Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Homes

Mobile homes are popular housing options in several corners of the world because of the practicality of their uses. However, manufactured houses in the contemporary market are now better with different styles and designs more than ever. Modern mobile houses are structures with designs that are especially adapted for occupancy and habitation. Units are built with two sections that have separate designs and construction with the use of clamps, bolts, and related devices.

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It is important to know the different pros and cons of owning a mobile house before you can make an informed decision for a wise venture. Discover why purchasing a mobile home is now the trend in the ever-changing housing industry. Why are some people still having second thoughts investing in them?

The Upsides of Mobile Homes

Check out the top reasons why mobile houses are popular among many property developers and home buyers:

Affordable for First-Time Home Buyers

Buying a mobile home is more affordable if you are a first-time home buyer who is searching for a low-income housing option. Mobile houses are more practical if you have recently finished college and you want a suitable home while initiating your career. Single-wide mobile house units are quite sufficient for single individuals who prefer not to have their own family any time soon.

Practical for Growing Families

Mobile homes are ideal for growing or small families especially if you don’t have the budget to invest in a more expensive housing option. Choose a mobile house as you grow your family instead of using your entire budget on brick and mortar homes that are beyond the bills that you can afford. Young families could use mobile house units that offer customizable room designs and could cater to your needs over time.


Suitable for Lower Building Cost

You ought to choose mobile homes if you are aiming for lower building costs to suit your available budget. In most cases, the building cost of manufactured homes may vary from one contractor to another. One of the factors that affect the building cost of the mobile house is the distance where the mobile home will be transported to prior to installation. Other factors that influence the overall building cost include the controlled building conditions and additional features. You will see that mobile houses are quite cheaper than houses that follow a conventional housing construction process. According to real estate and housing investors, homebuyers could enjoy up to 20 percent savings on mobile housing costs.

Best Alternative for Office Space

The growing trend in small-scale businesses is using mobile homes as office space or headquarters. You can actually use mobile houses if you need an additional space that you could use as a home office. Using mobile houses as headquarters or offices is a much cheaper option than a conventional office space and the design phase also require much lower financial resources to begin with. Large-sized mobile houses are better if you need more storage space for your work stuff and belonging. Units are also ideal spaces where you can safeguard your documents and other office supplies for organized and systematic workspaces.


Flexible Living Options

Mobile homes are the best options if your retirement is coming up. Make sure you have an investment in your next housing especially if you want something different. Most retirees are now discovering the upsides of investing in mobile houses because it suits their available budget. Moreover, retirees that prefer a different and more flexible living option could enjoy the convenience of a mobile house, which you could move by road using a motor vehicle to place in your desired location as soon as the house construction is complete.

Mobile Homes Disadvantages

Just like any other housing options, mobile houses also have their share of disadvantages.

Temporary Housing

One of the main features of a mobile home is that it is primarily a temporary structure in terms of its classification. Mobile houses do not have permanent hard standing bases or foundations thus there is no concrete groundwork. The very notion of this type of housing is that it is movable and is easily moved and upped to cater to your preferred location. Nevertheless, there are options that would use concrete blocks, gravel, and floor barriers in order to make it more permanent and hard standing.


Separate Land Costs

In traditional houses, most house and lots are sold in a single transaction. This is not the case with mobile homes because you would have to buy the land first before you can actually build or buy manufactured homes and place them on the land. The land cost is on top of the price of the mobile house that you will purchase later on. You would need to deal with the real estate cost and the expenditures for the improvements on the land. The upside to this dilemma is that mobile houses are undoubtedly more affordable than traditional brick and mortar houses.

Limited Customization

There is a huge difference between traditional houses and mobile homes particularly in terms of customization. Conventional brick and mortar houses are subject to modification and renovation in the future. Mobile houses, on the other hand, do not offer the same degree of customization that you may consider over time. There are limited floor plan selections and the construction methods are mostly regimented therefore major renovations or modifications to the blueprints of your mobile home are not as viable.

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Higher Vulnerability to Damage

The very nature of mobile houses makes them vulnerable to damage as they are in fact on temporary foundations. Storms and natural calamities could easily cause havoc on manufactured houses compared to brick and mortar homes. Mobile house owners need to comply with various building regulations and planning permissions if they want to make their unit a more permanent living space.


You will most likely are not going to be able to transport mobile house by yourself.

Mobile homes have their share of upsides and downsides, making them interesting and rewarding housing options. Look into the different features of mobile houses including their strengths and weaknesses and make an informed decision on your investment.

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  • It's helpful to know that mobile homes are generally cheaper than solid homes. I'm interested in moving from roommates into a home of my own, but I can't afford a full-fledged house right now. Maybe it would be worth looking into buying a mobile home to start off with.

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