Interesting Log Cabin Decoration Ideas

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Log cabins are the unique blend of modernity and nature. The brilliantly designed log cabins are intended to bring you closer to the nature and positively influence your body and mind. Log Cabins are not mere collection of wooden logs used to construct an adobe from natural elements. It is much more! It is a combination of nature, style and elegance and how you decorate your wooden abode is a great way to get away from the monotony of the so called stylish city homes and allows you to live in the lap of the nature while also being stylish and unique.

This article evaluates few unique decoration ideas that will help you enhance the beauty of your log cabin and create an environment that is soothing and peaceful.

Vibrant colours

When decorating your log cabin, identify the colours that you find most pleasing and experiment with vibrant colours. Use warm colours for tones on the wood and for furniture. It will make the rooms look more spacious due to the increased level of brightness that is felt because of the choice of the colours. For the curtains and the fabric and cushions on the furniture, use bright colours that will enhance the vibrant looks of your wooden home. For the dressing table, a unique idea is to paint it with chalk paint that create a contrasting look against the wooden backdrop.

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Light plays a crucial role when it comes to create a soothing effect. A log cabin that is brightly lit with natural sun light gives a sense of being close to mother natural and living in a more natural habitat than those regular city homes. Design of the log cabin is important since it determines how does the light enters the room. However, apart from natural sunlight, artificial lighting that is generally of white colour gives a more relaxed feeling by making the interiors look brighter. Light lamps and bulbs that create a shining on the wooden logs creates a sense of comfort and make the cabin interiors look elegant. Log cabin walls with a sheen of brightness is appealing to the eyes and relaxes the mind and the body. Table lamps on dressing and writing tables play an important in creating a brightly lit room and therefore lamp shades that make the lamp lights look bright and have designs that are unique and exotic are a great option.


Accessories that are unique and have exotic designs are a good option for your log cabin. You can choose to combine modern accessories with the ones that have a more traditional looks to create a sense of unique style. To do this, you may look beyond regular accessories that are available in the market and can choose to select something that is differently styled and classy.

Doors and Windows

Log Cabins have the quality of retaining the heat and creating an insulated environment that protects from extreme climatic conditions on the outside. Doors and Windows are an important part along with the wooden logs that help maintain the internal climate. However, apart from their utility as a part of the insulation system, nicely designed doors and windows with high quality glass panes and door and window handles add to the beauty of the décor. The design and the style of the window and door frames contribute subtly to the beauty of your log cabin.

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Right furniture that matches the style of the room and is optimally placed is an important contributor to the internal décor of a log cabin. To make the interiors look unique as well as stylish, a collection of Rustic Cabin Furniture can be a brilliant choice. The rugged looks and the rustic design and style contribute immensely to create a look and feel that is surreal and exceptional. Rustic chairs, sofa, bedroom and dining room furniture will create a remarkable and distinctive appearance for you log cabin interiors. It is a brilliant combination of elegance and comfort and results in a magnificent style statement.

Art Works

A collection of remarkable art works is an important ingredient for creating the right décor for your log cabin. The kind of wall painting you select, mosaic coverings on the floor, patterned rugs in the hallway or at the entry help enhance the beauty of the internal decoration of the log cabin.

General Guidelines

While choosing the designs for the interiors of your log cabin, you must measure the available space and the existing structure of the cabin. A spacious cabin with large room can accommodate big size furniture and accessories while a smaller cabin must have relatively small sized furniture and other items to prevent them from getting cluttered. The glass panes of the windows and doors as well the curtains on the windows must allow sufficient light to enter the rooms to make the cabin interiors bright and sufficiently lit. A log cabin is a great medium to escape the hectic city life and live in close contact with Mother Nature. The interiors of the cabin rooms must be decorated to create a unique mix with the nature that enhances the beauty of your wooden abode.

There are several options available to you in terms of identifying the right design and decoration patterns for your cabin interiors. Several of these offer detailed planning and designing processes and are reliable sources for supplying material and items for internal décor. If your budget permits, availing the services of a decoration expert can be highly beneficial. These experts can help you choose the right combination of colours for the wall tones, furniture, curtains, fabric as well as furniture and will enable you to identify the right lighting options that make your log cabin interiors look classy and elegant.

Before you finalise the elements for the decoration of your log cabin, do some research. The internal décor of your log cabin is an expensive affair and if done rightly can add great value to your wooden habitat. It therefore requires meticulous planning and execution.

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