Give Your Log Cabin A Contemporary Fresh Look with These Decoration Ideas

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Log cabins have been around from centuries, but the best part about these structures is that they have been revolutionised with the passing of time and the changing needs of society but still a few things remain the same, such as their sturdiness, durability, appeal and ease of maintenance. The residential log houses available today combine the antiquity of yesterday with the updated amenities of today.

Earlier, log cabins were built by cutting down trees with an axe and stacking them to create a structure. Usually, the roof was made of logs and sod. Cracks in the walls were filled with clay, grass, etc and the floors were made of straw or dirt. But now modern log homes are readily available on the market. Modern log home plans are much different from the log cabin plans that were available earlier. Mainly, log homes are either milled or handcrafted. The best quality and strongest timber is used to create the ultimate log houses. They are available in almost any style or size you could dream of. Depending on your needs, you can either buy a rustic haven or a posh estate. They are not just small backwoods structures anymore; they have bedrooms, bathrooms, and a number of floors.

Once you have purchased your modern style log cabin, the next step is to create an exclusive and luxurious interior of the residential log home. Today’s contemporary style has changed from several years ago as it is not as cold and unwelcoming as it was earlier. Today’s decoration style is comfortable and not at all unwelcoming and dark. A contemporary style of design has clean lines, simplicity and sophistication. Focus on colour, shape and size when decorating your cabin in a modern style to get a fresh and sleek look. Fortunately, a variety of decoration items are also available that will help you give your house the ideal look and feel.

Here are some important features of a modern style that you should keep in mind when decorating your log cabin:

Contemporary colour choices for your cabin: Generally, the main colours should be neutral colours, while modern styles often incorporate more bright and vibrant colours like blues and greens into the mix. Also a new style is emerging these days with the contemporary look ‒ monochromatic themes. This means that you choose one or two complimentary colours like green and blue as the main colours and only add a few punches of a neutral colour.

Highlight the geometry and lines of the room: The modern style and look must have distinct lines in the design. Bare windows and geometric shapes are an example of how to get definite lines into your design. Don’t pack the space by accommodating almost everything that you like, it is important that each and every piece should stand out on its own instead of being mixed together as a whole.

Choose modern and sleek furniture: When choosing furniture for your modern style log cabin, look for modern and sleek looks that have geometric patterns. Gone are the days when sofas meant a typical set of three seater and two seater sofa set. Now they are available in assortments of catchy designs and styles, depending on the geometry of your log house, you can pick the most suitable design. A comfy, plush big sofa may not be the best option, but a sleek wrap around sofa with peg legs would certainly help you get the perfect modern look for your residential log home. Any wooden pieces you choose should have straight lines ‒ no trims, curves or fancy handles and fireplaces or tables will most likely be made of stone, metal or glass. Look for pieces of furniture that are upholstered in neutral tones like black, white, grey, tan etc. Avoid furniture that has pillows or frilly design as well as trim or skirts on them.

Modern day décor is bold, basic and functional: When creating a modern style log cabin, remember that less is more. This implies that you should focus on the larger objects rather than the cute and small things. Avoid ruffles and fringes as well as paisley or floral prints. Go bold, basic and functional. For example, for a table and shelves area, a large candle on a classy candle stand or a dish may be the only décor that is required. Or a glass vase with marbles or coloured balls could help you meet your requirements. Or a sculpture, an artistic lamp or a large plant can be used for accessorising the cabin. For a surface area use only one decorating item. On the other hand, there are some surface areas like side tables which don’t need anything on them. Keep the décor minimalistic and simplistic.

Don’t leave windows bare: Generally people leave windows uncovered, but neutral, light or textured fabric drapes or blinds may be used to cut down on weather extremes or glare. Drapes or blinds also help to keep passersby from viewing what’s happening inside, and assisting in creating a cosy and private atmosphere.

Effective lighting: Track or recessed lighting works well with a contemporary decorating style. They can be placed strategically to highlight special areas and features and to provide light without glare.

Don’t forget comfort: In a modern style residential log house comfort is a must. So, don’t sacrifice comfort for style. It is essential to achieve a balance of the two. Duvets, comforters, rugs etc. can best help you make your house extremely comfortable. Just ensure you choose colours and designs wisely or you will end up spoiling the complete look.

If you have a multi-level log cabin then for the stairways, a nice piece of art, say a painting, would be enough.

When creating a modern style log cabin, remember one thing: say no to clutter. Although, clutter is never encouraged in any style of decoration, it might be tolerated in the case of some styles but in the modern/contemporary garden log cabin, it is an absolute no-no.

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