How to build and look after a log cabin: tips and tricks

  • How to Prepare Your Garden Cabin for the Winter Period

    Timber is a natural material which is sensitive to atmospheric changes. The autumn and winter periods can be the most harmful for any garden cabin wooden construction. The influence of rain, snow, frost and strong sun all affect timber and can damage its structure, shape and exterior look. Melting snow and ice can get into the interior structure of timber. The water freezes again quickly (sometimes within 24 hours), which contributes to the widening of the cracks inside and outside of the timber. This process constantly repeats during the whole period of winter thereby negatively affecting all aspects of the timber and also providing good conditions for mould and rot to emerge. How to Protect Your Garden Cabin? It all starts from the proper preparation of the base of the wood. First of al... (More)
  • An Original Floor Idea for Your Log Cabin

    Log cabin interior perhaps is the most interesting part of log cabin installation. Interior finishing requires just a little bit of your imagination. We all know, that wood is the main material used here, but how to create original surroundings? Our advice is to concentrate into one detail - ceiling, walls, windows, doors or flooring. Every such a part of a log cabin can become the most beautiful accent. But we will talk about the floor and share the ideas with you in this article. Flooring is one of the most important elements of the house interior. If they are simple and unprepossessing - we only walk them. Then we are not really thinking that flooring can be a stylish log home interior component giving beauty, coziness and warmth. Different interior experts unanimously agree that wood... (More)
  • Log Cabin Treatment

    We all know that wood is natural and very sensitive material. It is easily attacked by various pests and affected by environmental factors. Rodents and other insects not only assemble the structure of the wood, but also spoils its texture. Most of pests leave holes in the boards and the log cabin collapse in time. When talking about the impact of weather, the biggest damage is done by direct sunlight and moisture excess. One factor spoils the appearance of the exterior, causes cracks and fades the natural color of the timber. Humidity is the second factor responsible for mold, fungi and rot. They can soak deeply into the wood and soften it. Then all the constructions will certainly collapse in a short time period. Why because special maintenance is necessary. A well maintained wooden s... (More)
  • Garden Log Cabin Terrace: Adjustable PVC Pedestals

    When you already have a garden log cabin you may think about building a terrace. This annex extends the area of the house and is closely associated with exterior beauty, relaxation. There is some information you should know before building a terrace:    *  At first, do not place it on the north side. The best place is the east or the west side of the house, if you wish more sun here.    *  The second thing - wood. It is better to choose harder wood boards such as impregnated pine, heat-treated softwood boards, larch, wood composite, tropical wood and alike.    *  The third is preparation of boards surface. Use only those materials, that do not leave the layer. It is better to chose impregnate which soaks deeply into the wood. However, the main and most important part of wooden... (More)
  • Create a Cozy Log Cabin Interior

    It is a great challenge to create a cozy and comfortable living space in a log cabin. However, it is possible if you have a clear plan and some helpful information. The first rule to follow: have only small furniture in a small log cabin room. Want to have a sofa in your lounge? Go ahead, but make it 2 seats sofa. What lounge could be without a TV? You could easily attach it to the wall. Want space for some books? Suspended shelves can be a perfect decision for a small room in your residential log cabin. In fact, everything that occupies little floor area will fit. The key thing is that the more floor space you leave, the more spacious your room will look like. That‘s why it is not recommended to have big soft carpets in your log cabin. Timber floor will look just fine as such floor ... (More)

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