How to Install Wooden Shelves in your Wooden Garage

A wooden garage can be used as storage space for all the available items in this particular area of the property. Timber garages are quite popular because of their remarkable features and functions. One of the best uses of a wooden carport or garage is for storage where you need wooden shelves to accommodate your stuff. Even a conventional carport would still need some shelving and storage solutions for mechanical auto tools. So, how do you build wooden shelves to match your wooden garage?


Wooden Garage – Useful Tips to Build and Install Wooden Shelves

Simple wooden shelves for your garage can go a long way, especially if you are innovative and creative about your DIY project. A wooden garage needs some storage and shelving solutions in order to stay organized, clean, and clutter-free. Wooden shelves can also provide the best spots where you can safely store and keep important things to avoid loss or a time-consuming search. Wooden garages with shelving solutions are the ideal venues where space is maximized to its full potentials.

Here are some of the options you could choose from in terms of dealing with wooden garage shelving and storage solutions:

Option 1: Purchasing Wooden Shelves

You can find a wide range of wooden shelves that are perfect for your wooden garage but purchasing these units can give you the shock of your life. The prices of most shelving and storage solutions for the garage vary from one manufacturer to another. There are various designs and features to choose from, depending on your available budget and your preference in terms of style and design. Find simple shelves for your wooden garage or invest in more complex units with multiple features and style.


Option 2: Build and Install your Own Wooden Shelves

Build your own wooden garage shelves from scratch, which is a more practical and cheaper option than buying one. You would need some basic materials for your DIY project and fundamental woodworking skills but simpler units would require minimal knowledge. Some of the common tools and materials to secure include hardware and tool cases with a tape measure, circular saw, drill, impact or driver, spirit level, and mitre.

Guidelines for Building Wooden Garage Shelves

You may not need advance knowledge and skills to pull off the best wooden shelves for your garage today. Follow the guidelines to build and set up a simple shelving solution that would perfectly match your wooden garage:

   *  Eliminate the Clutter First

The first thing you need to do is to clear the clutter to find a work bench somewhere in your wooden garage. Eliminate the cases and tools that could block your way to maximizing your workspace, moving off the bench to a reachable and viable location. Choose an empty wall space where you can build your wooden shelves.


   *  Do the Cut List

Building and installing a wooden garage shelf is about cutting and putting together your materials. Find the ideal dimension of your wooden shelf width since there are numerous options to choose from. Some woodworking guides suggest 16 inches in depth, which is enough to provide storage support for the standard boxes and tool cases. The dimension of the width of your wooden garage shelf must be shallow enough as well so that you can avoid losing the items at the back because they are too far to reach.

   *  Start Cutting the Shelf Framework

Use a circular saw to cut the shelves with the right measurements for the shelf size that you are aiming for. You can also find wood suppliers that could make your wooden garage shelf project much easier such as those with their own track saw to save you time. Use several support brackets for every shelf and take note that extra support prevents your shelves from flinching especially with additional loads adding up.

   *  Mark and Assemble the Brackets

It is highly recommended to use a speed square in marking the right angles for your bracket cross member. The ideal angle is at 45 degrees on every end of the bracket with a 12-inch measurement. Cut the bracket with a mitre saw that offers a much lighter guide but the mark serves as a guide for more accuracy. Assemble the brackets with the use of standard screws that measure 2½ inches. Utilize the impact driver for the assembly as you install two screws into the connected ends of the brackets.


Prep Up for the Installation

The wooden garage shelves require a seamless and quality installation to make it strong and long-lasting. You need to follow some simple steps in the installation process of the wooden shelves starting from the following:

Scrap Assist

A piece of scrap wood with a 1-inch measurement functions as the material to raise the cross bracket, making it more convenient and faster to screw the bracket ends together. This process is better than actually guessing the middle point while holding the material in place.

Find the Wall Studs

Use a stud finder to track the wall studs and confirm the right location before you mark it out prior to securing the brackets.

Level the Brackets

Wooden garage shelves can start from the ceiling to the below surface of the top shelf. Make sure you provide enough space for the tallest shelving cases without resulting in lower shelf position that could obstruct your garage workspace.


Attach the Support Brackets

Once the bracket placement is set and level, install the brackets into your pre-drilled holes before inserting the stud and securing them to the wall with the use of the screws. Space the brackets against the wall and attach additional supports if necessary.

Install the Shelves

Now that you have attached the brackets for your wooden garage shelves, it is time to attach the main shelf framework. Screw in the screws after placing the shelves and make sure that they properly fit in order to avoid snagging or sliding over when loads are applied.

A wooden garage always benefit from additional storage and shelving solutions to maximize its full potentials. Build and install your own shelves to avoid any wasted space.

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