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The internal decoration of a log cabin starts in conjunction with the construction of the log cabin. Logs are often used both for internal and external decoration, so basically wooden houses don’t require additional finishing. Of course, you can use a whole range of modern finishing materials, such as polyvinyl chloride, upholstery, wallpaper, paint, tiles, and so on. However, in this case your log home will lose its uniqueness and connection with nature.

The biggest advantage of a log home is its natural wood in the interior which brings cosiness and warmth. So, modern decorative material should be used more for the modern town houses as they emphasise more of an urban feel to the interior. Modern finishing materials should be used only in some corners of the house or in the functional areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, toilet, or hallway.

In order to create a proper log home interior, decoration materials should be selected from the range of natural materials available ‒ wood, stone, brick, and clay. The main log home interior details are the chimney, stairs and furniture. Builders, architects, and designers often pay great attention to the design of the chimney because it is the main axis in wooden houses. Today, there is a great choice of chimneys ‒ you can choose almost any shape and any size.

Stairs are also an important part of the interior. Stairs are usually made ​​of wood, the handrail and banister can be made from a variety of materials. If you are looking for original looking stairs, you can choose stairs made from metal and glass. The key question is what the stairs will look like within the context of the other log house interior details. A correctly selected stair size and shape can save space and be an ornate interior feature.

Think about the lighting of your log cabin ‒ you can easily create different visual impressions by using different lighting fixtures. You can put carved table lamps with wooden bases and use lampshades decorated with a leather trim to give lighting for reading and to create the intimate environment characterised by a log cabin.

Talking about the furniture, it is one of the most important parts of your log home because we buy it not only for decorating our room, but to be comfortable as well. Furniture made from natural materials such as leather, bamboo, stone, iron, and wood will suit the natural ambience of your log cabin. The furniture of your log cabin should be sturdy, durable, and long-lasting.

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