Also, with outdoor saunas, you have to leave the house to get to them. In this way, you take a stroll, which helps in clearing the mind. You can use this walk as a way to detach from the worries in your account and embrace tranquillity.

Secondly, a sauna in nature looks beautiful. Something about these structures calls to you. It feels like the missing jigsaw piece and heeding to the call completes the picture. With an outdoor sauna, you get to decide what scene works best for the setup, as it can be anywhere, from forest edges to shorelines, the backdrop can be what you deem best for relaxation.

Also, you will have more options as to where you can place the outdoor sauna. It also helps that these structures are mobile and you can move them to the site that best catches your eye.

Another thing with this sauna is that you will have flexibility in space. Suppose a lot of people will be using the structure, you will not face limitations in this regard. And you can use the sauna through the seasons.

Any downsides?

Unfortunately, even with all these benefits, these structures have some drawbacks.

One is that you will take a lot of time to install them as you need to get the wiring ready. However, you can skip this step by investing in a wood-burning sauna, which would not need much installation work.

You will need to brave weather conditions as you head to the sauna. That is especially so if you live in a region with extreme weather conditions. So when the winds get rough and cold, you will be in for quite the walk down to the sauna. The good thing is that once you are safely inside, the weather will be a thing of the past.

Investing in an outdoor sauna will require a lot of maintenance owing to the constant exposure to the elements. Now and then, you will need to deal with a leak or to wash the exterior to keep it clean.

Indoor Saunas

As much as the outdoor saunas may look like they have won at this point, indoor saunas also have a lot to offer.


For one, their location is convenient as they are mostly in bathrooms. Also, getting to them does not require you to leave the comfort of your home. That is unlike the case with outdoor saunas, which will have you braving the elements in the cold months.

Installing them in the home makes other connections such as power and water easy. It does not take much time and effort to fix these structures, and maintaining them is easy. With these saunas, there is no exposure to the elements. Thus, processes such as weatherproofing and washing will not come into play.

You also get privacy as you need not leave the house to use the sauna. You can enjoy your space as you want without fear of prying eyes.

Any downsides?

Using an indoor sauna is not all rosy, as you will come across some challenges along the way.

For one, there will be no separation in the spaces. With an outdoor sauna, you can take a break from routine and be in a different space. Using a sauna while in the outdoors gives you a feel of a different environment. And this adds to the experience. But with an indoor sauna, this is not the case as you will be using a room in your home. Also, given that the sauna will likely be in your bathroom, it will not feel like a new experience. You can thus tire of the sauna if you are not one for routine.

Space limitation is another hurdle you are likely to face. For outdoor saunas, you can go as big as your outdoors will allow. And you will find that in most cases, this is not an issue. But for indoor structures, you have to consider how much room is available to you. Suppose your bathroom only has space for a two-person sauna, then that is all that you can put up. Or you would have to make adjustments to the space to cater for more people. However, in most cases, people end up buying a sauna based on the space limitation devoid of changes.

The positioning of the sauna is also another problem you will face. For outdoor saunas, you have a variety of options as they are movable. But with an indoor sauna, you have a lot of considerations. First is the space available. Second is the floor type. You have to ensure that the sauna does not lie in a carpeted area, as this will not work.


The ultimate choice will depend on what works for you and your space. For some people, an outdoor sauna will be the best option. For others, an indoor setup will work best for them. Be sure to consider the features, upsides, and downsides of both options when making a decision. Good luck!

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