Light Fixtures For Your Wooden Summer House Kitchen Island

Having a kitchen island in your wooden summer house is a great idea. For one, it serves a lot of purposes as it is quite the multi-functional feature. You can use it for breakfast servings, as a workplace as you work on cakes, as well as a dining area. There is a lot that you can do with this space, which makes it all the more appealing.

Having all these possibilities may have you wondering what the best way forward regarding lighting should be. You want something that can efficiently serve all these needs. Thus, it can come in handy when entertaining guests over the holidays. And it will still be eye-catching when making food for your kids along with anything else that you would like to do in the kitchen. As you work on finding versatile lights, you should also ensure that the choice complements your summer wooden house kitchen island. It should not downplay the décor or affect the current aesthetics.

Finding a light fixture meeting all the above requirements can be quite challenging. But these pointers will help you in making the best decision for your home:

Overhead Pendants

This best thing about this kind of lighting is that it is versatile, which is what you need in a multi-functional space. These lights are available in several designs and styles. You are thus able to tell what can fit into your space without taking away from its unique appearance. With these lights you can enjoy both style and functionality. They provide a modern feel to your room and are quite powerful in the provision of light. They also work for any size of kitchen island, so be sure to go through the numerous options to see what works best for you.

When choosing these kinds of lights, you should consider their quantity and size. An easy way to work around this is to consider the size of your kitchen island. If you are working with a large room, you should use a lot of these lights or get the large ones. For small spaces you should use small ones or a few lights. In this way, you will provide just enough light. The last thing you want is to provide blinding light which will irritate the eyes. Also, a lot of light will take away from the cozy feel on those nights you host intimate dinner parties.

The best way to go about getting these lights is by understanding your lighting needs. Start by getting the estimated size of your kitchen island by multiplying the length and the width of the island. If there are any seating spaces around the island, be sure to factor them into the calculations to get an accurate feel of how much lighting you require.

Next, take this figure and work with thirty lumens per square foot. Lumens are the measures of light from bulbs. Though many people go with watts, you will find that lumens give you a more accurate feel. This amount of light will serve several purposes from food preparation to entertaining your dinner guests.

Take the example of where your island is of an average size such that it measures eighteen square feet. Going with the thirty lumens per square foot, you would need lights that can give you 540 lumens. A space twice this big would call for double the amount.

Note that the number of lights does not have to match the lumens, and you can adjust a little where you wish. All that you need to avoid is shadows and harsh light. If you can find a balance in-between, your space will prove comfortable to its users.

Also, having too many lights in a small space is not a great idea. If your space is limited, go for one long LED panel to deliver adequate light. More than two lights in a small area will feel crowded. Where the room is big, you can have as many lights as you deem necessary.

Recessed Lights

Maybe you prefer something a little less low-key as compared to the pendants. In this case, recessed lighting is a great option. For one, you will not have hanging fixtures, which will create a clean look for the room. Thus, if you want functional lighting without much fuss, this is a great option.

This type of lighting works best for people with low ceilings as pendants can be an eye-sore in such spaces. When it comes to these lights, the focus lies on the housing which holds the trim and the bulb. The housing will depend on the project you have in mind. Suppose you are working with a new home, go for the new construction housing. For renovations, opt for the remodel types. Be sure to look into what works for the purpose that you have in mind; else you will end up with something which you cannot use for long.

The trim is another crucial factor as it affects how appealing the lights will be. Thus, be sure to look into all the available options before deciding in this regard. You also need to consider the amount of light output by looking into low voltage and line voltage options. The line voltage options will connect to your current flow, and they work with standard dimmers. The low voltage options reduce voltage and thus save energy. They are relatively expensive, and you need to purchase special dimmers for them.

When it comes to how many lights you should have in the space, anything from three to five will do for a medium-sized island.


If you are looking to make a statement with your lights, this is the way to go. They are sure to catch the eyes of your guests at first glance. Additionally, they are a unique way to separate the island from the rest of the kitchen. For chandeliers, your focus should be on the design and whether it matches the décor of the room. Avoid using a model that takes away from other focal points in the room, and you should be fine. Also, size will come into play, if you use something too big, it will feel intrusive in the space.

When choosing light fixtures for your wooden summer house kitchen island, focus on the style and suitability of your options. All the best!

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