Your Guide to A Perfect Wooden Garage Interior and Exterior

If you have a small house, your wooden garage or shed is a storage lifeline. It is the place to keep the things that are not used so much, large stuff, outdoor supplies, seasonal décor or anything that just does not fit in your house. As it is often used as a storage room, your garage can easily become a cluttered mess if not properly organised. Fortunately, you can design the interior of your garage according to your needs and requirements. But as far as the exterior of a wooden garage is concerned, it is exposed to the elements all day every day, which makes it crucial that you buy a wooden garage that is sturdy and durable.

Certainly log cabins do need maintenance, but if it is bought from a reputed and established manufacturer who guarantees the best in every way, then maintenance becomes easier and trouble free. Here we will discuss the interior and exterior of an ideal wooden garage that will help you develop these two elements for yourself.

The Exterior of An Ideal Wooden Garage:

Material and manufacturing: In a log cabin or a wooden garage the quality of the wood that is used plays a crucial role. It is the quality of the wood that decides the durability, solidity and exceptional quality of any wooden carport. Generally, the timber which is used for building log cabin is slow-grown Scandinavian pine and spruce. This kind of timber grows in a colder climate which positively effects the growth and also the stability of the wood. Nordic pinewood is also extremely popular for log houses. It is grown near the Arctic Circle and is well known for its high density and strength due to its slow growth rate. The wood does not induce warping and twisting and as a result Nordic pine is the most desired timber material all across the globe. The manufacturing process should meet the highest quality standards. The walls of wooden garages are approximately 34mm thick and last rot-free for almost a decade. It is also vital for a garage roof to remain straight and solid. Wooden garages with a sag resistant roof construction generally have 66mm x 130mm roof joist and/or a triple vault roof construction.

Heavy duty wooden garage door and double-glazed windows: A good garage door  not only ensures the complete safety and protection of your expensive and luxurious vehicles but also give your garage a quality appearance that lasts year after year. Experts state that one should never economise on garage doors as these are essential for reliability and thermal insulation. As a rule, garage doors are much heavier and bigger than normal doors, so they must be manufactured to withstand heavier loads. There are manufacturers that provide wooden garages that are installed with heavy duty garage doors, reinforced with metal frames and brackets from both sides, thereby making them durable and reliable. Double-glazed windows also provide a better barrier against outside temperatures. The glass used features a specially-coated surface that re-radiates heat in cold months and prevents heat from entering during hot weather.

Protection of a log cabin from UV rays, moisture, fungus, wind, rain and snow: Cleaning, staining, sealing, chinking and caulking are the most preferred and common ways to protect a wooden garage from all these elements. These processes help ensure the aesthetics and durability of your wooden cottage and help you enjoy its services for an enduring period of time.

Keep the surroundings clean: It is important that there are no overgrown trees in the proximity of your log cabin. In the case of heavy winds and rain they are more likely to fall down which can obviously be really harmful for your wooden garage as well as an expensive car. It can also result in humidity; so, when planting shrubs or plants, ensure they are 3-5 feet away from walls and are properly cut and shaped.

The Interior of An Ideal Wooden Garage:

Stains and finishes for the walls of your log carports: Staining the interior and exterior of the log cabin are two different things. Exterior staining contains mildicide as well as fungicide. But this type of staining is not good for interiors. Staining your log garage helps in sealing the wood without affecting the natural colour of the wood.

Add shelves, cabinets and organisers for your tools and pieces of equipment: There is no better way than adding shelves to help organise your wooden garage in a better way. You can either choose an adjustable garage storage system or go for DIY storage shelves depending on your needs and budgetary levels. Adjustable garage storage systems are also becoming immensely popular amongst wooden garage owners as they are easy to install as well as being incredibly strong ‒ making it easier for you to accommodate large and heavy stuff with ease. Investing in a proper tool box can also help you keep all your tools safe in one place and out of the reach of children.

An effective and safe electrical system: If you are planning to use your wooden garage for a number of purposes then having proper lighting is essential. Lots of people don’t find the electrics of much importance in a garage, but when investing in a log cabin which can be used for a multitude of purposes, you should get a proper electrical system so that you can easily locate your stuff even in the darkest hours of the night. Plan where you want your switches and light fixtures appropriately.

Floors: A smooth and levelled floor or base is very important when designing a wooden garage. Nice and durable flooring will make parking your car easier as well as giving your garage a nice complete and systematic look.

We hope you will find these important things about the interior and exterior of a wooden garage helpful when you are considering buying a log cabin or when you are designing the interior of your garage. These tips won’t only help you give your garage a clutter-free look but you will also be able to use the space efficiently and use your garage for many different purposes.

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