How to build and look after a log cabin: tips and tricks

  • Nature Colours in a Log Cabin Interior

    The colours of a log cabin could either make or break the entire structure. Thus, it requires optimal output as well as careful discernment and selection of the colour for your interior. You can easily search the web for the latest and even classic colours for different log houses. The choices are endless, it all depends on your personal palate and preference as to what shade you choose for your log home’s interior. The important thing is that your log cabin reflects your personality and style and the aesthetics give you that sense of fulfilment and bliss. Guide to Log Cabin Colours and Painting Walls Painting your interior log walls is quite an adventure if you decide on a DIY project. However, it could also be a task for the professionals, especially if you don’t have the luxury of ... (More)
  • New Tendencies of Wood in the Interior of Log Cabin

    A log cabin is made up of basic components, for instance wood is one of its main composites. Thus, those who want to make a significant investment in this particular type of dwelling should first contemplate on the best wood to use or look for. Quality log cabins are built with numerous wood species, which depends on various factors. Wood offers the widest variety when it comes to characteristics, aesthetics, value, price, and so much more. The new tendencies of wood play a crucial role in the interior of a log cabin. The type of wood that is best for your log home has different characteristics, depending on the type you choose. Types of Wood - Characteristics and Tendencies in Log Cabin Investment in a log home is as valuable and demanding as it is in a regular place of abode. You need t... (More)
  • 10 Interesting Workshop Ideas in a Log Cabin

    A wooden cabin is a multi-functional structure, making it a lucrative investment and meaning that you could receive more money in return than you initially invested. Log homes are perfect places to improve your skills and indulge your creativity. Being more than a sanctuary and a place of respite, log homes are essentially the best places to provide isolation in order to hone your hobby for recreation and even business. Thus, it is important to carefully explore some of the most interesting workshop ideas in a log cabin. Transform your rustic log home into a centre of artistic inclinations and realizations. Top 10 Log Cabin Workshop Ideas It is always a good time to maximize the purpose and function of your residential log home. Often people invest in a cottage to have a place to go to an... (More)
  • Which Residential Log Cabin Floor Plan to Choose?

    Are you thinking about the right floor plan for your residential log cabin? Here, you can get the help you need to bring your dreams and ideas closer to reality. The following are different types of floor plans that will be ideal for you depending on your personal taste and preference. Solid Wood Flooring There are three major types of solid wood flooring and each type is available in a pre-finished and unfinished version. Generally, the unfinished type needs to be sanded onsite and immediately finished after installation. On the other hand, pre-finished solid wood flooring comes already sanded and finished. This means that it is ready to install the moment it has been delivered to you. Here are the three major types of solid wood flooring: 1. Parquet Flooring Compared to typical hardwood... (More)
  • POOLHOUSE 13’ X 10’ Insulated Log Cabin

    If you are looking for that perfect poolhouse where you can spend holidays and weekends with families and also invite friends and relatives for a vacation or Christmas, the Insulated Log Cabin POOLHOUSE is exactly what you need. A poolhouse made of wooden logs is the perfect companion for any pool to give the entire set-up a perfectly natural look. The qualities of this poolhouse keep it well-insulated so that no matter how bad the weather is outside, it will always be comfortable inside. The best thing about this poolhouse is the way it is insulated. Wood has natural insulating properties both thermal and noise. It absorbs noise and prevents the loss and transfer of heat. Hence, living in a log cabin is a fantastic experience with little noise and comfortable internal temperature. The sp... (More)
  • A Closer Look at the Log Cabin Benington

    Are you looking forward to buying a log cabin that you can call your own? Today, owning one is easy when you buy the Log Cabin Benington which measures 4.5 metres by 3 metres. It is made from Nordic or Scandinavian spruce pine at a thickness of 34mm. With this type of wood, you can be certain of enjoying natural insulation the whole year round. Furthermore, this cabin can be the perfect place where you can do the things that you love. Alternatively, you can make use of this log cabin as an elegant and beautiful storage space for your valuable tools and belongings. Benington Log Cabin Description An extra shed could be installed on either the right or the left side of the cabin. This is possible because all of the log cabins that are sold come with walls that are interchangeable. The roof... (More)
  • Log cabin Sunflower for summer

    Summer is the time to relax and enjoy the sun, but too much exposure to the sun can be dangerous and can burn your skin. However, with due care you can enjoy a fantastic summer. To make the most of the summer it is advisable that you choose your abode wisely and among the top options available on the market today is the log cabin “Summer House Sunflower Plus”. This exquisite log cabin is the perfect summer retreat. Made from the slow growing Scandinavian spruce or Nordic pine, this cabin protects the interiors from the scorching heat outside. No matter how hot it is outside, the interior will remain cosy and relatively cooler. The double-glazed windows and doors further prevent the heat from entering the house and the fine quality timber used for the construction of this home ensures ... (More)
  • Everything About Log Cabin Contraction

    During these days, many owners of log cabins usually render and file odd complaints to their roofing contractors. In most cases, these complainants usually have had their cabins installed during the early spring, autumn and winter season. Thus, the peak of such complaints usually piles up in contractors’’ offices between the months of July and August. While some customers are nice and would usually ask advice, others would simply launch a huge complaint. Such complainants are not very pleasant and nice to deal with. But contractors have to be nice when dealing with their customers. Through proper inspection, most cases can be resolved and one hundred percent of these are due to the customers’ own making. Common Types of Seasonal Complaints Regarding Log Cabins There are various type... (More)
  • Residential Cabin UZES: Enjoying a beautiful living space outdoors

    Typical homes receive a remarkable twist with the residential cabin UZES. This collection of top quality cabins is one of the most popular models for residential wood cabins today. Customers are taken with the beautiful aesthetics of the cabin as well as its innovative design. There are tons of impressive features that make the log cabin an instant hit among unconventional home owners that want something different up front. The Residential Cabin UZES up close This home-like chalet is the newest addition to the line of high grade wood cabins that appear on the market today. It helps to know the log house UZES up close in order to discover the fascinating structural and aesthetic features you are about to enjoy for this lucrative investment. Here are some of the major points and highlights ... (More)
  • Log Cabin Olymp: A Multi-Function Haven for the Outdoors

    Nothing beats the restful and serene retreat you get in an Olymp wooden cabin. Log cabins are timeless places of abode where you can enjoy a respite and be close to nature. Through the years, log cabins have evolved from the classic simple lodge to more complex and multi-functional venues. Nowadays, log cabins offer the widest array of features and benefits for owners, especially outdoor enthusiasts. This liveable space option could become an integral structure for your primary residence or a standalone building for a gym or an outdoor office. Log Cabin Olymp Basic Features It is essential to know the dimensional features of the Olymp log cabin before you decide to commit to this investment. Log cabins are practical and viable investments to begin with, however, you need to make sure tha... (More)

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