How to Grow Cherry Tomatoes

One of the most amazing views you could ever see in your garden is a group of ripe and red cherry tomatoes, growing and blossoming in full swing. The idea of growing tomatoes is an interesting one and you can start even when you are not really sure what to do. All you need is a pot and cherry tomato seedlings to begin. This tomato variety is extremely easy to grow. Most importantly, just one plant gives you a steady crop all season, allowing you to enjoy the bite-size fruit all year round.

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Popular Cherry Tomato Varieties for Gardens

Choosing the right variety of cherry tomatoes could make a huge difference. Here are some of the most popular choices for growing cherry tomato in your garden:

   *  Black Cherry – the fruits of this variety have a complex mix of sweet and rich flavour

   *  Sweet Million – long clusters of cherry tomatoes that offer a sweet taste for this red bite-sized fruit

   *  Sun Sugar – this variety has richly flavoured and super sweet taste with golden fruity colours

What You Need

It is both fulfilling and productive to grow cherry tomatoes in your garden and growing these delicious fruits is easy and hassle-free. You only need some basic materials to get you started and you will be able to harvest your crops in no time.

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Here are the things you need to get you started:

Cherry tomato plant

The best way to choose the right organic variety of cherry tomato is through the local farmers’ market or a nursery near you. Experts can also tell you which variety is ideal for your preferences and the conditions around your home, including the soil, watering system, and the amount of time, money, and energy you are willing to invest in your gardening project.

Tomato cage

Choose the largest size of tomato cage you can find to ensure a good crop. For beginners, tomato cages are wire mesh cages that you need to place around the cherry tomato plant in order to hold it up as it grows. You need the right type of tomato cage depending on the variety of the plant you choose to grow and cultivate in your residential garden. Some cherry tomato varieties could actually grow as tall as ten feet. The materials for your tomato cage should not be vinyl or toxic plastic, which could put undesirable substances into your plants when they are exposed to such materials.

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One 5-gallon bucket

Use self-watering models of bucket, which you can also find in many local planters and garden suppliers. Plastic-free models of bucket are ideal if you want your crops to be 100% safe and organic. The best bucket size holds up to five gallons of water. A round-shaped flower pot that holds five gallons of water is usually 12 inches tall by 12 inches across when measured at the top.

Organic tomato food

Purchase a bag or bottle of organic tomato food, which have a special formulation to make sure that you can speed up and increase the growth of your plant in no time. You can also add a 20-quart bag of organic mix for potting to prep your cherry tomato seedling or plant.

How to Plant Cherry Tomatoes

The most important task you need to do is planting your cherry tomato. Proper planting and growing of cherry tomatoes will ensure a good crop and harvest all season. Use a container with drilled holes around the bottom edge. You can find ready-made containers with these features or you can drill the holes yourself. Holes in the centre bottom of the container help drain excess water.

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Choose the right location in your garden where you can plant the cherry tomatoes. The best location offers the best fruiting and it is usually the area where the plant receives direct sun for eight hours every day. Pick a spot that is near a railing or balcony if you want to skip the tomato cage since these alternative features could support the tomato vines as well.

If you do need a tomato cage, make sure that you insert the end of the cage with the pointy edge into the planter as you fill the planter up with the necessary potting mix. The potting mix should be evenly moist as you water the solution. Top the planter with more potting mix while adding enough of it until it is approximately ½-inch under the planter’s rim. Moreover, the soil surface should also be level.

Use a gardening shovel to dig in the centre of the planting mix in order to create just a small hole and remove the plant carefully from its original container or pot. There are also dissolvable pots wherein you can directly plant the pot into the hole of the planting mix. Make sure that you plant the cherry tomato deep enough, leaving only four to six leaves on the top, after the potting mix covers the plant.

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Watering the cherry tomato is vital for its growth and the kind of crop it yields. You can ideally water the plant every two or three days in order to ensure an evenly moist soil surface but you may need to water every day especially in dry and hot weather. It helps to feed the plant organic fertilizer at least once every week or according to directions.

You can prevent the cherry tomatoes from drooping through pushing back the branches once they poke through the hole and out of the tomato cage. Once the cherry tomatoes have reached their maturity, it is time for you to enjoy the fruits of your labour, literally. Harvest your cherry tomatoes but make sure you savour the feeling of looking at those red ripe fruits accentuating your beautiful residential scenery.

Get to know more about cherry tomato plants. Discover how to ensure a successful gardening project for these amazing plants that would spruce up the view of your garden.

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