The Most Important Tools to Have in your Garden Shed

A garden shed is an important structure in your home serving numerous functions. Contemporary sheds have more features and designs, making them the best source of aesthetic enhancement for every property. One of the most important things you need to consider is the tools that you need to store in your shed, helping it achieve its main purpose from the outset. So, what exactly are the most important and useful tools that your garden shed should have?


Essential Tools for your Garden Shed

Garden tools help you carry out your numerous jobs in the garden, helping you to do them smoothly and hassle-free. Different tools in your garden shed  serve different purposes, from the most basic chores to the most complicated and demanding work. Garden shed tools are designed to cut grass, plant flowers, dig the soil, trim shrubs and trees, remove trees, and water plants, among many other things.

Improve the landscape and overall look of your garden with the help of your most essential garden shed tools today. Check out if you have these items in your shed today or whether you need to buy them right away:

   *  Hoe

A hoe is one of the most basic tools that you should have in your garden shed. Hoes with long handles help you tackle hard tasks and make them easier than before. The main purpose of a hoe is to maintain the garden through keeping the weeds at bay. Remove the weeds with the use of a hoe especially when they start growing. You must know how to carefully use the hoe so that it could remove the weeds without necessarily causing damage to the plants. You can choose different types of hoe head with varied sizes and shapes.


   *  Trowel

Your garden shed must have a trowel as an essential tool to stash away for future use. Trowels are necessary to help you easily plant your plants or seedlings into the soil. Make sure that you choose a well-made trowel with quality features and materials for long-term use. Different trowel sizes are designed for either large beds or container gardens.

   *  Pruning Shears/Hand Pruners

High-quality pruning shears are good investments and your garden shed should never be without them. Hand pruners, pruning shears, or secateurs come in different sizes and types, depending on the gardening job you intend to use them for. One of the essential uses of pruning shears or secateurs is to prune branches that have much smaller diameters. This garden shed tool is ideal for trimming shrubs or bushes. Take note that regular trimming could help improve the bushiness of your shrubs. You can trim shrubs based on your desired size and shape. You can also use them for certain types of plants, such as rose plants that regularly require proper pruning.

   *  Shovels/Spades

Shovels and spades are tools with different shapes and sizes with forms that have T or D shapes. These garden shed tools are important when planting trees and shrubs or to move or break the soil and other similar garden jobs. You use spades in order to turn the soil over while a shovel picks up the dug soil. It also helps to easily and effectively dispose items from the garden. The blades of the tools are sharp to help accomplish their functions.


   *  Garden Carts/Wheelbarrows

Wheelbarrow and garden carts range from small to large sizes with different shapes. If you have a decently sized garden, these garden shed tools are items that you cannot do without. These tools are important in order to carry everything and anything. Some of the most common uses for garden carts and wheelbarrows include hauling soil and transporting cement or dirt or other gardening items such as mulch, plants, composts, hoses, and other tools. Wheelbarrows allow you to skip the frequent trips around the garden, which could be really exhausting.

   *  Garden Hose

One of the most essential gardening tools is the garden hose, which is important in watering your garden and keeping it lush and green. A good quality garden hose helps transport water to the right places with the right quantity or amount. It helps you bring water to your garden in an effortless and quick way. A garden hose could vary in terms of thickness, as there are those that have three or four ply thickness and usually have brass fittings. If you need less storage space in your garden shed, you can choose garden hoses with coiled designs. Coiled types are more expensive but they are easy to transport and store.

   *  Nozzles/Watering Cans

There are cases when you do not really need a garden hose to transport water to your garden. Sometimes you only needed a small amount of water to do the job and watering cans and nozzles could absolutely do the trick. These tools allow you to produce just a fine spray of water that is ideal for sprouting seeds or gently watering your seedlings. You can also use this over a larger area without necessarily washing away the seedling or sprout. Watering cans with long nozzles are more convenient and quick to use compared to those with shorter ones.

Watering-cans-for-your-garden05212 (1)

   *  Hand Fork/Cultivator

The main purpose of a hand fork or cultivator is to loosen the soil or clean up the beds. This garden shed tool helps cultivate the soil, as the name implies. You can make changes in your soil or simply chop up soil clumps that should not be there in the first place. Gardeners oftentimes use hand forks in order to maintain beds that are planted closely to each other. It helps cut the hard and compacted soil as smoothly as possible. This allows aerating of the soil, thatching, and cleaning the moss.

Garden shed tools are essential for easy, effective, and quick gardening chores. Make sure that your shed is big enough to accommodate some of the most basic tools that you need for your gardening maintenance. Invest in a quality shed that could accommodate even large and bulky power tools and equipment.

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