Interior Design Ideas For Everyone

Everyone has a slightly different style. The concept of one size fits all doesn’t work for clothing and it doesn’t work for interior design ideas, either. Luckily, we have put together a list of our top ideas for home interior design!

14 Interior Design Ideas for Everyone

Idea #1: Use Your Own Stuff

If you’re like most people, you have a ton of old stuff stored around your home. Attics, basements, and back bedrooms can be sorted through to find old treasures! As you find things you like, sort them into piles as to if they would look good together. You’ll be amazed to realize how much cool, decorative stuff you already have.

This is great for anyone on a budget!

Idea #2: Hit Up Estate Sales

Although wooden garage sales are great, estate sales are even better if you’re looking to redecorate a room. Even a whole house! Estate sales are typically held in the owner’s home, and almost everything is up for grabs. Most of these sales can be found online ahead of time. Auctions are also nice, but the competition is a little too fierce for some.

Idea #3: Buy a Storage Unit

This is the ultimate gamble that could pay off big time! Sometimes companies put contents online ahead of time, so keep a look out for decorative items, furniture, etc. This is a fun, potentially inexpensive, way of picking up some cool new interior decoration!

Idea #4: Use Mirrors

Mirrors can get expensive. However, they are a great way to make a room look larger than it is. Mirrors are a great way to change the look of a room. In addition, there are so many different designs and sizes anyone can find something to suit them! Even inexpensive mirrors are being made to look elegant these days.

Set your mirrors up across from windows to naturally illuminate a darker room!

Idea #5: Make a Small Room Look Larger

Besides mirrors, how else can you make a small room look larger? The answer is simpler than you think: light coloured paint! This is an inexpensive way to change the whole look of a home, especially a smaller home.

Idea #6: Add Slipcovers

Whether you make them yourself or purchase them, slipcovers are a fantastic way to change your living room. They are also great for protecting nicer furnishings. That goes double if you have children. You can always take one or more of them off to switch it up every once in a while. Try changing the look seasonally for a relevant room all year round!

Idea #7: Add Plants

Plants can change the look, and air quality, of any room. Living rooms, offices, bedrooms, and bathrooms all benefit from some green. We personally recommend converting your bathroom into a greenroom! The humidity is perfect during the winter to keep your small garden happy.

Idea #8: Rugs are Rad

Anyone can go to just about any store and purchase a rug. There are a wide variety of colours, designs, and sizes to choose from. This goes double if you search online! However, it can be difficult to see the real colour of a rug from simply a picture.

Rugs are great to use on hardwood floors. In an open floor plan, they can also be used to separate rooms. Drab carpets can be easily dressed up with the purchase of a fun rug. These floor covers can also be used to warm up a cool coloured room.

Idea #9: Use Bookcases

Bookcases are some of the most versatile pieces of furniture to own. What can you do with a bookcase? Let’s count the ways:

* Freestanding bookcases can divide a large room into 2 smaller rooms.

* The front and the back of the bookcases can be painted different colours to match the interior design of any room.

* The back panel of bookcases can be painted for a dramatic effect. Paint the outside of the bookcase a lighter colour to add a real pop to your room!

* The back panel of bookcases can also be wallpapered. Cover the room in this type of furniture, and you’ve got a temporary wallpaper job!

* Built-ins can also be painted. Just be aware of what type of paint you are using on the surface, especially if it is wooden.

Idea #10: Fake the Height of Your Ceiling

If you have low ceilings, you can really increase the appearance of height. How do you do it? Avoid horizontal patterns and décor. What you’re trying to do is make the room appear taller, so you should be purchasing vertical items. Large mirrors are great for this. Don’t forget to decorate with shorter furniture as well! That really makes a huge difference in height appearance.

Idea #11: Add or Extend Backsplash

You can do this in your kitchen and/or your bathroom. Adding or extending backsplash can add new character to an older design. Replacing old backsplash takes a little time, but it’s a great way to change a whole room.

Idea #12: Striping

Looking to stripe a wall? There’s a rule for that. It’s called the 50/150 rule, and it’s used by architects and interior designers. Using the base as a starting point, mix the lighter colour 50% lighter and the darker colour 150% darker. This is also great to keep in mind if you are painting boarders.

Idea #13: Buy New Pillows

If you are looking for a quick interior design switch, buy new pillows for your living room. You can pretty much change the look of any room by changing the pillows. Go bold, or go light. Go floral, or horizontal. There are so many different prints, materials, and sizes, anyone can find just about anything.

Idea #14: Add a Stocked Bar

Mini bars or cart bars can be found at all different price ranges in all different designs and colours. The trick is to pick one that fits with or enhances your décor. Then, fully stock it. Even if you don’t drink much, it’s a truly impressive interior design piece.

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