How To Decorate A Residential Cabin With Flowers

Installing a residential cabin is a great way to be at one with nature as you take in the raw beauty that surrounds you. From the birds chirping in the trees to the expansive grounds sprawling around you, all the way to the clean air that envelops you, there is a lot to love about these settings.

Over time, people have embraced decorating these spaces to make them more impressive, and this comes with many advantages. Not only does the cabin become more aesthetically pleasing, you also get to enjoy beauty and nature indoors. And the great thing about flowers is that they do not interrupt the natural beauty that is in play as they work to add to it.

Flowers infuse your space with colour, and you can experiment with them to match your chosen style as you enjoy their natural scents. Here is how to decorate a residential cabin with flowers at a low cost.

Real vs. Artificial

One of the main things you need to consider when buying flowers is whether you want real or artificial ones. In both of these cases you get to liven up your interior, making your space warm and welcoming and one which you and your loved ones can enjoy.

Real flowers are preferable when you also want to enjoy fresh fragrances in your rooms as this induces a calming effect. However, you should note that they do not last for long as they perish at a fairly fast rate. They also require care to ensure that they stay perky and you have to replace them regularly. If you have a garden where you can pick flowers, you can go for these as it won’t be much of a hassle. You could also opt for this if you are okay with the extra care, or you could get fresh bunches during special days.

Artificial flowers are great where you want an option that will last a long time and one that will not require much maintenance. The downside to using these is that you will not get the natural scent that real flowers provide. However, they are just as decorative and will work wonders in your home.

Flower Selection

At this stage, it depends on your desired outcome. Say, for example, that you want real flowers in your cabin; you would need to consider factors such as scent and size. Colours too are of importance at this stage. Though the decision you make at this stage depends on what you would like, here is something that can help you get what’s right for you. Choose flowers that are not only beautiful, but those that can blend in with your décor without looking like they are out of place.

Check out some ideas to help you place the flowers flawlessly in your cabin.


You have two options. In the first one, you can get a big bouquet and place it in the centre of the room, thus focusing all the attention in one place. This method works for those occasions when you have an event, and you are bringing out your A game in decoration. The second one is where you divide the same bouquet into several vases such that you have something small for every room. Not only will this help you brighten up the different spaces, while adding a touch of fragrance to the house, it will also enable you to lower the costs incurred. In this way, you can rely on one bouquet every week.

When choosing flowers for this kind of arrangement, be sure to get those that last for a long time when placed in vases, such as the yarrow. Lilies too are a great idea as you can get up to five blooms from one stem. Cut the stems at a forty-five-degree angle as this helps the stems absorb water at faster rates and thus results in a longer life of the flowers.

Colour Selection

The great thing about decorating a cabin is that you can play about with as many colours as you wish. In modern spaces you are likely to find yourself limited to using one colour to avoid clashing and creating an overwhelming look. In a cabin, almost everything seems to blend in with the interior. However, be sure to use caution such that you don’t end up overdoing it.

If you looking to make your space feel natural, while avoiding the use of too much money, a good idea would be to have foliage in your arrangements. The bunch would last longer than if you were to get flowers solely and you can enjoy the effect for much longer.

Scent Selection

You may like a given scent when in the outdoors only to find that you don’t like having it in an enclosed space. For this reason, you need to consider how strong a fragrance you would like in your home. People often think that the more expensive the flower, the better the scent, but this is not always the case. You can easily enjoy some great scents at an affordable price by having flowers such as jasmines in your home.

Did you know that good scents can uplift the spirits? That’s one more reason why you should have fresh flowers in the house.

Vessel Selection

You can use almost anything to hold your flowers, depending on the look that you want to achieve. It is pretty standard to have your flowers in a typical vase, but you can expand your options by using items such as watering cans, gumboots, milk jugs and other containers in the house. Suppose you want a contemporary look, choosing something clear is the way to go. Or you could choose to be quirky by using an old sink to hold the flowers. There is no limitation and using what you have is the easiest and most creative way to decorate your home.

Using a clear vase has its advantages. You could opt to have one kind of flower in your arrangement and could alter the hue of the water to create a rainbow effect. One jar could have blue water; the other could have pink water and so on. The result is breathtaking. For a more impressive outcome, choose single stems in the arrangements.

When decorating your cabin, be sure to put your creativity to work such that the flowers blend in with the natural beauty of your home. And don’t forget to decorate the exterior too.

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