Log Cabin Christmas Decorations – Top Tips for the Holidays

A log cabin is one of the most popular vacation homes, especially during the yuletide season. A lot of people are drawn to log home living because of the numerous benefits that wooden structures have to offer. You can easily transform your timber house into a remarkable venue where you can stay and celebrate the holidays with family and loved ones. Christmas is just around the corner thus, here are a few decoration tips that will instantly give your log cabin the spirit of the season.


Log Cabin Christmas Decoration Ideas and More

A rustic Christmas is one of the most popular styles in today’s residential and commercial interior design trends. Even urban homes are aiming for something as relaxing and laidback as living in the countryside with the taste of being in a log home, even if it is only with decorative items. A log cabin is where you can experience the best Christmas, particularly if you are aiming for the ideal place that is far from the hustle and bustle of every day city life.

Check out these different tips on how you can decorate your timber house:

How to Achieve that Rustic Look

A log cabin is always associated with rustic countryside living and nothing captures that rustic living more than some few accents such as natural elements that create an inviting and warm holiday home. You can easily incorporate some rustic features in your log cabins such as a glass bowl filled with mixed greens and seasonal fruits, pine cones, Christmas ornaments, and mixed nuts. An organic and rustic approach to Christmas in your home decorating theme is always popular, especially if we are talking about a log cabin.

Rustic Holidays with Faux Fur

Faux fur is a common element for most urban home interior designs and it can certainly highlight your timber home. Add a few layers of faux fur and give it an instant makeover that will give you a warm and cosy place for the holidays. Accessorize your log cabin with faux fur, along with some merry metallic touches and refreshing winter whites to complete the rustic holiday aesthetic with an enchanting and effortless effect.


Stylized Organic and Woodland

The best trending styles for a log cabin include rustic themes, organic, and stylized woodland and these elements naturally complement each other. A rustic Christmas in your log home is easy to achieve if you integrate small woodland items such as statues of wooden owls, feathered birds, foxes, squirrels, bears, and deer to accentuate different areas of the log cabin rooms. Lodge themes, organic rustic and woodland style benefit from these charming characters for a unique and different look.

Woodland Animal Crafts

You can find a wide range of crafted woodland animals that will look great in your log cabin.Combine the woodland stylized crafts with frosted pine cones or icicles with glittery effects in order to match the lit bulbs and glowing snowflakes in the overall picture. A timber house ornament collection in the modern interior design market may include items such as lit forest ornaments, woodland or faux fur stockings, twig tree toppers, mercury glass trees with silver tone, and vintage village houses.


An Organic Log Home Christmas

Go for a natural and earthy trend in your log cabin design for Christmas that goes well with some of your available yuletide season décors. Organic elements usually include natural materials such as sisal, jute, wood, twigs, and burlap. Decorate your Christmas tree with ornaments or woodland creatures for a uniquely rustic merry adornment.

The Magical Effect of Plaid Linens

Plaid linens will always be connected to Christmas and the rustic lifestyle. A log cabin makeover is effective if you use plaid linens not just for your bedspread and bedding linens. Plaid instantly gives a festive flair to your log house regardless of the rooms in the cabin. You can use plaid tabletops instead of your regular linens or find inexpensive tartan blankets, tablecloths, and scarves, among many others.


Rustic-Style Advent Calendar

Christmas is in the details and you can apply this on your advent calendar, which you can give an extra twist with a galvanized look. Achieve that rustic galvanized finish by using tiny metal pails that you can decorate with white and red twill ribbon tapes with striped design. You can easily convert your advent calendar with a galvanized design for that yuletide touch and hang it above the oven range and other ideal spots.

Lush Greenery Needs Not Say More

When it comes to log cabin Christmas decoration, lush green is undoubtedly one of the best decorative options you can choose. The perfect yuletide accessory is a garland, which you can use in different rooms in your timber house for the holiday season. Lush greenery gives your log cabin an instant makeover that captures the laidback and rustic feel. You can also decorate the mantel of your log home with garlands made of holly, fresh pine, and cedar.


Indoor Wreaths are as Good as your Outdoor Décor

Wreaths are quite commonly used for the outdoors such as the front door, patio, and deck. However, indoor wreaths are becoming popular options if you want to give your log cabin an overall ‘Christmassy’ look. You don’t need to just hang a wreath on your doors and windows; you can absolutely hang one in your pantry or on kitchen cabinets. Make sure you choose some brightly coloured ornaments in order to add more kick to the neutral green hue for a more fun yet elegant finish.

Festive Log Cabin Stairway

Add some basic pine garlands if you have a log cabin stairway to give the room a vintage feel. You can also use shiny yuletide baubles and retro college pennants to complete the look.

A log cabin is an ideal venue in which you can spend some quality time with family and loved ones during the Christmas season. Surprise everyone with your refreshing Christmas decoration ideas that will absolutely make you love your log house even more.

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