• Make Furniture for Your Log Cabin by Yourself

    Your log cabin is like your fortress and sanctuary but you need more than that to make it home. Why not create your own furniture ensemble to design and accessorize your log home with? The best thing is that you can actually make furniture all by yourself. You may think this is a task for master builders or at least those with basic woodworking skills. You’d be mistaken in this assumption. Everyone can whip up a DIY furniture project. All you have to do is get the right woodworking plan or blueprint for your DIY task and you are good to go. It’s not just furniture making, it’s giving that personal touch on your dream log home. Why go for DIY furniture projects for your log cabin? Before you take on the DIY world full force, it is best to know the details as to why making your furnit... (More)
  • The Popularity of Wooden Houses in the UK

    Wooden houses have a significant place in the history of the UK. Log structures in England, for instance, have had great influence in the field of building construction and architecture, with log houses in the UK being around for several centuries. Contemporary log cabins have evolved from their simple and basic features to more complex, aesthetically remarkable, and functional units. There is no doubt that timber houses are extremely popular in the UK and other corners of the globe. Wooden Houses in Ancient Britain Based on historical accounts, the first log homes were built in the northern regions of Europe over 5000 years ago. The origins of wooden houses have been traced back to the Scandinavians. Some of the oldest and even millennia old log structures were found in Scarborough in cl... (More)
  • The Most Popular Places for Building Log Cabins in the UK

    The first log cabins in the world were created in the UK. In fact, history records that log building became a construction method many years ago and has been around for hundreds of years. The origin of this trade can be traced back centuries to Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. The first people who made log homes created their first structure through stacking tree trunks and overlapping them at the corners. Soft materials such as moss was then inserted into the joints to make the structure air-tight and insulated. Nowadays, log homes have evolved into numerous designs, themes, and materials used for their construction. Nonetheless, the UK is still considered the best place to build and realize your dream of owning a log home. There are various highly recommended places for log cabins in the... (More)
  • Make a Perfect Camp for Children in the Residential Log Cabin

    A residential log cabin makes a perfect getaway for the entire family. Thus, it is always a lucrative and practical choice to invest on one. No matter what time of the year, you can always go to your log home as a respite. This is the best sanctuary to rejuvenate and unwind. Vacations and holidays are best spent in the log cabin. You can also plan for the perfect camp that your kids will surely love. Before Planning the Perfect Residential Log Cabin Camp Your options are overflowing when it comes to the best children’s camp in your log home. Your youngsters are surely looking forward to the fun things they will do in the outdoors. However, log home camps are not only for the outdoorsy types. The residential log cabin is the best venue where you can also plan indoor bonding activities wi... (More)
  • A Perfect Place to Build a Log Cabin

    A log cabin is your retreat and hiding place from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Nevertheless, it is a huge investment to begin with. So, before you shell out on a single nail, make sure that you know all the essential details of building a log cabin. Just like in other real estate projects, creating a log home requires the best location to make your investment worthwhile. The location determines the quality of your log home and tells you if it is a lucrative venture or otherwise. So where is the perfect place to build a log cabin? Choosing a Log Cabin Location 101 There are several factors that must be considered when selecting a log cabin venue. Take note that the practicality and legality of the site should be your main priorities. Buying a piece of land and building your ... (More)
  • Prevention of Allergies

    There is a significant connection between a residential log cabin and protection against allergies. Wood houses are great investments with lots of benefits to offer. Allergies are oftentimes due to dust that accumulates in rooms and corners of a typical house or building. Dust build-up happens because of the static electric power that takes place in a particular, untouched or unclean structure. Wood has electrostatic properties that prevent dust formation and accumulation, which is why a residential cabin is one of the best places for people who suffer from allergies. How to prevent allergies in a residential cabin? Although log homes are naturally resistant to the dust build-up which causes allergies, it remains important to take necessary measures of prevention. A log cabin that is cle... (More)
  • 10 Most Interesting Wooden Buildings around the World

    A simple residential cabin may well be your cup of tea, but did you know that there are many interesting wooden buildings in different parts of the globe? You will never again look at cookie-cutter homes after your discover these amazing, eccentric, and one-of-a-kind wooden buildings. There are some structures in the list that are solely for commercial purposes, however you will be amazed at how the owners of some of these peculiar wooden buildings also use the structure just like any other ordinary residential cabin. Residential Cabin or the World’s most Amazing House The world is undeniably full of surprises, especially when it comes to woodworking. You will be surprised at how some people have the ingenuity to transfer a simple wooden residential cabin into one of the world’s most ... (More)
  • Is It Worth Insuring Your Residential Cabin

    A residential cabin can also be considered a vacation property. If you are planning to take out an insurance policy for your log home, there are some basics to know and understand. A log cabin is a vacation property basically because you are not residing there on a full-time basis. Therefore, there is different insurance coverage that is offered for this type of property. Take note that the insurance coverage necessary for a residential cabin mainly depends on how you use the property. Residential log cabins are often used as temporary accommodation, and for some owners the property is for a summer or winter retreat. However, there are also cases when regular weekend visits are made or the residential cabin is occupied year round. In this case, a more comprehensive insurance coverage is h... (More)
  • Enjoy a Great Vacation with Log Cabins in Cornwall

    On the rugged southwest tip of England is the county known as Cornwall. It actually forms a peninsula that encompasses hundreds of beautiful and inviting sandy beaches and wild moorlands. All of these culminate at the popular Land’s End. The southern coast of Cornwall is known as the Cornish Riviera, a beautiful spot which is dubbed as the home to picturesque and panoramic harbour villages like Falmouth and Fowey. On the other side, the northern coast is etched with towering cliffs and welcoming beach resorts like Newquay, a famous spot for surf enthusiasts. Holidaying in Cornwall Spending a holiday or vacation in Cornwall is a great choice. Many people from different countries take time to visit Cornwall due to its magnificent sceneries and panoramic views. If you are among the countle... (More)
  • Cumbria and log cabins

    Cumbria is an English county situated in the North West of England and has always been a popular tourist attraction. Tourists from around the world visit Cumbria every year. Although the county has a population of just five million people, in terms of its area Cumbria ranks third among the Ceremonial Counties in the country. It has a population density of just over 73 persons per square kilometre, which is among the lowest in England. The county has Scotland to the north and the Irish Sea to the west. Cumbria comprises of six districts, which are – Allerdale, Barrow in Furness, Carlisle, Copeland, Eden and South Lakeland. The Lake District and the Lake District National Park are important parts of Cumbria and are among the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Almost the ent... (More)

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