How To Decorate Your Garden With Stones

People are always seeking ways to decorate their gardens from having beautiful trees lining the compound, to installing wooden sheds all the way to manicured lawns. With all these things in place, you may wonder what else you can do to make your garden stand out and lucky for you; there is a simple solution in the form of stones. From pebbles to large rocks, there is a lot that you can do with stones when it comes to bringing out the beauty of your home.

You can use the stones as a border or as a means to cover the soil in areas where the grass does not cover. One great use of stones is the creation of cover around your wooden shed. In this way, the stones will have a lasting visual impression that would otherwise not to be existent were the ground to be bare. Not only will it have a decorative purpose but it will also work to protect your shed from splatter that comes about during the rainy seasons. For you to achieve a beautiful outdoors using the same, you will need to carry out three steps. The first step involves creating a space where you will place the stones. The second one consists of the selection of the stones that will best highlight the beauty of your shed and thus that of the outdoors. And the third involves placing the stones on the chosen space. It is quite a simple process, and once you finish, there will be a significant change in the appearance of your home that will thus increase the value in case of a resale. Let’s go through the individual stages.

Creation of Space

The first thing you should do before clearing your space is to look for inspiration. Lucky for you, there are tons of resources on the internet on the same. Here, you can see how people have decorated their outdoors, and you can get a few ideas to help you picture what you would like in your home. If you tend to be a visual person who would rather see the pebbling in person to get a real feel of what people can do with stones, it will serve you to tour a few gardens with such decorations. Community gardens are some of the venues which you can visit in this regard.

Now, having picked a design that you feel you can work with, you can now measure how much space you will cover with the stones. Ideally, you should measure from the foot of the wooden shed expanding outward to the point that you feel comfortable with, but this depends on you. Suppose you have chosen to have a walkway to the wooden shed instead, then you should measure the width and the length of the path to enable you to come up with an estimated area. It will all depend on what you wish to do in this case.

Ideally, a ton of pebbles should be enough to cover an area of one hundred square feet, provided that you plan on having a design that is an inch thick. Kindly note that this figure depends on the size of stones that you use, as well as the thickness of the path in question, so be sure to keep this in mind. Also, it helps to have more stones than is necessary as you may find that you will need to add some more over time. You could even end up changing the design in the process, thus requiring some backup materials.

When clearing the space, it is necessary to get rid of any weeds or bushes in the area, and the best way to do so would be by pulling them out. While doing so, ensure that you wear gloves to avoid getting hurt in the process. Pulling out plants by the roots will make sure that they do not grow again once the stones are in place.

It is essential to have good drainage in the chosen area; otherwise, there will be flooding in the rainy seasons. If you feel that the drainage in place is not adequate, you can fix this through the use of a French drain, or you could bury a pipe under the trench to fix this. You should deal with the situation long before you place the stones in the garden as this could also pose a risk to the wooden shed.

The next step is the placing of a weed mat on the cleared area. In this way, very little can grow underneath the weed mat, and this will also act as a barrier between the stones and anything under the weed mat. When getting a weed mat, it is advisable to get a biodegradable type that will not adversely affect the environment.

Choosing the Right Stones

Garden stores have lots of options, and it is advisable to look through the various types before settling on one. There are marbles, granites and limestone stones, all of which boast of different properties including hue and shape. If you are allowed to do so by the relevant authorities, you could opt to get some stones by the riverbed which you could use in the creation of accents.

When it comes to the best shape for your garden, it will depend on the design you have in mind as well as your environment. Thus, it is essential to have a model with which you can work when getting the stones. Suppose you want a polished look, white stones will help you achieve this. For a mosaic look, you need to combine various colors and sizes, and this results in quite an attractive aesthetic.

Decorating the Garden

Once you choose what you feel is right for your garden, buy enough stones to cover the chosen space such that you also account for any need for extra pebbling. Start by spilling the stones onto the selected area, estimating how many you will need for each section. When doing a mosaic design, you need to take caution when spilling the stones as this could make your work harder at later stages owing to mixing of patterns.

You can now spread the stones over the area, ensuring that you do so evenly by use of a gardening tool. If there are any flowers or plants in the site, ensure that you do not damage them by carefully arranging the stones around them. Also, ensure that they still have adequate access to sunlight and water.

If you are laying the stones on an area where people will often access such as a walkway, it helps to cement them to prevent dislodging. When doing this, calculate the amounts of cement to sand in the ratio of 4:1 before pouring it out onto the path. A cement bag of eighty pounds is enough to cover two square feet of four inches of a slab so be sure to factor this in your measurements.

When it comes to how to decorate your garden with stones, it all comes down to the execution. You can now take a step back and assess the impact of the stones on the garden and your wooden shed so that you can make any changes where necessary. It will surely be a sight to behold!

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