5 Ideas on How to Arrange Your Living Room in A Log Cabin

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Do you ever find yourself scratching your head over the question of how to arrange furniture in order to make the log cabin room look proportional and nice? Often it turns out that what we thought would look nice in our room doesn’t come out as expected. There are a couple of rules which will help to prevent negative emotions and also save time and money.

1. Create A Functional Space for Communication

The best position to place the seating furniture is in a U-shape, an L-shaped area does not have the same functionality. A U-shaped arrangement would often consist of a sofa and two armchairs or chairs. This layout allows every person to see and hear each another well. Whereas, furniture arranged in an L-shape complicates the conversation because people are forced to sit with their back twisted and to speak louder.

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   2  Visualise the Main Focus of the Room

All rooms have at least one object which you perceive with the eyes first. If your room has a fireplace, it will be this. If not, the main focus of the room could be a French door or a window with a beautiful view. Arrange furniture so that it further highlights the main accent of the room.

   3  Choose An Even Number

Your log cabin`s room will look in proportion if you can find a pair for each piece of furniture. Similar sizes and coloured tables placed on both sides of the sofa or armchairs act as a complement to each other. If you have 2 chairs that are not the same they can be covered with the same cloth, but ideally they should be of a similar height and size. Decorate the mantelpiece with two candlesticks, on the tables place the same lamps.

   4  Intelligent Furniture Placing

Do you feel comfortable walking around your room or do you keep on bumping into obstacles? Here are a few tips: - The sofa should stand near the armchairs, otherwise people going past that area will block the view for those who are sitting and talking. - Arrange the furniture so that no one would need to walk past the TV and interfere with those who are watching it.

   5  Ideas for Very Small Places

If your log cabin room is very small, choose comfortable multi-padding upholstered chairs without armrests as these will take up less space but without losing its function. Another idea is not to have two chairs; you could have a chair and an ottoman.

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