Modern design storage log cabin that fits in your garden

Small and elegant design

Its pent roof and windowed doors give it an elegant look. It looks great as part of a garden while allowing you to safely store your gardening tools and supplies. The simple and modern design allows for maximum space availability inside the log cabin.


The windows and glass door let plenty of sunlight in, avoiding problems due to excess moisture while keeping the room fresh and bright. All of this is achieved while taking up only a small portion of your property.


Versatile log cabin

The primary use for this modern wooden shed is for storing garden tools and supplies. It is however large enough to fit additional items as needed. This log cabin is large enough to be used as a temporary sleeping room, in case you are having guests at home or if for some reason you cannot sleep in your bedroom.

You can fit a small bed and a chair and still have space left to walk around freely. Another common use for this modern log cabin is for office space. If you are running a small home office, this might help you have a separate quiet space where you can work during the day without being distracted or interrupted in your work by everything that is going on inside the house.


Customizing and enhancing your garden house

A lot of custom decorations can be added to your log cabin to make it blend in with the garden even more. Planters and vines are natural additions that, in a way, extend your garden to your wooden house. Y

our modern log cabin may be used as a small lounge as well. You can use it as a place to relax with your friends when you do not want to stay inside the house. It can be a quiet place to stay in the garden without being outside.


You get the best of both worlds, enjoying time outside of the house without having to worry about the weather. Another possible use for your garden house is as a game and movie room. It can be a great place to come for video and board games or to enjoy a good movie.

Installation and maintenance recommendations

The timber that is used to make the modern log cabin is harvested from sustainable managed forests. Any owner of a wood cabin needs to know the latest and best practices in wood preservation.

Proper maintenance will ensure that your wooden house will last a very long time and remain in top condition. Anti fungal treatment will prevent your log cabin from suffering structural damage caused by decay fungi. It is equally important to always keep the wood dry. You can avoid direct contact with the ground by having a concrete base laid for your log cabin.

You should always protect your wooden house from mould because moulding is a clear indication that the wood is absorbing moisture which creates favourable conditions for a fungal attack. After the wood is properly treated, it needs to be coated with water repellent.


The goal is to make your garden house water proof thus creating a hostile environment for insects and fungi. A clear wood treatment will preserve the natural look of your garden house. You can also go for paints in your favourite colour to match the tones of your garden for example.

The modern log cabin is the ideal garden house for anybody who is looking for an affordable and stylish garden storage solution. It is both cost effective and versatile. You can use it to store your gardening tools and supplies or you can choose to use it to store other items from the house, as needed.


In fact, the large space available makes it ideal for a number of different uses. If you work from home, you can use it as your home office space. On special occasions, you can also use your modern log cabin as an extra room for you or your guests to sleep in. This modern design wood house makes a great lounge for you to enjoy in the company of friends and family members.

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