Outdoor Dining Garden: How to Create a Cozy Space

Having a summer house allows you to experiment with a lot of ideas, one of which being an outdoor dining space. When the temperatures are high, and the skies are clear, what better way to bond with your loved ones other than eating out? Having such a space will add to the thrill that you get out of being outdoors. But getting the most out of it will depend on the touches you put in it. Without further ado, here is how you can create such a space with ease:

Emphasis on Comfort

Being outside may be fun, but it can only last as long as people are comfortable. Thus, everything you put in the space should gear towards making it cozy. A round table is a great idea, it feels warm, and people have an easier time leaning into the conversation. It is much unlike what you would have with a square or rectangular table where some people feel pushed in the corner. With a round table, everyone is the center of attention, and this keeps the conversation flowing.

As much as the table is important to the setting, you should also consider the seating space. The chairs that you have in place should be comfortable such that people can lean back and enjoy the feel of the outdoors. Having uncomfortable seating will limit the amount of time that you can spend outside. Soon, people would opt to go indoors where they can stretch and relax. Round back tub chairs are a good idea in this regard. Adding pillows to the chairs will make them all the more inviting. When choosing pillows, go with lively colors that will add to the warmth of the space.

Additionally, you can do away with chairs entirely and instead opt to have pillows in the space. Once people finish eating, they can lie on the pillows and engage in talks that last through the night.

Have a low table such that people end up leaning towards each other in conversation. You can have another small table next to it, which you can use to lay the meals. If you are close-knit, you can have one large plate, and you can all eat from it, adding to your bond.

Use Color

Brightening up this space will add to its life, and this will keep people invested in spending a lot of time outdoors. Start by having a bright tablecloth that catches the eye. It can also make for a great conversation starter. Add to the burst of color by having patterned napkins in place. You can also have a different napkin for each person, with a personalized message in each. It will add to the excitement of being around the table, and your guests can have fun comparing notes.

Also, having unique cutlery goes a long way in setting the mood for dinner. Choose a theme for the night and roll with it. Dig into your cabinets and find the most appealing china and lay it out on the table. If people feel comfortable, they have an easier time opening up, and you are sure to enjoy their company.


Sure, the stars may be bright enough to provide illumination on some nights. But having some magical light goes a long way in enhancing the feel of the space. When choosing lighting, go with something that is not intrusive as this will ensure that the light does not affect the cozy feel of your dining space. Something on the walls or the fence will do. Having a chandelier can also add to the coziness. Be sure to go for a design that does not take away from the focal points of the setting.

You can also choose to have lamps in place which you can set on the table and around it. Dim lights are also a great option, especially where you plan on entertaining your significant other.

Use a Rug

Having a rug under the table is a great idea, especially if your guests will be on chairs. When choosing one, go for one with patterns to add to the beauty of the space. It also adds a touch of formality, which makes the setting all the more special. Additionally, it enables your guests to have a comfortable area where they can rest their feet through the night.

You can also opt to do away with the table and make this space more like a picnic site. Here, your guests can enjoy the feel of the outdoors as they stretch out on the rug and pop a bottle of wine. If you choose to go this way, have lots of comfortable pillows in the space.

Cushy Couch

Having comfortable seating will positively impact your loved ones’ experience. They can sprawl on the couch once they have eaten to their fill. The good thing about this setting is that it also works for other occasions, such as entertaining them with morning coffee. Also, you can take long naps here on those hot afternoons.

Have a Sideboard

Having a cabinet filled with flowers is a great way to enhance the look of your dining space. Alternatively, you can set the dinner next to your flower garden. Here, the light can illuminate the beauty all around you as you eat, taking in the scents of the sweet flowers. A rainbow garden would surely make a statement in this regard, and it is, therefore, something to consider.

Also, lining the path to the summer house with some rocks will create a cozy feel. Have some lamps on the sides to help with the lighting and add to the beauty of the space. It also prevents your guests from tripping as they make their way to the setting. Another idea to consider in this regard is a fountain which will further enhance the feel of the space.

The one thing that you have to keep in mind is coziness, as everything you do should gear towards this. All the best!

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