How to build and look after a log cabin: tips and tricks

  • Small Dining Room Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

    Suppose you have everything you want in place in your home. The living room has adequate light, the bathroom has enough storage space, and the garden has never looked better. But there is a catch ‒ the dining room is small, and you are not sure how to use it. It could also be that you do not have a dining area and have to carve out some space from the living room or kitchen. Well, the truth is that many log cabins and conventional homes have small dining rooms, which means that you are not alone in this. And no, the small space does not limit the potential of this room, but rather it opens you up to other possibilities. You can still have a stylish space where you can enjoy your meals and snacks. And yes, you can host people here with a few tweaks here and there. Let’s get started: Ge... (More)
  • What Style To Choose In The Garden House?

    Log cabins are beautiful, regardless of their style. They are warm spaces that feel inviting, both inside and outside. For some people, the rustic design is the main feature. It is a style that has been in place since time immemorial, and one that continues to delight the eyes. Others choose to go modern when decorating their spaces. Modern looks retain the welcoming nature of these spaces while enabling them to look fresh. Whichever style you choose, the space will feel comfortable if you get the elements right. Rustic Style Some people refer to this style as classic, traditional, vintage, or farmhouse. All these names refer to a style with a long history, reaching back many centuries. It dates back to the days of the early settlers who designed their farmhouses with simplistic décor. T... (More)
  • Garden House Living Room Plan

    Creating a layout for log cabins is an easy process with some steps in place. And no, it is not only about coming up with pictures of seats and putting these together. But instead, it is a process of deciding what you would want in the space and planning for it. In this way, you can come up with a practical yet visually appealing living room. If the layout goes hand in hand with the décor, you will end up with a beautiful space. But if the décor doesn’t fit into the space owing to lack of functionality, you will face many challenges. Let’s start with the definition of a living room. What is it to you? It goes by many names. To some people, it is a lounge room, to others, it is a family room, while to others it is a gathering place. The layout of the room should be in line with the p... (More)
  • The Assembling of Shelves, Furniture, Equipments To Log Cabin Walls - The Do's & Don'ts

    When it comes to the log cabin designs, there will be a slight change in the height of the individual wall logs, based on how much moisture has developed in the wood. Due to this change in height, this shrinkage could potentially be approximately +/- 20mm.  We accept this as natural in nature. As a result of such changes, it is therefore important that great care is taken when furniture and equipment are attached to the wall. There is a risk of damage to the equipment and large gaps that could develop in the walls, should these guidelines be ignored. We cannot stress the importance of following the correct methods that allow for a satisfactory installation. See below: - A choice of using wall brackets as fittings is suitable, provided that the brackets only cross one or two logs. - Shoul... (More)
  • Log Cabin Manufacturing Process – Everything You Need to Know

    A log cabin can be your primary residence or a recreational building, depending on what you intend to do with your investment. Log homes are traditional housing options with their share of inherent strengths and shortfalls. A log house is a good insulator, but it is also prone to cracking, shifting, shrinking, and checking. Wooden structures can be expensive or affordable, depending on various factors such as the quality of materials, the length of the log cabin manufacturing process, and additional treatments and features. Know the Log Cabin Manufacturing Process The ultimate in log house living allows you to enjoy a hassle-free and healthier lifestyle while enjoying the midst of nature. Learn the step-by-step log cabin manufacturing process to have an informed view of your investment: S... (More)
  • The Best Timber for Log Cabins

    All log cabins are not created equal, especially when it comes to the kind of materials used for their construction. Log home materials vary from one timber to another and most contractors or builders make sure that you have a say when it comes to timber selection. Bespoke log cabins are on the whole more expensive than factory-built ones. You can choose to customize your log home by choosing the material for the cabin’s construction. The timber for your log cabin will determine its structural integrity and overall aesthetic once the construction is complete. The better-quality wood species influence the cost of your log home as well as its durability and strength in withstanding the elements, in particular during harsh weather conditions. Factors to Consider in Choosing Timber for Log ... (More)
  • Eco-Friendly Buildings – Log Cabin Positive Features

    A garden log cabin is one of the most popular options when choosing a residential or vacation home. Log houses have enjoyed a long history since their discovery centuries ago in Scandinavia and other parts of Europe. One of the benefits of choosing a log house for your residential or secondary home is that it is an eco-friendly building. Individuals that want to enjoy an environment-friendly kind of lifestyle choose to live in wood or timber houses and this lifestyle suits them well. Why is a Log Cabin an Eco-Friendly Building? Log homes have a positive impact on the environment on top of the fact that this type of building gives you a comfortable and healthy place of abode in the midst of nature. The main material for a log cabin construction is wood, which has a positive impact, especia... (More)
  • Things You Need to Know about When Living Green in a Log Cabin

    Living in a log cabin is the best decision you could ever make, especially if you want to have an eco-friendly lifestyle. Green living makes you healthier and allows you to reduce your carbon footprint significantly. Living in a log cabin is one of the most popular options among individuals across age groups and economic status. You can be a young professional but can still choose to live in a log home if you want to avoid the hustle and bustle, along with the pollution, of urban living. Things to Know about Log Cabin and Green Living A wooden building that you can make your residential home provides a unique and healthy place of abode that you can enjoy unlike any other type of building. Check out the important things you need to know about living in a log cabin and enjoying a green life... (More)
  • Which Wood is usually Used when Manufacturing Garden Cabin?

    We choose what is best for our home from the best furniture to the best little decorations, and just like those you also have to choose what’s best when building a garden cabin. Different types of wood have different types of textures and different kinds of colours. You may choose a type of wood because it’s cheap or it’s what you chose randomly but you have to ensure the durability, decay resistance, appearance and strength of the wood you’re considering as your supplies for your construction. In choosing a specific wood for a garden cabin you have to know its stability, the wood’s reaction to insects and climate changes and the strength in holding your cabin together. Here are the types of wood often used to build garden cabins. The Best Wood Species for Garden Cabins Here is ... (More)
  • Things to Do in a Log Cabin During Christmas

    A log cabin is where you can spend Christmas with your family and loved ones, so no wonder more and more people are investing in timber houses now more than ever. You can find a wide range of log houses in different locations, depending on your interest and preferred activities. Spending Christmas in a log cabin gives you the opportunity to explore numerous fun stuff and things to do that you could never enjoy elsewhere. Enjoy the yuletide season in your log home, whether it is your primary residence or a vacation house that you occasionally use. Fun Christmas Activities in a Log Cabin The holidays offer free time for busy individuals and you can absolutely make the most of your free time when you spend it with family and loved ones in a log cabin. There are just so many activities and th... (More)

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