Log Cabin: Maintenance Tips for Owners of Wooden Gazebos

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One of the most popular methods to revamp and improve log cabin  and gardens is to have a wooden gazebo built. There are many reasons why people choose wooden gazebos, but the most common is almost always aesthetic. The secondary reason may range from having a quiet place to sit, to a place for small, intimate gatherings. Wooden structures, especially gazebos, emanate a certain feeling of charm and nostalgia. Proper routine maintenance is extremely important for wooden structures. These buildings lend value to any estate; however, neglect can actually depreciate its value.

Throughout the Year

   *  Visual inspection of a gazebo along with a little common sense are two of the best tools available. Use a sturdy ladder about once a season to inspect the structure. Noticing and immediately addressing any issues will prevent irreparable damage.

   *  Never pile anything around a wooden structure or lean supplies up against the building. Items such as firewood and bags of compost attract and trap moisture, which leads to a high rate of bacterial growth, one of the most damaging culprits to wood.

   *  Do not plant vegetation that will touch the wooden gazebo. This includes bushes that grow against it, trees with branches that will scratch or fall onto the roof, and climbing vines. However, this does not exclude those types of plants for log cabins gardens in the area of the wooden gazebo. For example, use a separate piece of lattice to allow vines room to climb and expand.

   *  Use pressurized water, but do not pressure wash, the wooden structure about once a season or whenever it becomes dirty. This, of course, greatly depends upon the climate of the local region. A spray nozzle for a garden hose should supply enough pressure to remove unwanted grime and debris. Pressure washing the log cabin building may actually damage the wood.

   *  Many people are extremely busy or simply do not have enough experience to inspect or maintain structures on their property. A professional contractor will know exactly what to look for as well as how to address any issues that may arise. Consider consulting an experienced practitioner about once per season to inspect wooden gazebo.

Yearly Maintenance

   *  Once a year, usually in autumn, sweep the entire gazebo. Be sure to remove all twigs or piles of leaves. Do not let this type of debris stand inside or against the wooden structure. Anything that attracts moisture and does not allow the area to dry is a virtual breeding ground for bacteria which promotes deterioration and degradation.

   *  Inspect wooden gazebo about once every year for mould and mildew. Depending upon the local climate, it may be necessary to perform this inspection more often. Be sure to remove any and all signs of mildew. Fungal filaments grow, breed, and spread rapidly so it is best to destroy them as soon as possible.

Proper maintenance of wooden structures ensures they will continue to lend property beauty and value. It is a good idea to call a professional to inspect and maintain any and all wooden structures about once a year. Another strongly recommended step is to apply an appropriate sealant every couple of years to protect it from adverse weather.

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