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Interesting Ideas How to Design a Relaxing Residential Cabin Deck

A residential cabin is never complete without a relaxing deck to enjoy the outdoors. Once the warm months are here, it is high time you invest on or upgrade your existing deck. Log homes are the ideal structures where decks are most likely to bloom. This particular area could be optional but if you want to maximize your log cabin, it is definitely a necessity. A log home deck not only boosts the curb appeal and market value of your property. It provides aesthetics and the most relaxing ambiance for a residential cabin.


Top Things to Consider for a Residential Cabin Deck

First time log cabin owners may find it overwhelming to plan out the perfect deck. However, it is also imperative to take this lucrative project one step at a time.


First things first, the deck location should be on top of your list. Imagine your deck where and how you want it to be in your residential cabin. Once you have established the location, it is high time you go ahead with the project. You can also ask for professional advice and recommendation in case you are clueless about your deck location and the likes.


Log home decks are usually used for outdoor activities such as enjoying dining with loved ones and friends. Position your deck with easy and fast access to the kitchen of your residential cabin if this is one of your main priorities. The deck positioning makes a huge difference when entertaining guests or grilling your favorite meal outdoors. If the function of your deck is to be an outdoor spa or sauna, you can include hot tubs and massage beds in your deck designs.



Basic design is just one side of the coin in planning out your residential cabin deck. The layout of the structure is also a salient part of the plan. For instance, think about the style and size of the deck that you want to build. Do an onsite analysis through taking a walk and visualizing the structure in your yard. You can map out your potential residential cabin deck or simply ask professional advice if you have access to any. The standard size deck is a good place to start when measuring and could also save you on scrap materials

Railing Spacing

A residential cabin deck typically has deck railings for aesthetics and safety purposes. The typical required deck railings are 30 inches above ground with stairs that have five or more steps. The deck railing height usually spans between 36 and 42 inches. It is imperative however to check the building restrictions before pushing through the residential cabin deck plan.

Other House Considerations

There are specific exterior parts of the residential cabin that you must consider before putting up a deck. For instance, the structure of the log home particularly dryer vents, water spigots, and down spouts could be affected when the deck construction begins. It is highly recommended to build the deck lower than the mentioned areas in order to save your resources, particularly money.


Deck Designs and Styles

Different residential cabin themes follow a specific design and style. It is important to study the theme that you want to integrate in your log home before constructing the deck. The deck style and design must generally follow and jive with the log home’s theme and your personal design palate. Creative deck designs are categorized but not limited to the following types:

  • Colonial. The timeless and classic features are evident and heavy in this type of residential cabin deck design. You can use classical architectural elements in this theme. Symmetrical designs are likewise commonly used. White molded railings that are accessorized with post caps are most likely featured. There are also other design elements such as benches, pergolas, and planter boxes in order to complete the colonial accent


  • Traditional. This residential cabin deck theme could have a thin line with its colonial counterpart. However, what sets it apart is the typical cottage style design in its decoration. Corners are octagons and chamfered in order to soften the sharp corners. The timeless charm of this deck type for residential cabin is from the router rails and the trim moldings. Nowadays you can choose among a wide assortment of decorative post caps and balusters for that fortress look. The beautiful and rich cedar and redwood species are remarkable choices for traditionally themed decks.
  • Coastal. Just looking at this residential cabin deck takes you to that over the ocean or sea ambiance. It doesn’t really matter where your log home is located. You can live far away from Florida or Cape Cod but still get that near the majestic waters feel. The ocean inspired landscape is achieved with the gray composite decking and white railings. Choose cable or glass rails for your residential cabin deck and other low maintenance materials that could withstand the effects of weather for a long period of time.
  • Mountain. If you want something of the opposite from the oceanic theme, choose the mountain inspired design. The residential cabin deck design is the closest to the essence of a log cabin that is nestled in the heart of the woods. There are various typical materials used to achieve the mountain design such as rustic log railings with heavy timber framing. This residential cabin deck type is stronger and more massive and highlights scenic views with lookout areas


  • Contemporary. As the name implies, modern residential cabin deck designs follow an up to date touch. Less is more in this category and the design features usually show sparse, sleek, and modern undertones. Materials used are low maintenance such as PVC, composite, and stone with stainless steel cable railings.

Decks make your residential cabin more attractive and add a livable outdoor space to maximize your investment. Which deck style and design perfectly matches your personal style and need? Check out more deck design ideas and inspiration and make that remarkable investment for your log home today.

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