How to Make the Perfect Compost for your Garden

The perfect compost for your garden is the perfect soil amendment from nature. Composting the right way will not give you that smelly and messy scenario that you have always envisioned. All you need is a comprehensive guide to help you create compost and get the best out of it.

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Compost for Home Gardens

Enjoying your garden becomes even better when you have a beautiful outdoor view and a productive gardening project. You can invest time and money to bring out the best returns, and nothing could be more rewarding than vigorous and healthy plants which give you a great harvest. You get a double reward when you actually keep the kitchen scraps as well as the yard waste from the landfill as your contribution to saving Mother Earth.

Compost is one of the most popular trends in the gardening world today especially among house owners. You can spend money on organic and ready-made compost or go for the inexpensive and easy option and make your own using good equipment and the right materials.

How Do You Get Started in Making Compost for Your Garden?

There are certain elements that help you make the perfect compost. Your gardening project starts with soil building and unlike other chores that require physical effort and time, making your own compost takes care of itself if you build it right.

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Here are some sure-fire steps for easy and successful compost making:

Step 1 – Start with the Right Container

There is no need to be fancy with the structure here since you will be dealing with decomposing organic materials to begin with. The best container should be something that can hold the ingredients together in order for the necessary bacteria to break down the plant matter, working effectively and heating up the right way.

You could choose from two types of compost bins, namely the rotating and stationary type. Both require their contents to be turned periodically in order to blend the decaying materials as well as provide the right amount of oxygen. Stationary bins have good ventilation and are made from sections of wire fences or wooden crates. Good quality bins retain moisture and heat for quicker results. Rotating bins or compost tumblers have designs that allow you to turn the bins for a speedy process, allowing you to compost in weeks and not months or years. Heat retention and frequent oxygen infusions allow this to happen.

Step 2 – Mix the Ingredients Right

A blend of green and brown plant matter contributes to a low maintenance pile, on top of the moisture that allows good bacteria to work their magic. The brown elements of the pile may be composed of wood chips, shredded newspaper, and dry leaves, while green add-ins may include kitchen waste as well as grass clippings. You may need to skip dairy, meat, and fish for outdoor bins since they could attract pests, such as mice or home pets like your dogs. Mix the ingredients with shovelfuls of organic garden soil in order to make the process start.

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Step 3 – Remember the Chores

One of the basic things to do is to take care of the compost pile and a regular addition of materials will make the bacteria happy. Fresh food gives them a new source to consume and enough insulation would keep the process going and ensures warmth. You may need a compost aerator or pitchfork to turn the compost pile on a weekly basis or two. This ensures that the materials work together and are blended in. Check to see if the materials are slightly damp because minimal moisture will slow down the decomposition process while too much of it could leave a slimy mess.

Common Mistakes in Composting

Compost creates a beautiful garden and beautiful gardens make homes more inviting and the best places to stay in. However, there are common mistakes that could make your composting project a failure. It is essential to get the best start because messing up compost is a total waste of time, money, and effort.

Avoid these common composting mistakes and get the best start for your gardening project today:

Too Small Is Not Good at All

Always remember that the breakdown process requires a critical mass in order to start and for bacteria to do their job. Nevertheless, there are bins that could work well especially if you are starting with a rather small amount of materials. The secret is to choose the right product wisely and for your particular needs.

Too Small Is Not Good at All07114

Not Diversifying Your Materials

It is not wise that you depend on just one material. The best way is to combine different nutrients and textures in order to create the perfect compost for your garden. Disintegrate many different plants to give your bacteria a gourmet diet but make sure that this combination could also resist pests and diseases. For instance, do not depend on just a clump of grass clippings to miraculously become compost for your garden. Add water, heat, air, and leaves in order for it to work well and quickly.

Not Keeping the Moisture Going

One of the secrets of a successful and perfect compost is moisture. Keep things moist and make sure that an active composting process is going on even if you don’t check on it so often. However, it is necessary to check the compost pile on a regular basis, especially if you are dealing with dry and hot weather. Managing the moisture of the compost is the fundamental way of creating the perfect compost which does not need a long waiting period.

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Getting Overwhelmed with the Task

You may think that composting is a huge responsibility and a daunting task that you could never handle. You actually do not need to be an expert to create the perfect compost. Just start your project and do the basics including knowing what works and what mistakes you should avoid.

Create the perfect view and scenery for your home through creating a lush and beautiful garden with the help of compost. Making the perfect compost does not really need rocket science to begin with, so gear up and get started.

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