Outdoor Furniture: What Fits Best To Your Log Cabin

After getting a log cabin made, you need to find the best of furniture to adorn the available space on the outside and inside both. Many people find it hard to choose between the conventional or the rustic furniture design and they often get confused. The best furniture to use in the log cabin is the timber. You can use either Pine or Spruce timber in the log cabin depending on your usage.


Pine wood is also known as redwood and is the most widely used wood for the construction of furniture. No wonder, that you might be having pine furniture in your bedroom. What makes pine the most used wood is, its cheap price as compared to the Spruce wood and it’s also easy to maintain. It is widely used for fencing in the garden, making play equipments etc.

As pine is less dense, it is also pressure treated to guard it against rotting. It also has loose knots and tends to get darker when exposed to sun light. It is not as strong as the spruce and it also has a wider ring growth.


Spruce is a white wood and it doesn’t get dark as the pine when it is exposed to the sunlight. It is best for the used in both inside and outside the cabin. It is much stronger than pine and is more expensive also.

If you are looking to get the furniture made for the use in outside the cabin then you need to take some of the following points into consideration:

   *  As Spruce wood is stronger than the pine wood, you must get all the furniture for the cabin made from the spruce wood.

   *  If you have a log cabin in an area that is prone to too much of rains, then you must consider the outdoor furniture made in the combination of spruce wood and Iron.

   *  If you have a long porch in the cabin, then you can also get a table and some chairs constructed according to the dimensions of the cabin.

   *  It is also recommended to have a look at the detailed options available in the market before deciding the furniture.

log cabin Image source: ferrarimarco.com

 If you have a cabin that has loads of space in the backyard, then you can put some of the design ideas that incorporate the available space along with it. Many owners use the log cabin as a gateway from the daily hectic lifestyle and they try to give the log cabin a design that relaxes them with their family. You can use a hot water tub at the backyard in the open where you can relax and spend quality time reading your favourite book. If you have a big space that opens up in the backyard, then you can keep a tub that is made from wood at the side of the fence and you can place it in front of the garden. This way you will be able to see all the greenery along with your bath.

Another addition that can be made to the outside furniture for the log wood cabin is the swing. A swing can be used for many purposes and even provides you an additional space to fit when you are having a party or a get together at the log cabin.

   *  You can opt for a swing that is made entirely from wood. If you have a wooden theme in the cabin, then it is best to go for a wooden swing.

   *  Make sure that the size is perfect for the garden and it’s not taking too much of a space.

   *  An ideal swing must be able to accommodate three persons at a time.

   *  The wood must be whether treated to safeguard it against all the seasons.

log cabin outdoor furniture Image source: arredamentoegiardino.it

If you use the log cabin for weekend party purpose, then you could also add up a long dining table at the side or back of the log cabin. This allows you to sit as much as 20-25 people at the same time. This is perfect if you have lot of get together at your log cabin.

   *  Measure the space that you have at the side of the log cabin. The table must be made according to the dimensions.

   *  Calculate the number of persons that visit you on regular basis and get the table made according to few more people, in case more people join you for the supper.

   *  The table must be made from a wood that has been whether treated.

   *  You can use a table of a lower height and this way you can save in the construction of the chairs. A lower height table will allow you to sit without the need of the chairs, as the height of the table will be more than waist level.

You could also add up a little wooden space at the side of the log cabin. You can attach wooden stairs to give it more vintage look and this way you will be having additional space for the children to play and this can also be used as a place on height to study or spending some time reading. You may call it a little tree house that can be made without actually using the tree for the construction.

   *  You can make a room at the height that can be accessed using wooden stairs.

   *  Give the additional room same shape as the cabin or you can make it look different by using sloping roofs and small wooden windows at the side. This will give it a look of a small tree house and make your cabin look more attractive.

   *  You can use the space inside by carpeting the area that can be used for reading or having coffee.

    *  The stairs can be connected by the porch, making it look as a part of the cabin.

Before you get the furniture made, always look for the new options in the market. You can decide from the various choices that are available and get yourself one that gives you functionality and style.

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