How To Grow Flowers Garden In A Small Space

Space is getting harder to come by as land prices soar. As such, people have had to become creative in the way they use what is available to them. Wooden sheds are one way in which you can curb this shortage. They not only enhance the look of your outdoors, they also provide you with extra space. And when you wish to garden, you can use these spaces for this purpose. Here, you can regulate the conditions in which your flowers grow, ensuring that they thrive. Plus, you can use the exterior of the sheds to garden, thus enhancing the look of your outdoors.

No matter what you are working with, there is a way to make the most out of it. Here are some great ideas in this regard:

Take Stock

It is always best to start with a good idea as to what you have working in your favor. Suppose you plan on having the flowers in the outdoors, how much space is available? Also, is the site conducive for the plants? What is the weather like all year round? For people planting in wooden sheds, think about how many flowers the room can hold. Also, think of whether the room can accommodate them when they are mature.

Other than the availability of space, think about what could affect the flowers. You should also consider the impact that gardening may have on the outdoors. Suppose there is a wall near the site, will the flowers take away from or add to this fixture? Also, how can you position the plants to add beauty to what surrounds them?

You also need to think about the soil. Does it have the capacity to support the growth of flowers? You can tell this by looking at whether there are weeds in the site. You could also buy testing kits for the same. Where you wish to have the flowers indoors, it is always best to get a soil mix from a reputable nursery. In this way, you can work with well-draining soil. The soil that you use should support the flowers you have in mind regarding pH, nutrients, and drainage.


Where will you get the water for the flowers? It is difficult for plants to produce blooms where they lack adequate water to support their development. Thus, you should figure out where you will get the water. Even when planting in the outdoors, the rain can fail you and render your efforts futile. You can get a hose for this where you have many flowers, or you can opt to use a watering can for the same. For indoor planting, the latter option would work great. Remember, without water, your flowers will not be a picture of perfect health.


You want to have flowers in the garden. But would you like to add something else to it? You could incorporate veggies or herbs that do well in the given conditions. With some creativity in the planning, you can have your cake and eat it. Think about how you would like to enjoy this space once it comes to completion. It could be that you want an area to relax and catch up on books. In this case, you can leave a space where you can set up a reading chair that overlooks the garden. Remember, all provisions for the future should be part of the planning. Where they are not in place, you could face trouble fitting them in at later stages.

Make Way

You need to create space for the garden, so you need to move items away from the site. It could be that you have been using the chosen location as a storage space. You need to get rid of the items. You could either organize them or throw them away.


The brightest flowers should be near the viewing point while the dull ones should be towards the end. In this way, it will look like you have a large garden. Where you have the flowers in pots in wooden sheds, you can also use this concept. In this way, the bright flowers would be the first ones that a person would see as they approached the door.

Soften any Boundaries

Boundaries make a space feel small, and you should do away with them. Where you cannot get rid of them, you can disguise them to create the illusion of continuity. If, for example, your neighbor has a crawling plant over the wall, you can add some climbing flowers. In this way, they will mature and merge, making it look like one big garden. Where there are boundaries, plant flowers and soon it will be hard to notice how small your space is.

Horizontal Planting

It could be that you are short of space but wish to have tons of flowers. If this is the case, you can work with a vertical garden. You can use stacked containers, boxes, walls, or other items for this. In this way, you don’t have to cut back on the number of flowers, and you can create a stunning view. Ensure that the gardens are stable and that you can reach the upper parts for care practices.

Strike a Balance

When you are short on space, it is easy to get carried away with the planting process such that you overcrowd the space. Too many flowers can create a jungle-feel, which feels chaotic and makes the outdoors look messy. You thus need to strike a balance between crowded and cozy. Have a few flowers in the space complementing each other. Also, given that they will be close, it helps to get plants with the same growing requirements. In this way, none of them will be at a disadvantage.

Finally, think about how long you wish to have this garden. It could be that you will be moving soon. In this case, it would be best to have the plants in pots as you can move them with you. Or you could leave them for the person who moves in next. Of course, if you intend to be in your home for a long time, you can have the plants in the ground.

Planting in small spaces is possible when you have adequate planning in place. All the best!

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