How to Keep Cats Out of Your Garden

Gardens are quite precious, and it can be frustrating when neighbourhood cats decide to use your farming space as a litter box. Some cats also tend to nibble on your crops, thus frustrating your efforts to have healthy produce. There are tons of methods you can put to use to keep cats from your garden such as scaring them off and creating a barrier. Sometimes, these methods fail, and people resort to striking a truce with cats.

Below are some ways on how to keep cats out of garden so that you can harvest your produce in peace.

How to Keep Cats Out of Your Garden

Physical Barrier


Cats love having space in which they can move around and dig. You can limit their play area by inserting wooden chopsticks or plastic forks into the ground. The obstacles should be at least ten inches high and should get firmly implanted in the soil. Ensure that the edges of the materials used are not sharp such that they can cause harm to animals in the garden. They are there to deter, not injure.

Cats will soon get tired of scratching and digging in limited space, and they will conduct their business elsewhere.

Chicken wire

If you think that you will face problems with cats once your plants grow, you can curb the issue at an early stage by laying chicken wire on the ground before your seeds sprout. Plants can germinate and find their way through the chicken wire, so this will not pose a problem to your gardening. Felines, on the other hand, do not like walking on such textures as it is uncomfortable. Chicken wire cannot hurt cats, but it is unpleasant enough to keep them away from your space.

Keep Cats Out of Your Garden

When your plants need more room, you can cut part of the wires to add space for them to expand. You can also opt to use plastic sheeting but if you do so, make sure that it is suitable for use in a garden.

Lattice fencing

Other than chicken wire, you can also lay lattice fencing on the ground before your seeds sprout. Place it on the soil and cover it with dirt. Cats will stay away from your garden as the gaps will prove unpleasant to them. As is the case with the chicken wire, plants can grow in the holes without much difficulty.

Rough textures

Cats generally love playing on soft materials and will often steer clear of uneven surfaces. Use this preference to your advantage and cover your garden with items such as pebbles and rough mulch. Ensure that you do not use materials which can harm the animals. Also, be sure not to use too much as such materials can also affect the productivity of your garden.

Scat mats

Scat mats come in plastic, and they have soft spikes at the top. Though gentle to animals, the scat spikes are uncomfortable enough to keep cats away from your area. Cats tend to be smart so be sure to hide the mat in the ground, leaving only the spikes exposed. In this way, they cannot think of digging up the rug, and they will stay away from your space.

protect your garden from cats

Barrier fence

Erecting a fence is an excellent way to keep cats away from your place when dealing with a large garden. You will need to build a chain-link fence at least six feet high to deter them from entering. For added protection, you can use a two foot overhang. The spacing on the chain-links should be two inches by two inches to ensure that cats cannot squeeze into the spaces.

Electric wiring

If you use electrical voltage in your fence, you can lower its height to four inches. Make sure that the charge is low such that it cannot harm the cats. Also, be sure to keep children from the fence as they can get hurt.

Use scents

Cats have a strongly-honed sense of smell, and you can use this ability to your advantage.

Potent-smelling plants

Some plants such as lavender emit potent smells which cats do not like. Planting such crops in your garden will keep cats away as they will feel uncomfortable. Plant them alongside your garden crops as well as in other areas where cats are giving you a hard time. Some crops known to keep away feline animals include thorny roses, rue and lemon thyme.

Potent-smelling plants

If you do not want to plant potent-smelling crops, you can opt to use scented oils and dried herbs instead. Sprinkle them on your garden and pots and you will notice that cats will stay away. You can also use cayenne pepper in place of herbs.

Many cats cannot stand the smell of citrus and will generally stay away from an environment with such a scent. Take peels of fruits such as oranges, lemons, and other citrus fruits and scatter them in areas where cats tend to give you a hard time. Such smells cannot harm the animals but are compelling enough to keep them away from your space.

Tobacco products are other scents which cats tend to dislike. A thin layer of these products will do. You can also mix them in with the soil. However, be sure not to use coffee grounds as they are toxic to both cats and dogs and you could end up killing them. Another overpowering scent is the use of predator urine sprays which are available in many garden supply stores. These sprays also keep animals such as squirrels at bay.

Cats mark their territories with their scents, and they find it hard to leave an area they have identified. Use white vinegar on your garden to get rid of their smell, and they will move on.

Scaring Tactics

You can lightly hose cats when they enter your garden. Be sure only to use a little amount of water so that you do not injure them. Motion-detector sprinklers work better because they are persistent. If these methods fail, get a dog.

Motion-detector sprinklers work better

Peace Offerings

If you’d prefer to co-exist with the cats as opposed to waging war, you can make a sandbox for them. In this way, they will have their space and will avoid using yours. If you have children, let them know that the sandbox is for the cats so that the boundaries are clear. Failure to maintain the sandbox in a clean state will have the cats back to doing their business on your garden.

You can also create a cat garden on another part of your yard. Plants such as catnip and catmint are non-toxic to cats, and they will soon spend more time in their cat garden as opposed to yours.

With cats, you can either choose to start a war or embrace them. Whatever method you prefer, be sure not to injure them. With these simple tricks on how to keep cats out of garden, you are set to maintain a healthy garden, free of felines. Now with felines out of the way, you can focus on increasing the aesthetic appeal of your yard which you can do with a garden room. Quick Garden offers long-lasting garden rooms, built to blend with your surroundings, which you can use for a multitude of purposes including relaxation in the summers.

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