Interior Designing Tips to Make Your Log Cabin A Beautiful Home

Most individuals think of his or her home as not only the safest place on the planet but also the most comfortable and cosy place. The feel of coming home from a long hectic day at work is unmatched and can’t be compared to even the most luxurious suite of a five star hotel. With the home being such a special place in the world for every person, everyone dreams of decorating their house in a completely different and extraordinary way, to give their house a personal touch and make it extra comfortable and inviting.

log cabin interior

If we talk specifically about decorating log cabin homes, then people find decorating them a little more difficult when compared to decorating a cookie-cutter residence. If you are also having difficulty putting together the ideal interior, then here are a few tips and recommendations that will help you design the interior of your residential log cabin in the perfect way. We’re sure that these ideas and tips will assist you in transforming your log cabin into a relaxing and appealing home with a distinctive look.

Rule Number One ‒ There Are No Rules:

When decorating your timber home, remember one rule ‒ there are no rules. It is your home, your cosy corner, so it depends completely on your wishes how you want to decorate your log cabin. Generally, people think that decorating a timber house needs to incorporate old furnishings and accents and you have to remember the rugged and the rustic. It is completely up to you as to what look you desire. However, including the cherished pieces that you love is a great idea but incorporating modern stylish pieces as well can help you give your personal space a comfortably stylish look and feel.

Select a theme: When decorating your timber residential cottage, start by selecting a theme. Proceeding with an overall decor theme will not only give you a direction and assist in choosing furnishings and accessories accordingly, but it will also make the timber cottage decorating easier. A number of theme choices are available, including but not limited to wildlife themes, north woods, lake cottage décor, the lodge look, Western ranch and Adirondack style. Each of these cabin decorating themes look wonderful and many decor furnishings and accents can be found in these styles.

Nevertheless, don’t hesitate to combine them up the way you desire. Choose different rustic design elements from different sources. You can also try to decorate different rooms of your log cabin in different themes.

Choose colours appropriately: Generally, it is believed that warm colours make a great choice for log homes. The colours you choose play a significant role in giving your timber cottage a comfortable, cosy, and welcoming look. You can choose rich and warm colours. You can take hints from the shades of the wood in the walls, floor, and the ceiling of the cabin. Does the wood have a yellow or golden or a rich or red undertone? For the best look choose colours according to these tones. You can also try relaxing shades, like shades of olive, sage, moss and sea foam mixed with, gold, mauve and cream shades to make your timber home a visually pleasing and appealing look.

Don’t be afraid to play with colours: Contrast is the latest trend in interior design and decorating. So, don’t be afraid to mix it up a little. Contrasting patterns and colours will add interest and depth to the room, giving it more texture. Look for fabrics in furnishings, curtains, pillows, quilts and pillows that compliment and blend the complete feel of the log cabin. Don’t be afraid to mix florals and stripes as long as the colour schemes remain in sync. In any style of decorating, avoiding too much clutter is advised. Avoid a messy look, generally people forget this and use all the accessories and accents that they love forgetting about how it is going to affect the overall look of their house.

Choose furniture wisely: When choosing furniture for your timber home, remember to choose pieces of furniture that not only add more beauty to your home but also add more functionality to it. Add stylish and smart furniture with storage. Don’t buy furniture just as a decoration; make sure it has storage space as well as being comfortable. You can choose natural furniture materials like wood, stone, bamboo, and leather. Wood furniture looks amazing and adds an enchanting and delightful feeling. If you are worried about the budget, then relax, all these interior designing ideas and tips are very pocket friendly and reasonably priced. All you have to do is find all the available options and then choose wisely and according to your budget.

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