Tips to Create a Cosy Log Cabin Interior

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Log cabins, totally unlike traditional brick and concrete homes, have a very different look and feel. No matter whether your log cabin is located in the woods or in an urban area, it gives you a very unique living experience, providing you the opportunity to experience a comfortable and contented lifestyle. It goes without saying that when decorating a log cabin everybody wants to keep the interior cosy and comfy. So, what exactly should one keep in mind when decorating the log cabin to give it a cosy look?

Well, there are a number of things that one should consider when decorating a log cabin. And to make the task easier for you, here we have a few really important and simple tips that will help you achieve the desired results. However, before we proceed further, it is important to know the basic elements of a perfect interior. What are the major things that contribute to making the interior cosy and luxurious? What things should one pay attention to in order to get the desired look?

A few really important things that can make or break the look of your log cabin include: the colour scheme, furniture, lighting, bedding and accessories. So, when doing up the interior of your log cabin, these are the things that you should pay close attention to. Now, if we talk about creating a cosy log cabin interior, then here are a few tips and tricks that can work wonders to help you get the desired look.

Creating a cosy log cabin interior means adding warmth and comfort to your house. The best way to make the interior decoration task easier and fun is to first write down everything that you plan to do. This will not only help you make the task a lot easier and finish the interior in time, but it will also help you keep everything in accordance. So, take a pen and paper and prepare a plan of action. Here is an example that will help you prepare yours.

   *  What are the things that you plan to change: When improving the interior of your log cabin, it is important to know the things that you will need to change to create a cosy log cabin interior. Do you only need to change the colour of the walls, or will you also have to change the carpets, accessories and furniture in order to create a uniform look? If the present furniture is already very comfortable and cosy and will go with the new colour of the walls, then there is no need to change the furniture. But if the furniture is very simple and the colour is too bright or loud, then you might have to consider at least getting the furnishings changed as per the new look.

   *  Price and budget: Usually, people don’t prepare a plan of action and just start changing the décor, but as they proceed they realise the cost of it all and many times they end up spending more than what they had planned or they have to leave the interior unfinished. Therefore, it is wise to plan everything in advance, so you can manage your expenses accordingly and divide how much you plan to spend on each element and can complete the interior within your budget.

   *  What about the accents and accessories: Take a close look around your house to see what accents and accessories you can use in the new interior of your log cabin and what more you have to buy. This proves to be really helpful when shopping for accessories. You will have a proper record of what you already have and what you need to purchase.

   *  Lighting: If you are doing the interior of a newly bought log cabin, then find out where you need light fixtures, so electrical fittings can be placed accordingly. On the other hand, if you are redoing the interior of your log cabin then check whether you will need to install new light fixtures or the current fittings and fixtures are good to go. Say you are considering getting a new chandelier in your living room, it is important to check what electrical fittings you will need for this. Or maybe you already have a chandelier installed and simply by changing the design and style you can achieve the desired look.

Tips to Create a Cosy Log Cabin Interior:

   *  For a cosy log cabin interior choose dark, earthy tones. However, you can also choose colours like white, cream and beige. Go for shades like brown, orange, red etc. if you are doing the interior of your holiday log cabin. Shades like white and beige are more fitting for residential log cabins. Whether you choose dark or light colours, don’t choose more than two colours for the interior. More colours will create a very confused and messy look.

   *  Furniture should be comfortable and small. Don’t go for gigantic and very luxurious pieces of furniture. If you are considering purchasing a sofa for your log cabin, then a simple 2 seater is good. Also, it is advisable to have furniture that is short in height or in other words comes with miniature legs. Make sure that you don’t make the log cabin very congested with furniture.

   *  The lighting of the log cabin should depend on what you use it for. If you are improving the interior of your residential log cabin, then it is important that it is well illuminated and there is proper light in all sections of the cabin. On the other hand, if you are doing the interior of a summer house or a log cabin located in the woods, then a few chandeliers or light lamps are good.

When purchasing accessories, don’t buy accents or decorative items for every corner of the cabin. Use only a few but unique and classy decorative pieces to create a cosy log cabin interior.

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