Log House Wooden Décor to Retain the Rustic Look

People who generally invest in log cabin homes are the ones who want to live with sophistication and also have an intense love for nature. Whether the wooden log house is traditionally designed, located in a scenic location, or a completely modern model in a metropolitan setting, the fact that you are surrounded by several forms of natural forest tree trunks is something that people and homeowners love so much. It is a very cosy experience being surrounded by the ambiance of natural logs and one would definitely enjoy the serene effect of log homes.

As a result, when it comes to the interior of a log house, homeowners want to retain the natural and rustic look and feel of their house. Additionally, the thought of making a statement about one’s personality and taste with a particular kind of decoration, makes the task of decorating a log house even more difficult and daunting. Also, while decorating the house, it is important to remember that the décor must add comfort and warmth for you, your family and your guests. Generally, log home owners choose wood to decorate log house in order to give it a facelift without taking away the natural look of the log house. Wooden décor without a doubt brings a home the peace that one seeks after a long hectic day at work.

The original log house interior with wood also helps you stay attuned with the theme of your house. Now, when talking about various home décor items or accents to give a log cabin a homely splendid look, then here are a few of them that are really popular amongst log cabin owners.

Wooden Furniture:Log furniture creates a welcoming look that effortlessly fits in with any interior design, whilst at the same time perfectly complementing the rest of the furnishings or décor items in the house or cabin. When shopping for wooden furniture, you can either shop for log furniture or go for hardwood furniture. If we talk about log furniture, then it ranges from beds to sofa sets to coffee tables and everything else. These can be found in a range of styles, from the economical to the bold. With several wood options to choose from, including pine, cedar, aspen, barn wood and a lot more, choosing furniture for your log house is a breeze. Hardwood furniture on the other hand is available in modern, contemporary, and present day designs. They are classy, elegant and have an inbuilt wow factor. So, depending on the look you desire for your log cabin you can choose what best fits your requirements. Wooden furniture blends well into any setting, and brings personality and contrast to any style of home. For log homes with limited space, bunk beds, futons etc. make a great choice. And for larger homes, a canopy bed is just right.

Hardwood flooring: There is a very famous saying, ‘old is gold’ and hardwood flooring has a rich history of a usage of hundreds of years with reliable performance. This type of flooring certainly adds a very antique and unique value to your log house providing great comfort. The benefits of having wooden flooring are immense. They are also easy to maintain. What more can one ask for in today’s busy time? With a simple sweeping you can keep its lustre and shine. When you are buying a hardwood floor, keep the term grading in mind. Grading basically refers to the scheme used by manufacturers to decide on the look of hardwood floors. Different colours and grain outlines are available. These types of flooring may be a little heavy on your pocket, but they cash themselves in by providing enduring services and durability.

A wood beam ceiling: The best thing about wood beam ceiling is that they can accentuate the look of any room of the log house, be it your living room, kitchen or playroom. Generally, when decorating a log house, people pay most attention to enhancing the look of the walls and the floor, but the ceiling also plays a significant role in completing the look and décor of your house. Wood beam ceilings, just like hardwood flooring are available in various colours and you can have them custom designed and install them in different ways ‒ vertically, horizontally, crisscross etc. By getting lighting fixtures in between them you can make them look more attention grabbing and extraordinary.

 Wooden fence design: Fencing is the best way to add the security and privacy we want in our homes. Not only that, wood fencing in particular can also give the log house and its surrounding landscape the right touch of charm to complete its look. Wood fences are available in an assortment of wood materials and styles including, but not limited to: picket-style fence, split rail wooden fence, and log wood fence.Choosing the right fence is easy ‒ just be sure about your aim in getting a fence, whether you want it to add aesthetic appeal to your house or you are considering it for its functionality. You can also find wooden fences that can help you meet both of these requirements. With wooden fencing you can also consider landscaping or gardening, as it will help you keep stray animals and passersby out. Gardening or landscaping will further the look and charm of your log house.

Wooden or log swings: Outdoor decorating furniture and accessories like plants, flowers etc. are very common elements to highlight the look and feel of your house. Outdoor log furniture choices include: tables, chairs and log swings. Swings are a great way to spruce up your log house porch and make it more inviting. A wooden or log swing gives a playful twist to outdoors, bringing both a sense of natural beauty to the exterior of the log house as well as making the times one spends outside more comfortable. From lodge pole pine to northern white cedar, there are a variety of swings to choose from to match any living area.

So, go ahead any try these tips to give your log house a facelift with wood.

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